Sunday, May 29, 2016

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Atheist Clubs Don’t Belong at Catholic Colleges, Experts Say
As Christian affiliation and Church attendance among young peoplecontinue to decline, Catholic colleges have a unique opportunity to evangelize students on campus and ensure that the Catholic faith is fostered in every student. Yet several Catholic colleges have official student organizations dedicated to atheism or “freethinking,” despite the dangers that such groups might present to students’ faith.

Dr. Douglas Flippen, professor and chairman of philosophy at Christendom College in Front Royal, Va., told The Cardinal Newman Society that such clubs conflict with a college’s Catholic identity.

“Any Catholic college or university which admits atheists among its members who have no interest in gaining a Catholic vision of reality, and then allows them to form communities of atheists within the larger community, has simply abandoned the common good peculiar to itself,” Flippen said.

Pro-Life Talk at Seattle University Sees Student Backlash
Seattle University’s Students for Life club recently hosted Serrin Foster, president of Feminists for Life, an organization dedicated to providing resources and alternative options to women considering abortion.

Pro-Abortion Rights Gloria Steinem to Speak at St. Norbert College
Gloria Steinem, who reportedly helped to popularize the phrase, “if men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament,” will be returning to speak at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wis., next semester.

Students Flout Fordham Policy, Hand out Condoms at University Events
A new, but unrecognized group of students at Fordham University, the Sex and Gender Equity Safety Students (S.A.G.E.S) Coalition, recently distributed condoms and messages to students who attended the University’s homecoming events, according to The Fordham Ram.

Pro-Life Message at Catholic College Encounters Student Resistance
The University of Portland’s pro-life group, Voice for Life, received opposition last week in response to its pro-life chalk messages written on campus sidewalks, according to the Catholic institution’s student newspaper. Many students were reportedly offended by the pro-life message. 

Ontario Catholic Schools Defend Right to Teach Faith to Students
Catholic school leaders in Ontario are defending their right to require students to take religious courses and have them participate in religious activities.

Five Books for Defending the Faith in College
In a blog post entitled “5 Books Catholic Students in College Need to Possess,” Tom Perna shares five titles which he believes are essential to knowing your faith in college.

Our Sunday Visitor Reports on Being Pro-Life on College Campuses
OSV Newsweekly recently published a piece interviewing several people who are making strides for the pro-life movement in higher education. Their experiences highlight some of the challenges of being pro-life on a college campus.

Catholic School Forced to Grant Exemption from Liturgies, Retreats
After a series of exchanges between a Catholic-school parent and the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District in Ontario, the Ontario Superior Court ruled in April that Notre Dame School in Brampton must exempt a student from taking part in compulsory liturgies and retreats.

Georgetown Student Shares Ways to Evangelize on Campus
Louis Cona, a student at Georgetown University, recently shared his perspective on how to evangelize at college and spoke with The Cardinal Newman Society about the opportunities and difficulties he has encountered living the faith on campus.

Trend of College Grads Dropping Religion May Be Reversing, Study Suggests
A new study by Dr. Philip Schwadel at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln suggests that a shift in the relationship between college education and religious disaffiliation may be occurring.

Boston College to Host Speaker Matt Taibbi Who Mocked Pope
One of Taibbi’s most controversial pieces was the satirical piece entitled “The 52 Funniest Things About the Upcoming Death of the Pope,” which included scandalously crude and derisive commentary on the declining health of Pope John Paul II.

Santa Clara University to Host Linda Ronstadt Despite Dissent from Church
Linda Ronstadt, a self-described “recovering Catholic” who supports abortion rights, same-sex marriage and fetal stem cell research, will discuss her life and political activism among other topics.

Anti-Catholic Atheist to Deliver Diatribe on Evolution at Jesuits' LeMoyne College
A philosopher who has called the Catholic Church “corrupt” and called for its eradication will be speaking at LeMoyne College in New York later this month.

Anti-Catholic Marxist to Discuss ‘Good for Nothing’ God at Santa Clara
Author Terry Eagleton, who once called the Catholic Church “one of the nastiest authoritarian outfits on the planet,” will be speaking at the University of Santa Clara.

‘We Don’t Need God’ to Explain Human Morality, Writes Canisius College Lecturer
Frans de Waal, reportedly a former Catholic who is now an atheist, is scheduled to speak about his book, The Bonobo and the Atheist: Morality, Religion, and Prosocial Primates.

Priest Teaching Atheist Course Aims to Change Catholic Theology and Traditions
Regis College at the University of Toronto is hosting an eight week course on atheism called “Responding to 21st-Century Atheism”

Peter Kreeft on “If Good and Evil Exist, God Exists.”
Dr. Peter Kreeft of the philosophy department of Boston College, speaks on the issue of “If Good and Evil Exist, God Exists” in  new video for Prager University, an outgrowth of talk show host Dennis Prager’s effort to make some of the finest, most original thinkers accessible to everyone.

Archbold: The Coming Thud on American Campuses
For years, many have warned that the culture has been sliding down a slippery slope. We’ve been on it for so long you might expect to hear a thud soon from hitting bottom. But we haven’t yet.

Scranton Hosts Gay Marriage Advocate and Atheist NBA Star
Former professional basketball player, atheist, and gay activist John Amaechi spoke at the University of Scranton “Day of Inclusion” in front of more than 100 people last week.

Steubenville Residents Support University with Cross Campaign
Back in July, we reported that the City of Steubenville, Ohio, had bowed to pressure to remove from the city logo an image of the Franciscan University of Steubenville’s chapel, which features a large cross on its roof. Now local friends of the University are pushing back.

Bishop Conley Warns College Students Against Relativism
Just days after he was named the new Bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska, Bishop James Conley urged students at Harvard University to heed Blessed John Henry Newman’s warnings about the dangers of moral relativism, according to EWTN.

Boston College Jesuit Teaches That God Exists
Shining a light in the darkness at Boston College, Jesuit Father Ronald Tacelli is the subject of a hopeful profile at Catholic Exchange.  His undergraduate philosophy course, “Does God Exist?”, introduces skeptical and poorly catechized students to proofs for God’s existence.

Franciscan University Student Blogger Bucks the Trend of Godlessness

Catholic College Denies Atheist Club

Atheism vs. Religion Debate at Aquinas Institute in Colorado Next Month
"We have found this to be a tremendously successful avenue for outreach on campus”

Stonehill College Highlights Journey to “Scientific Agnosticism” Book Written by Emeritus Professor
Title: When God Is Gone, Everything is Holy: The Making of a Religious Naturalist



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