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Catholic University of America

Catholic University of America
Catholic Business School Leaders Collaborate to Prepare Ethical Graduates
“Ethics cannot be trivialized as the ‘stepchild’ of the business schools,” Dr. Simms told The Cardinal Newman Society. “It must be placed front and center as an anchor for all the other functional departments.”

CUA Students Explain Pro-Life Motivation Following Archbishop Lori Lecture
“I hope the take-away for most people is, we need to look at the teachings of our popes and bishops, especially John Paul II’s Gospel of Life. We need to really take that to heart, and go forth and evangelize.”

Supreme Court Denies Early Review of Some Lawsuits against HHS Mandate
The cases will continue in the Court of Appeals in the Washington D.C. Circuit and the option of either the plaintiffs or defendants appealing the federal court’s decision is still available.

Catholic Univ. of America Knights of Columbus Hosts Archbishop Lori
Archbishop Lori of Baltimore will speak on “What it Means to be Pro-Life in Today’s Society” on April 1 at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit Continuing Tour of Catholic Colleges, High Schools
This semester, the Vatican International “Eucharistic Miracles of the World” exhibit will make a circuit around the continental United States, courtesy of The Cardinal Newman Society.

Catholic Univ. of America Professors Release ‘Catechism for Business’
“The social teaching of the Church is based on reason and the natural law, and therefore can be helpful to everyone, not just Catholics,” said Andrew Abela in a recent interview.

Summer Programs Offer Taste of College Life, Engineering at Catholic Univ. of America
“Engineering New Frontiers” is a weeklong camp, the “High School Drama Institute” is a two-week program and “Experiences in Architecture” is a three-week workshop.

Author Defends Business Education at Catholic Universities in America Magazine
“There are excesses and abuses in business and in our capitalist society, and Pope Francis has named many of them. There is also nobility, as he reminds us. We need to recognize the differences.”

Catholic University Responds to New Evangelization with New Academic Program
The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., will offer a new academic program, the Master of Catechesis (M.Cat.), beginning this summer with classes both on-site and online.

Cardinal Wuerl, Catholic U. Prof. Urge President Obama to Defend Religious Freedom
"As you promote religious freedom abroad, please also give attention to preserving the First Amendment freedoms of all Americans here at home,” the letter stated.

Univ. of St. Thomas and Catholic Univ. of America Form Engineering Partnership
“The shared values of our two institutions should make transition to the undergraduate engineering program at CUA easier for our cooperative engineering students.”

Catholic University of America Chaplain Featured on Catholic TV Network
Fr. Jude DeAngelo says that he and the others involved in campus ministry “go meet” students and serve to “evangelize the next generation.”

University of Notre Dame Professors Discuss Authentic Love, Human Person
Peter Casarella and Patrick Deneen, respectively professors of theology and political science at Notre Dame, reportedly spoke alongside David Schindler, the dean emeritus of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family.

Catholic Univ. of America Announces Pro Football Star as Commencement Speaker
Philip Rivers, a Pro Bowl quarterback for the San Diego Chargers, will address the graduating class and receive an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree at CUA’s commencement exercises in May.

Catholic College Atmosphere Inspires Works of Charity
Students from three Newman Guide-recommended colleges—The Catholic University of America, John Paul the Great University and Francisca nUniversity of Steubenville—are featured for their initiatives to aid those in need.

College Students Credited as Driving Force in March for Life
Catholic colleges recommended in The Newman Guide are featured for their participation in and efforts surrounding the March for Life in a recent article by The Catholic News Agency.

Filipino Cardinal-Elect Attended Catholic University of America
When Archbishop Quevedo is elevated to the College of Cardinals by Pope Francis on February 22, he will become the 12th living cardinal who has attended The Catholic University of America.

Catholic Colleges to Have Major Presence at March for Life
This year, thousands of students from Catholic colleges and universities across the United States will join the throngs of pro-life people attending the 41st annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, January 22.

Ave Maria, Catholic Univ. of America 'Best Law Schools for the Devout'
The report indicates that Ave Maria was an easy choice for the number one spot on the list, noting that some law schools on the list "are stark about the relationship" to religion on campus.

Newman Guide Colleges Worth the Cost, Reports EWTN
The Catholic University of America and Christendom College, which are recommended in The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College, “aim to stand out from the crowd,” said Colleen Carroll Campbell.

The Pope, the CEO and the Catholic Educator
Dressed in a distinctly Renaissance appearance, Widmer protected the Pope as a Swiss Guard.  He watched intently as the Pope lived his life in front of him.  He eventually decided that “whatever he [Pope John Paul II] has, that’s what I want.”

Catholic Univ. of America Concert Benefits Charity for Disabled
Last month, The Catholic University of America and the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception held the 24th annual Christmas Concert for Charity, which raised $9,000.

Catholic University, D.C.-Area Schools Win Stay on HHS Mandate
The U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, in a 2-1 ruling, granted a last-minute request by The Catholic University of America, the Archbishop of Washington and three Catholic schools. 

Catholic University of America Will Appeal Ruling on HHS Mandate
The Catholic University of America (CUA) today vowed to appeal a ruling by a D.C. federal judge that the HHS mandate does not impose a substantial burden on its religious freedom, CUA spokesman Victor Nakas told The Cardinal Newman Society today.

Catholic University Responds Forcefully to Politically Motivated Criticism
The faithful Catholic university labeled the protest “an unfortunate effort to manufacture controversy and score political points.”

Cardinal Wuerl Leads Catholic University in Prayer to End Global Hunger
Catholic University of America reports that Pope Francis endorsed the campaign to end global hunger, which is sponsored by Caritas Internationalis.

Catholic Universities Receive Top Rankings for Study Abroad Programs
University of Dallas and The Catholic University of America were recently recognized for high undergraduate participation in study abroad programs.

Catholic University, National Shrine to Bestow Award on Supreme Knight
Carl Anderson, supreme knight of the Knights of Columbus, will receive the Patronal Medal from The Catholic University of America and the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

CUA Press Is Blessed During University Press Week
On November 15, CUA canon law student Fr. James Bradley used the "Blessing of Printing Offices" from the Roman Ritual to bless the staff, books, and equipment of CUA Press.

Catholic University of America Student Swaps Zucchetti with Pope
“So, the Pope made the driver stop, and he turned around...[he] looked at me, and smiled. It was surreal. My eyes were full of tears because he stopped just for me.”

Rector of Holy Trinity Seminary Named Bishop of Fort Worth
This week Pope Francis named Msgr. Michael Olson as the new bishop of the Diocese of Fort Worth, according to Vatican Information Service.

Franciscan U., Catholic U. Ranked Top Colleges for Value by Kiplinger's
"It is an honor to be recognized by Kiplinger’s both for our academic excellence and for providing a quality education at a reasonable cost," said Franciscan's vice president of Enrollment Services.

$1.5 Million Grant To Integrate Virtue into Research and Teaching at the Catholic University of America
The grant will allow CUA to host three visiting scholars who will conduct research on principled entrepreneurship and teach in the recently created School of Business and Economics at the university.

Catholic University of America Reaches Out to Philippines with Service, Prayer and Funds
On November 13, the university is celebrating a Mass for the intentions of Philippine people, especially the family and friends of the student body who were affected.

CUA Cuts Ties with Pro-Abortion Social Work Organization
CUA is ending relations with the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) because of its position that social workers should support access to abortions for clients.

Sixth President of Franciscan University to be Installed Tomorrow
Reilly stated, “Fr. Sheridan is the perfect choice to lead Franciscan University into the future, with commitment to both serious academics and strong Catholic identity. We look forward to working closely with him, as we have his predecessors.”

Catholic Univ. Welcomes ‘Heroic Moral Witness’ of Chinese Human Rights Advocate
Chen Guangcheng, the blind Chinese human rights activist, announced at a press conference that he will serve as distinguished visiting fellow of The Catholic University of America.

Marian Renewal Conference Set for the University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame’s conference, “Mary On the Eve of the Second Vatican Council,” is being held from Oct. 6-8 and is free and open to the public.

Chinese Activist Guangcheng Finds New Home at Catholic Univ. of America
Chen Guangcheng, the blind human-rights activist who escaped China last year after taking refuge in the U.S. Embassy, will be affiliated with The Catholic University of America.

Thomas Aquinas College, Catholic Univ. of America Sue to Stop HHS Mandate
Thomas Aquinas College announced today that it has joined the lawsuit re-filed today by Catholic University of America and the Archdiocese of Washington to halt the HHS insurance mandate

Obama’s Education Proposal Ignores Value of Catholic Colleges, Says CUA President
“I’m not sure it’s a great idea to have the federal government rate colleges,” Garvey reportedly told The Washington Post.

Catholic University President to Receive St. Thomas More Award
Since taking over as president of CUA in 2010, Garvey has taken many steps toward solidifying the University’s reputation as faithfully Catholic.

Online Courses Preserve Catholic Mission, Reports National Catholic Register
Catholic colleges, especially faithful ones, face unique obstacles when it comes to offering online degrees, because they are responsible for not only academic growth but spiritual growth.

Faithful Catholic Colleges Included in Princeton’s Best 378 Colleges List
Thomas Aquinas College, the University of Dallas, and The Catholic University of America are in the top 15% of the country in terms of offering the best undergraduate education, according to the Princeton Review. 

CUA Law Partners with Former Maryland Governor in Clemency for Prisoners Clinic
The clinic will include a workshop for governors and their staffs on the responsibilities of clemency powers and students will prepare pardon applications. Former Maryland Governor Ehrlich, however, was on the advisory board of Republicans for Choice when he ran for governor, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Princeton Review Names Three Catholic Colleges to LGBT Unfriendly List
Many other Christian colleges were also named on the list,making it evident that anything less than promotion of the LGBT lifestyle is seen as “unfriendly.”

It’s Decision Time for CUA on the HHS Mandate
CUA's lawsuit against the HHS mandate was tossed out of court this year because the Obama admin. had not finalized it, but now the rule is finalized CUA must decide whether or not to renew the court fight.

Religion News Service Posts CUA Student's World Youth Day Article
"In an age when things might at times seem hopeless, it is important for us to be reminded not only of the role we play in the world, but also of the continual presence of the Lord."

Catholic University of America President Strengthens Catholic Identity
The National Catholic Register published a piece recently extolling the many ways which John Garvey increased the Catholic identity of The Catholic University of America since taking over as president.

CUA President Garvey Warns Against Narrow View of Religion
"Worship is a private activity shared within a community of believers. The First Amendment protects the free exercise of religion, though, an idea that comprises many forms of activity motivated by conscientious belief"

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