Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Holy Eucharist

Holy Eucharist
Newly Appointed Lay President of Marquette Univ. Known for Devotion to Catholic Faith
Marquette University recently hired its first lay president; a “deeply spiritual” Catholic who regularly takes part in Eucharistic Adoration and felt called to lead the Jesuit university.

Three New Catholic Schools Set to Open Modeled on Chesterton Academy
Chesterton Academy describes itself as working to nurture both the minds and the souls of its students through an integrated education.

College of St. Mary Magdalen Choir Director on Holy Week Sacred Music
“We learn from each other and encourage one another toward our common goal, which is not performance, but rather the glory of God and the sanctification of the faithful.”

Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit Continuing Tour of Catholic Colleges, High Schools
This semester, the Vatican International “Eucharistic Miracles of the World” exhibit will make a circuit around the continental United States, courtesy of The Cardinal Newman Society.

Twenty High School Steubenville Conferences Held Across Country this Summer
Since 1975, Steubenville Conferences have served “to evangelize by inviting people to encounter Christ in a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Eucharist and sacrament of reconciliation.”

Catholic University of America Chaplain Featured on Catholic TV Network
Fr. Jude DeAngelo says that he and the others involved in campus ministry “go meet” students and serve to “evangelize the next generation.”

Irish Archbishop: 3 Ways Catholic Schools Can Respond to Challenge of the Gospel
Archbishop Eamon Martin asked,“to what extent do we, in our Catholic schools, facilitate young people in grasping the truths of faith, growing in love of God and neighbor, and in becoming witnesses for Christ?”

Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit Hosted by Manor College
In partnership with the Real Presence Association, The Cardinal Newman Society shares the exhibit with Catholic colleges and high schools in the United States.

Christendom Alumnus Leads 'Beacon of the New Evangelization' Parish
Prince of Peace Catholic Church, located outside Greenville, S.C., has 2,000 families, offers Mass in both forms of the Roman Rite on a weekly basis, and is drawing many converts.

Benedictine College to End Year of Faith with Eucharistic Procession
Catholic colleges and universities across the United States have participated with enthusiasm in the Year of Faith, which Pope Benedict XVI inaugurated in October 2012.

Cardinal Dolan Praises University of Mary for Alliance of Faith and Reason
"[You have] a sterling faculty, dedicated and generous alum and students that are so fervent in the faith and learning in soul, mind and heart," Cardinal Dolan told the University of Mary.

Newman Guide Colleges Fuel Renewed Appreciation for Sacred Music
"...Participating in beautifully sung liturgy is both a foretaste of the eternal heavenly liturgy and the principal means of nurturing our faith in the heart of the Church."

New Video Profiles Unique Qualities of Thomas Aquinas College
Director of college relations Anne Forsyth said: "It is no easy task to tell the story of the College -- our unique curriculum and pedagogy, the campus life, our alumni, our fidelity to the Teaching Church."

Benedict XVI Continues to Be Spiritually Present for His Students
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI did not publicly meet with his students this year, but he did celebrate Holy Mass for them, Catholic News Agency reported.

Liturgy and the New Evangelization
"'Worship’ itself, Eucharistic communion, includes the reality both of being loved and of loving others in turn." 

The Sacred Liturgy and the Culture of Life
"After all, so the reasoning went, if the 'Mass of the Ages' had changed, why not the Church’s teaching concerning the relation between human intimacy and procreation?"

What Did Early Christian Worship Look Like?
"...[T]he enduring value of Vatican II’s liturgy constitution is in a 'reform of the spirit of worship rather than external gestures and rubrics.'"

How Liturgical Abuse Impacted the Family
Kurt Poterack, choir director and adjunct professor at Christendom College, shares about how changes in liturgy can create an expectation of change in doctrines of the Church.

Good Formation for Priests Is Essential For Good Liturgy
"...[T]he clergy are, and will always be, the custodians of the sacred liturgy," said Kurt Poterack, choir director and adjunct professor at Christendom College.

Cardinal Burke Writes Book on Eucharist as 'Sacrament of Charity'
Cardinal Raymond Burke has released a new book entitled Divine Love Made Flesh, in which he reflects on Blessed Pope John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s encyclicals on the Holy Eucharist.

The Mass Is Source and Summit of a Catholic Campus, By Dr. Peter Kwasniewski
"A college community aspiring to be authentically Catholic must nourish and form its students by the Eucharist celebrated in the most worthy manner, according to the best of our heritage."

Christendom President: The Church Has Been Wounded

Newman Society Completes Fourth Year of Promoting Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit

Archbishop Challenges Catholic Colleges To Evangelize

Get Tips on How to Choose a Catholic College on Special "Life on the Rock"

One Thousand Holy Hours Pledged for Catholic Colleges in Lenten Prayer Campaign

St. Gregory's U Hosted 'Saints in Our Midst' Conference for College Students

Video 'Adoration U' Promotes Eucharistic Adoration to Students

Beatification Proposed for Italian Youth Who Started Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit

Eucharistic Miracles Are Visiting College Campuses

Catholic Colleges & CNS Featured in Register Article on Adoration
Newman Guide colleges with Adoration mentioned

Notre Dame Celebates 4th Annual Eucharistic Procession
On Sunday, April 20, students, faculy and staff of the University of Notre Dame gathered at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart for the fourth annual campus-wide Eucharistic Procession.

Miracles Now at Seton Hall University
Miracles Now at Seton Hall University

Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit Visits Penn State!
Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit Visits Penn State!

Miracles Exhibit Visits Christendom
Miracles Exhibit Visits Christendom

Canisius College Promotes Weekly Eucharistic Adoration
To students: "Jesus Christ is physically present and ready, eager and willing to listen and speak with us."

Eucharistic Procession at Notre Dame
Students and priests from the University of Notre Dame, St. Mary’s College and Holy Cross College stop and pray at one of four shrines on Notre Dame’s campus as part of the annual Eucharistic Procession on April 22.

CNS to Work with Real Presence Association
The Cardinal Newman Society is thrilled to be working with the Real Presence Association to help promote and coordinate the display of the Vatican International Exhibition The Eucharistic Miracles of the World.



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