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New Program Aims to Help Wyoming Catholic College Students in Future Careers
“Wyoming Catholic College provides young adults with a truly extraordinary experience... As a result, a WCC graduate has something uncommon and highly sought after to offer employers.”

Notre Dame Petitions Court for Rehearing in HHS Mandate Case
The petition filed by the University argues that Notre Dame seeks to provide health coverage to its employees “in a manner consistent with its Catholic beliefs.” 

Thomas Aquinas College to Celebrate 60th Alumnus Ordination
Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, Calif., is asking for prayers for three alumni who will be ordained in the upcoming months.

Editor of ISI College Guide Explains Why Gonzaga Was Dropped
The 1887 Trust organization is pointing to the Jesuit University’s exclusion from the most recent edition of “Choosing the Right College” to call the University to recommit to its Catholic identity.

Catholic Alumni: Finalists for Loyola Marymount Dean Both Worked at Planned Parenthood
Renew LMU is calling on the University to re-start the selection process and "ensure the new Dean ... demonstrates a strong record of furthering Catholic mission and identity..."

Notre Dame Announces Strategic Plan Making Catholic Character a Priority
“We place at the forefront of this new strategic plan the University’s Catholic character and the need for it to touch every aspect of our life and work,” the plan states.

Thomas Aquinas Coll. Students Told to Share Their Gifts, Magnify Truth at Career Forum
Thomas Aquinas College students in Santa Paula, Calif., heard from successful Catholic professionals who “place the fruits of their success in service of Christ, His Church, and His mission in the world.”

Catholic Education Instrumental in Life of Service, Says Colorado Catholic Charities CEO
Mark Rohlena said that Christendom College offered him an “immersion in things Catholic ”while also providing some of the “best of the intellectual tradition and a foundation for so many things that would come after graduation.”

Orthodoxy Absent from Gonzaga Univ. Flannery Lectures, Complains Alumni Group
Gonzaga University’s commitment to diversity has been called into question by the 1887 Trust, an organization committed to promoting the Jesuit university’s Catholic identity.

Alumnus Praises Impact of Catholic School, Laments Closure
In a letter to the editor at, a Catholic school graduate praised the “thorough instruction in the faith” that he received from St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Canton, Ohio, which he said helped to give him a foundation for life.

Alumni Want Notre Dame to ‘Disavow’ Cooperation with HHS Mandate
The Sycamore Trust is calling on the University to explain or disavow the actions of its Human Resources Department which voluntarily participated in providing contraceptives and abortifacient benefits to employees.

Notre Dame Alumni Decry University’s Compliance with Contraceptive Mandate
The Sycamore Trust criticizes the University’s compliance with the federal HHS mandate as “scandalous disregard of its religious beliefs” in a statement issued Sunday.

Pelosi, Other Politicians Praise Georgetown on 225th Anniversary
Congressman Pelosi, a mother of several Georgetown graduates and a supporter of abortion rights and same-sex marriage, said, “For 225 years, Georgetown University has been a national treasure..."

Maryland Catholic School Upholds Catholic Identity, Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Announcement
A graduate of a Catholic high school in Towson, Md., who recently had her same-sex wedding announcement rejected from an online school publication is claiming discrimination in a petition.

Filipino Cardinal-Elect Attended Catholic University of America
When Archbishop Quevedo is elevated to the College of Cardinals by Pope Francis on February 22, he will become the 12th living cardinal who has attended The Catholic University of America.

Liberal Arts Degree Pays Off in Long Run, Study Finds
A Catholic education centered in the liberal arts has great benefit to the mind and soul—but it may also give students a boost in their careers, a new study shows.

Alumni of Catholic Colleges Encouraged to Organize, Promote Catholic Identity
The President of The Sycamore Trust would like to see organizations rising up all across the country to protect and promote faithfulness at individual Catholic colleges and universities.

Christendom College Alumna Does Not Want to Violate Her Religious Beliefs
An alumna of Christendom College asks if being an “American Catholic” is now an oxymoron in an article on Human Events.

Christendom College Alumna Says HHS Mandate Exemption Line Is Long
“Americans of faith hope the Supreme Court grants what the White House won’t,” an alumna of Christendom College wrote in an article for The Washington Times.

Gonzaga Drops Direct Contraceptive Coverage, Still Complies with HHS Mandate
In November of last year, Gonzaga University President Thayne McCulloh announced that the Jesuit University would directly pay for “contraceptive services.”

Faithful Faculty Are Key to Restoring Catholic Identity at Notre Dame, Says Sycamore Trust
The key to a college’s Catholic identity is “what goes on in the classroom, who’s teaching and what they’re teaching,” writes the chairman of the Sycamore Trust.

Blatty’s Canon Law Appeal to Restore Catholic Identity at Georgetown Gains International Attention
In a recent article for The Times of London, William Peter Blatty explained why he is appealing to Rome about the state of Catholic identity at his alma mater.

Gonzaga University Co-Hosts Memorial Honoring Pro-Abortion Alumnus Tom Foley
Among the speakers at the memorial were a series of pro-abortion politicians and pro same-sex marriage supporters.

Gonzaga Alumni’s 1887 Trust: Fighting to Preserve Catholic Identity at the University
Gonzaga University doesn’t always have to be Catholic, said Dr. David DeWolf, professor of law at Gonzaga University’s law school, in an article published by the 1887 Trust.

Cardinal Dolan Praises University of Mary for Alliance of Faith and Reason
"[You have] a sterling faculty, dedicated and generous alum and students that are so fervent in the faith and learning in soul, mind and heart," Cardinal Dolan told the University of Mary.

University of Dallas Receives Single Largest Gift in its History from Successful Alumni Couple
The University of Dallas recently announced a $12 million gift--the largest in its history--from entrepreneurs and alumni Satish and Yasmin Gupta to the College of Business. Covers Blatty’s Canon Law Petition on Georgetown’s Catholic Identity
The petition, signed by more than 2,000 people so far, calls upon Church authorities, including the Pope, to help restore Catholic identity at Georgetown.

Help the Effort to Restore Catholic Identity at Georgetown University
Show the Vatican that YOU support Blatty’s and his fellow alumni’s effort to restore Catholic identity at Georgetown by clicking the button included in the article.

Aquinas College Announces Campus Expansion Amid “Problem” of Needing More Space
Aquinas College released plans to purchase the Welch College campus, which is located less than a mile from the current Aquinas campus.

New Video Profiles Unique Qualities of Thomas Aquinas College
Director of college relations Anne Forsyth said: "It is no easy task to tell the story of the College -- our unique curriculum and pedagogy, the campus life, our alumni, our fidelity to the Teaching Church."

Thomas Aquinas College ‘Most Beloved,’ According to U.S. News and World Report
In a survey conducted by U.S. News and World Report, Thomas Aquinas College ranked first in percentage of alumni contributing back to the College.

Funeral Mass Celebrated for Thomas Aquinas College Graduate
Fr. Isaiah Teichert, uncle and godfather of Rosie Grimm, offered the homily at the funeral Mass, stating “every suffering is meant to end in resurrection.”

RenewLMU Urges Loyola Marymount Univ. to Drop Abortion Coverage
RenewLMU wrote an open letter to the board saying, “excluding abortion coverage is indeed consistent with our values as a Catholic university.”

Georgetown Institute that Honored Sebelius to Be Centerpiece of New Public Policy School
Georgetown announced that it received $100 million to go toward funding a new school of public policy that will include one of the most problematic institutes at the University.

Marquette Univ. Again Cancels ‘FemSex’ Workshop
This is the second time the scandalous workshop on female sexuality was cancelled in the past year at the Jesuit university in Milwaukee. 

Xavier Univ. in La. Hires Former Surgeon General, Opponent of Catholic Teaching
Dr. Regina Benjamin will become Xavier University’s first Picayune Endowed Chair in Public Health Sciences.

Shocking Testimony in Georgetown Canon Law Case
“I have met students in their second years at Georgetown who didn't even know that Georgetown was a Catholic school. They did not know that Jesuit meant Catholic.”

Univ. San Diego Alumnus, Activist Becomes Interim Mayor
Todd Gloria, an advocate for same-sex marriage, has been invited back to campus as a speaker and is praised on USD’s website.

Notre Dame Student Editor Laments ‘Cafeteria Catholicism’ on Campus
It was Bob Burkett's dream to attend the University named after Our Lady, but sadly he was “appalled” by the behavior of students at the school. 

Mount St. Mary’s Alumni Tailor Film Company for Catholic Clients
“We want to see Catholic media succeed in the digital landscape and give clients the creative voice they need to get their message heard.”

Register Features San Diego Alumni Leader, Religious Liberty Attorney
Trial lawyer Charles “Chuck” LiMandri  leads an organization to promote Catholic identity at the University of San Diego, and is a strong, unique voice in the battle for religious liberty.

Senate Hearing for Professor Pillard Was Georgetown Law Reunion
It was a Georgetown Law School reunion of abortion-friendly alumni at the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing Wednesday on Nina Pillard’s controversial nomination to the D.C. Circuit Court.

Abortion Champion Represents ‘Very Best’ of Georgetown, University Says
“Through his decades of public service, and his thoughtful, careful leadership, Congressman Dingell has represented the very best of our Georgetown tradition.”

Fairfield Settles Lawsuit Brought by Sex Abuse Victims
Fairfield University is reporting that insurers for Fairfield and other parties settled a civil lawsuit, in which it was alleged that the University failed to protect the sexual abuse victims of a 1992 graduate.

Gonzaga Promotes Jobs Advocating Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage, Assisted Suicide
Among the many listings for jobs posted are two for positions with Planned Parenthood clinics in Oregon. Both the clinics perform abortions and distribute contraceptives.

JP Catholic Graduate Talks About Impacting Culture for Christ in Film Industry
John Paul the Great Catholic University recently shared an interview profile of 2011 alumna Mollie O'Hare, who is now working for Metanoia Films in Los Angeles, California.

Mount St. Mary's Opens New Visitors Center at Grotto Shine
“We have a glorious national shrine on our campus and now we are blessed to welcome the hundreds of thousands who annually visit the Grotto,” said University President Thomas H. Powell.

Canon Law Case Against Georgetown Submitted to Cardinal Wuerl
A canon law petition asking Cardinal Donald Wuerl to rescue Georgetown University's Catholic identity or declare that it can no longer refer to itself as Catholic was delivered to the Archdiocese of Washington today.

Sixteenth Christendom Graduate Joins Carmelites
Christendom College alumna Kathleen Gilbert took on the name Sr. Mary Magdalene of Jesus Crucified when she said her first vows last Sunday, May 26.

Study: Catholic Education Influences Choice to Become Nun, Brother
Catholic education in high school and especially in college stands out as a significant factor in men and women choosing to enter a religious order.

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