Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Catholic Identity Abuse

Catholic Identity Abuse
Gonzaga Law School Speaker Testified in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage
Gary Gates of The Williams Institute at UCLA will be speaking at the Gonzaga University School of Law on “LGBT Demographics and the Public Square” on Holy Thursday.

Gonzaga University Promoted 'Drag' Event in Email to Faculty and Staff
A Gonzaga University student group put on a series of events recently including "DRAG tabling" and a "bisexuality panel," according to an email notice posted on the Gonzaga website.

Catholic University in Hawaii Promotes Event with Al Gore Despite His Abortion Rights Support
Chaminade University in Hawaii is offering tickets to students at a discount price to attend a talk by former Vice President Al Gore, an abortion rights and same-sex marriage advocate.

Pro-Abortion Rights Howard Dean to Keynote Event at Benedictine University in Illinois
Benedictine University in Illinois will host former presidential candidate and past Vermont governor Howard Dean as its keynote speaker at an event discussing politics and Obamacare.

Drag Show on Catholic Campus Turned Diabolical, Group Says
The Cardinal Newman Society reported last week that the Vatican’s Congregation for Education stated that a previous drag show at the Catholic university caused “scandal”.

Jesuit Criticized by Vatican for ‘Erroneous’ Theology to Give Santa Clara Commencement Speech
The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith pointed out that certain propositions in Liberation theologian Father Jon Sobrino's books are “not in conformity with the doctrine of the Church” including the divinity of Jesus Christ.

Saint Peter’s University to Honor Mayor Who Officiated at Same-Sex Marriages
Mayor Steven Fulop of Jersey City will receive an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from the Jesuit University at its commencement ceremony next month.

College of the Holy Cross to Honor Former Obama Speechwriter at Commencement
Jon Favreau, a Catholic, recently compared a recent law in Kansas that protected the religious freedom of business owners to Jim Crow Laws.

University of San Francisco to Honor Public Supporter of Same-Sex Marriage
The Honorable John V. Roos will receive an honorary degree and deliver the commencement speech on May 17 for the University of San Francisco School of Law.

Thousands in Donations to Planned Parenthood Overseen by Aquinas College (Mich.) Graduation Speaker
Aquinas College announced that its commencement speaker will be Kate Pew Wolters, a Trustee Emerita of the college.

Vatican Says Univ. of San Diego Drag Show Caused Scandal, New Show Planned Next Week
The Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education has said that a drag show that occurred last year on the campus of the University of San Diego caused “scandal,” according to a letter revealed by the group Alumni for a Catholic USD.

Group of Students Wants to Provide Free Contraception at Villanova
Modeling itself after a similar group called H*yas for Choice at Georgetown University, the group would seek to provide a condom delivery service.

Fordham Hosts ‘Gender Theorist’ for Prestigious Annual Lecture
The lecture titled “‘We the People,’ or Plural Action” was scheduled for April 1 to be delivered by Dr. Judith Butler, a rhetoric and literature professor from University of California Berkeley.

University of Dayton Hosted Activist for Lecture Who Called Pope ‘Evil’
On his website, Timothy Wise called pro-lifers “terrorists, plain and simple.”  He even indicated that parents don’t have the right to raise their children into a traditional religion and those who do are guilty of “child abuse by any other name.”

Will Moderator, Panelist Undermine Georgetown’s Evangelium Gaudium Symposium?
Speaking on the issue of “Where the Church Goes from Here” at Georgetown will be Fr. Hollenbach, S.J, who has publicly opposed the U.S. bishops’ implementation of the mandatum.

Editor of ISI College Guide Explains Why Gonzaga Was Dropped
The 1887 Trust organization is pointing to the Jesuit University’s exclusion from the most recent edition of “Choosing the Right College” to call the University to recommit to its Catholic identity.

Fairfield U. to Host Sr. Campbell for Lecture, Cites Role as ‘Advocate for Change’ in Church
Fairfield University is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies program on campus by hosting a lecture by "Nuns on the Bus" activist Sr. Simone Campbell.

Students Hold ‘Choice Week’ Promoting Abortion at Georgetown University
A group of Georgetown University students plans to attend Planned Parenthood’s rally at the U.S. Supreme Court as the Hobby Lobby case over the HHS contraceptive mandate is heard.

Women’s Ordination Advocate Speaks on ‘Gender Equality’ at University of Detroit Mercy
Lisa Sowle Cahill is quoted as saying, "I basically think the next generation will see the ordination of women. That change will not emanate from the top, but from the grass roots or local churches which the Vatican will then recognize."

Catholic College Hosts ‘Bioethicist’ Who Supports Forcing Catholic Hospitals to Do Abortions
Alvernia, founded by the Bernardine Sisters of the Third Order of Saint Francis, said in its release that lecturer Arthur Caplan is “considered one of the foremost experts on Bioethics.”

Loyola Univ. of Chicago Lecturer Involved with Pro-Abortion Groups
Loyola University of Chicago hosted Judith Mayotte to speak on climate change refugees in a lecture titled “‘I Pick Up My Life And Take It With Me’: The Human Cost of Climate Change.”

Minnesota Catholic Colleges Host Drag Show
The student group People Representing the Sexual Minority (PRiSM) is sponsoring the event that will reportedly feature “student performers and professional drag kings and queens.”

Seattle University Hosts Eighth Annual Drag Show
The reportedly sold-out event was “the second-largest student-run event on campus.” It was sponsored by the Triangle Club, Multi-Cultural Programming Fund and Student Government of Seattle University.

Jesuit University of Scranton Honors Nelson Mandela
While there is much laudable in Mandela’s life, during his time as president of South Africa, Mandela also signed into law the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Bill, which legalized abortion on demand.

Pro-Abortion Television Host Lectures at University of San Francisco
Pro-abortion rights MSNBC host Chris Matthews delivered a lecture last night at the University of San Francisco on “public service, faith, and the current political landscape,” according to the Jesuit University’s website.

Notre Dame to Host Event on ‘Civic Engagement’ Featuring Pro-Abortion Rights Mayor
The Catholic Mayor of San Antonio who once said of abortion, “We disagree on this, the pope and I,” will be coming to the campus of the University of Notre Dame next month.

Jesuit Fairfield U. Hosts Discussion with Pro-Abortion Rights Senator, Congressman
Jesuit Fairfield University was one stop for U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal and Congressman Jim Himes earlier this month on a college tour discussing the rates of sexual assaults.

Catholic Alumni: Finalists for Loyola Marymount Dean Both Worked at Planned Parenthood
Renew LMU is calling on the University to re-start the selection process and "ensure the new Dean ... demonstrates a strong record of furthering Catholic mission and identity..."

Mercyhurst to Honor Sr. Simone Campbell, Cites Pro-Obamacare 'Nuns' Letter'
In a press release announcing the award, Mercyhurst University specifically cites Sr. Campbell's authorship of the “'nuns' letter' that helped pass the Affordable Care Act.”

Georgetown Law Center to Host Justice Kagan for Inaugural Dean’s Lecture
During her time working for the Clinton administration, Kagan, according to CNSNews, wrote a strategy memo in opposition to a bill that would outlaw partial birth abortion.

Fairfield Professor Worked as Physician’s Assistant at Planned Parenthood
A professor at Fairfield University acted as a physician’s assistant at a Planned Parenthood clinic in the early 1990’s, according to a proposal for the creation of a Master’s degree program in public administration.

Fordham Univ. to Host ‘IgnatianQ: Finding God in the LGBTQ & Ally Jesuit Student Community’
The lecture series features a number of speakers including Sister Elizabeth Johnson, whose recent book was condemned by the U.S. Bishops.

Same-Sex Marriage Advocate Lectures on ‘Economics and Happiness’ at Gonzaga University
Gonzaga University will host a lecture by an economist who has argued publicly for same-sex marriage and linked abortion with reduced crime rates.

Fordham University Celebrates Former Pro-Abortion Congresswoman
Fordham University recently celebrated the life of the late pro-abortion rights politician Geraldine Ferraro by showing a documentary of her life directed by her daughter.

Drag Show Scheduled for Jesuit Le Moyne College
The group Creating Awareness and Reaching Equality writes about the event on its Facebook page, calling it “a fun event for everyone” where students can “learn about drag culture ettiquet (sp), enter prize raffles, and dance!”

Loyola Marymount U. to Host Event with Pro-Abortion Rights Professor
Lori Baralt is an assistant professor of Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies at California State University, Long Beach, and a faculty advisor to a pro-abortion rights student group.

Notre Dame Announces Strategic Plan Making Catholic Character a Priority
“We place at the forefront of this new strategic plan the University’s Catholic character and the need for it to touch every aspect of our life and work,” the plan states.

Author Who Lambasted Catholic Church in NY Times Hosted at Catholic College
John Patrick Shanley, who just last year lambasted the Catholic Church, excoriated Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and wrote against the Church’s teaching on ordination, recently visited Merrimack College.

Georgetown Student Group’s ‘Sex Positive Week’ Includes Erotic Dancing Instruction
Ending on Ash Wednesday, a Georgetown student group with funding from the University student association is sponsoring a weeklong event called “Sex Positive Week.”

Georgetown Hosts Pro-Abortion Rights Senator for Prominent Lecture
Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., announced on its website that it hosted a talk by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren on the issue of preventing civilian casualties in war.

Hilary Rodham Clinton Awards at Georgetown University Presented by Clinton
Clinton once reportedly called a ban on partial birth abortion an “erosion of our constitutional rights” and is thought to be considering a run for the presidency of the United States in 2016.

Controversial Professor to Lecture on ‘Prophetic Rhetoric’ at Holy Cross
College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass., will be hosting Boston College’s controversial law and theology professor Cathleen Kaveny.

‘Nuns on the Bus’ to Discuss ‘Women’s Leadership After Vatican II’ at Georgetown
Sister Ilia Delio, O.S.F., director of Catholic studies and a visiting professor at Georgetown, invited four sisters to Georgetown to “discuss the role of nuns…in the areas of social justice, education, leadership, and health care.”

Notre Dame’s Performing Arts Center Shows NC-17 Rated Movie
The University of Notre Dame’s Debartolo Performing Arts Center recently showed a NC-17 rated movie about a 15 year old girl’s lesbian relationship with an older woman.

Villanova Hosts Politician on Same-Sex Marriage, Marijuana
Left unmentioned by Villanova was the fact that Leach recently proposed a bill that would forbid Catholic schools from enforcing the Church's teachings on homosexuality in Catholics schools.

Orthodoxy Absent from Gonzaga Univ. Flannery Lectures, Complains Alumni Group
Gonzaga University’s commitment to diversity has been called into question by the 1887 Trust, an organization committed to promoting the Jesuit university’s Catholic identity.

Canadian Catholic University Sponsors Lecture Encouraging Dissent
A Catholic school board in Ontario, Canada, sponsored a lecture last week at a Catholic college on how Catholic schools can value “faithful dissent” on issues such as female ordination, homosexuality, and contraception.

Rainbow Prom at Santa Clara Univ. to Promote Same-Sex Marriage
The Santa Clara Community Action Program website describes it as “the hottest, freshest, most inclusive party of the year!”

Students Tout 15 Years of ‘V-Monologues’ as Play Continues on Several Catholic Campuses
At least 10 Catholic colleges and universities will be hosting productions of The Vagina Monologues or have officially recognized student groups that are performing the play in 2014.

Population Control Advocate Goodall to Lecture at Catholic College
Dominican University of California will be hosting a lecture in April with Jane Goodall, a population control advocate who has openly criticized the Church’s teaching on sexuality.

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