Sunday, May 29, 2016

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Cardinal Newman

Cardinal Newman
Catholic Liberal Arts College in UK Continues Newman-Inspired Mission, Hosts Unique Summer Program
Benedictus College in London — a Catholic liberal arts college inspired by the writings of Blessed John Henry Newman — is planning its third annual residential summer school program for students aged 17-25, giving them access to liberal arts formation that is otherwise hard to come by in the United Kingdom, the College’s director told The Cardinal Newman Society.

“This program is unique for liberal arts students as it gives equal weight to material and to intellectual culture, looking at the classical and Catholic tradition across the visual arts and architecture as well as through its philosophical, theological and literary texts,” said Dr. Clare Hornsby, director of Benedictus College. “Students will gain a richness of insight into the culture and contexts out of which these cultures grew, all taking place in London.”

Cardinal Newman’s Life and Work Provides ‘Needed Vision’ for Catholic Schools and Colleges, Says Author
Sunday marked the 215th birthday of Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman, one of the first great teachers to tackle the modern and utilitarian problems facing Catholic education, and a man whose “words can steer us in the right direction” amid our current educational difficulties, author and educator Paul Shrimpton told The Cardinal Newman Society.

“Newman provides a much-needed educational vision today as an attractive alternative to the shapeless, relativistic and uninspiring alternatives of so many contemporary universities,” said Shrimpton, who teaches at Magdalen College School, Oxford, and specializes in the history of education. “His practice and example will appeal to those who value the idea of a liberal [arts] education, those interested in the education of the whole person and those with an interest in the idea of a faith-based college or university.”

Augustine Institute to Offer Online Summer Course Designed for Catholic Educators
The Augustine Institute, a Denver-based Catholic graduate school, will be offering a special course for teachers and school administrators designed to help them reflect on the connection between Catholic education and teaching.

Religious Freedom at Catholic Institutions May Be Threatened after D.C. Bills Pass First Vote
Two controversial  bills passed their first reading and vote as part of the D.C. Council Consent Agenda on Tuesday, Oct. 28. The final passage of the bills may seriously violate the religious freedom of Catholic educational institutions in the city.

Film Chronicling Blessed John Henry Newman Announced, Available Soon
A new DVD on Blessed John Henry Newman, Lead Kindly Light, was announced today, his Feast Day. Blessed Newman is the patron and namesake of The Cardinal Newman Society.

Newman Society: Gates Foundation’s ‘Heavy-Handed Interference in Catholic Education’ Invites Scrutiny
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s efforts to push the Common Core in Catholic schools “will only raise more questions” about the standards, said Cardinal Newman Society President Patrick J. Reilly in an interview with Breitbart News.

Bill Donohue: Common Core Proponents Strong-Arming Catholic Schools
Catholic League president Bill Donohue wrote in an article today, “[W]e do object to the tactics being used by paid advocates [of Common Core] to whip Catholics into line.”

Colleges in Newman Guide Rank Well with U.S. News and World Report
Colleges recommended in The Newman Guide ranked well in the U.S. News and World Report’s 2015 edition of Best Colleges. 

Catholic Education Honor Roll Announced
Today, The Cardinal Newman Society released the list of schools recognized by the Catholic Education Honor Roll as 2014 Schools of Excellence. Since 2004 the Honor Roll has celebrated quality Catholic education throughout the United States.

Obama Admin Targets More than 400 Catholic Organizations for HHS Mandate
The Obama administration’s indication that it will continue its fight for enforcement of its “HHS mandate” against religious nonprofits, could immediately affect more than 400 Catholic organizations participating in the Christian Brothers Trust, including The Cardinal Newman Society.

Catholic Studies Program Founder at UST in Minnesota Retires after 21 Years at Helm
Don Briel, founder of the Catholic Studies department at the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, Minn., is retiring after 21 years in charge of the groundbreaking program.

New British Catholic College Announces First Summer Program
From August 10-22, Benedictus College will have students “sample a traditional liberal arts education” as well as enjoy “daily visits to London’s cultural centres.”

New British Catholic College Inspired by Blessed John Henry Newman
“No one’s tried to do anything like this in the UK before,” Dr. Clare Hornsby, a co-founder of Benedictus College, reportedly said.

Prepare for Christmas with Bl. Newman Courtesy of the Augustine Institute
This Advent, Dr. Christopher Blum, the Augustine Institute's academic dean, is producing a series of recordings of Blessed John Henry Newman's sermons.

Pope Francis Makes First Major Statements on Catholic Education
Calling for schools and universities committed to catechesis and evangelization, Pope Francis makes his first significant statements as Pope regarding Catholic education in Evangelii Gaudium, his apostolic exhortation released Sunday.

"New Evangelization" Event Marks Inauguration of New Franciscan University President
Noted speakers included Steubenville Bishop Jeffrey Monforton, Fr. Sheridan, and CUA president John Garvey.  Franciscan theology professor Dr. Scott Hahn delivered a follow-up speech to students.

Continuing the Legacy: Blessed Newman’s Lasting Impression on the University
Today, October 9, is the feast day of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, whose philosophies guide the mission of The Cardinal Newman Society. 

The Tyranny of Sentimentality and the Advance of the Gay Agenda on Catholic Campuses
The Institute on Religion and Democracy published a piece on how radical homosexuals have won so much in so short a time, even on Catholic campuses, namely by distorting and twisting religion.

Where Blessed Newman ‘Gave It All Up,’ Became Catholic
Fr. Dwight Longenecker, the former Anglican convert who blogs at Standing on my Head, wrote a post recently discussing his trip to England where he visited Littlemore, the site of Blessed John Henry Newman’s conversion to Catholicism.

Prayers Requested for Founding of New Irish Catholic College
In May, we highlighted a report about the group of educators, priests and lay people dedicated to creating a new Catholic college in Ireland.

Catholic Housing Helps to Keep Students Catholic on Campus

Catholic Dorms at Secular Colleges Buck Trend of Secularization
On many campuses throughout the country God has been unceremoniously evicted in an effort to completely alienate faith from knowledge. But one organization is attempting to buck that trend by establishing Catholic dormitories on the campuses of secular universities.

National Catholic Reporter Rejects Infallible Teaching on Ordination
In a stunning editorial from The National Catholic Reporter in defense of the laicized priest Roy Bourgeois, the editors not only officially endorsed female ordination but called the Church’s teaching “unjust.”

Blessed Newman, Master of Disguise?
The thoughts and writings of Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman have great relevance to the Church today, especially regarding the scourge of “liberalism” as he labeled the rationalist/secularist mindset in academia more than a century ago.

How Did Cardinal Newman Deal with the Haters?
If you’re writing about religion on the internet today, it’s impossible to avoid the haters who wish to mangle, distort, and intentionally misconstrue each and every syllable you publish and likely even attack you personally. Brandon Vogt of Ignitum Today writes that we can all take a lesson from Blessed Cardinal Newman on how to deal with attacks like those.

Newman, Brits Spar Over San Diego Controversy
What would Blessed John Henry Newman say about the recent decision by the president of the University of San Diego to rescind a fellowship offered to radical theologian Tina Beattie?

What Would Blessed Newman Say?
The Sophia Institute Press just released The Quotable Newman—a collection of Blessed John Henry Newman’s thoughts and reflections on more than 100 key theological topics.

Is Academic Freedom Possible? John Henry Newman’s Witness
One of the questions often debated at Catholic colleges is whether academic freedom is really possible at a Catholic college. Fr. Juan R. Vélez, author of Passion for Truth, the Life of John Henry Newman, wrote a piece at First Thingssaying that Blessed Newman’s inspiration has guided many toward answers to that question.

Bishop Conley Warns College Students Against Relativism
Just days after he was named the new Bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska, Bishop James Conley urged students at Harvard University to heed Blessed John Henry Newman’s warnings about the dangers of moral relativism, according to EWTN.

Don't 'Make the Mistake of Separating Intellect and Virtue'

Author Cites Blessed Cardinal Newman in Argument for Conscience

Building the Perfect College? Don't Forget God

New Book Highlights Blessed John Henry Newman's Writings on Virgin Mary

Newman's 'Idea of a University' More Important than Ever

Newman Advocated Well-Rounded Religious Knowledge for Catholics

Register Praises Videos for CNS Newman Legacy Project

Expert Attorney: No Sex Discrimination in Single-Sex Dorms at Catholic University

You Can't Be a University If You Stray Far From Newman's Principles, Says Fr. Ker

Westminster Abp Adresses European Bishops on Newman's Educational Vision

Preview into New Book on Blessed Cardinal Newman

Pope Recalls Blessed Cardinal Newman's 'grace of conversion' During Youth

Blessed Newman and the Idea of a University

"Who is Blessed John Henry Newman?"

Pope Benedict's October Prayer Intention for Catholic Universities

Newman Pilgrimage Update: The End

Preserving Blessed Newman's Legacy: The Archive

Newman Pilgrimage Update: London's Brompton Oratory

First-Ever Mass at Newman Shrine Attended by CNS Pilgrims

Fr. C. John McCloskey on Newman in Washington Post

Newman Pilgrimage Update: Pope Goes Home to Rome

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