Sunday, April 20, 2014

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Gonzaga Law School Speaker Testified in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage
Gary Gates of The Williams Institute at UCLA will be speaking at the Gonzaga University School of Law on “LGBT Demographics and the Public Square” on Holy Thursday.

Gonzaga University Promoted 'Drag' Event in Email to Faculty and Staff
A Gonzaga University student group put on a series of events recently including "DRAG tabling" and a "bisexuality panel," according to an email notice posted on the Gonzaga website.

Jesuit Criticized by Vatican for ‘Erroneous’ Theology to Give Santa Clara Commencement Speech
The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith pointed out that certain propositions in Liberation theologian Father Jon Sobrino's books are “not in conformity with the doctrine of the Church” including the divinity of Jesus Christ.

Saint Peter’s University to Honor Mayor Who Officiated at Same-Sex Marriages
Mayor Steven Fulop of Jersey City will receive an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from the Jesuit University at its commencement ceremony next month.

University of San Francisco to Honor Public Supporter of Same-Sex Marriage
The Honorable John V. Roos will receive an honorary degree and deliver the commencement speech on May 17 for the University of San Francisco School of Law.

Newman Society President Lectures at Georgetown on Threats to Catholic Education
“There seems to be a growing intolerance for those who teach and live the Catholic faith—intolerance from nonbelievers but also, and perhaps especially, from dissenting Catholics," said Patrick Reilly.

Le Moyne May Soon Become First Jesuit College to Appoint Laywoman as President
“I think if anyone is going to break the ceiling in terms of the Catholic hierarchy, I suspect that a Jesuit institution will be stepping up to the plate very soon,” Linda LeMura reportedly told Today’s CNY Woman.

Fordham Hosts ‘Gender Theorist’ for Prestigious Annual Lecture
The lecture titled “‘We the People,’ or Plural Action” was scheduled for April 1 to be delivered by Dr. Judith Butler, a rhetoric and literature professor from University of California Berkeley.

Newly Appointed Lay President of Marquette Univ. Known for Devotion to Catholic Faith
Marquette University recently hired its first lay president; a “deeply spiritual” Catholic who regularly takes part in Eucharistic Adoration and felt called to lead the Jesuit university.

Will Moderator, Panelist Undermine Georgetown’s Evangelium Gaudium Symposium?
Speaking on the issue of “Where the Church Goes from Here” at Georgetown will be Fr. Hollenbach, S.J, who has publicly opposed the U.S. bishops’ implementation of the mandatum.

Students Hold ‘Choice Week’ Promoting Abortion at Georgetown University
A group of Georgetown University students plans to attend Planned Parenthood’s rally at the U.S. Supreme Court as the Hobby Lobby case over the HHS contraceptive mandate is heard.

Loyola Univ. of Chicago Lecturer Involved with Pro-Abortion Groups
Loyola University of Chicago hosted Judith Mayotte to speak on climate change refugees in a lecture titled “‘I Pick Up My Life And Take It With Me’: The Human Cost of Climate Change.”

Lenten Prayer Campaign for Catholic Colleges and Schools
The Cardinal Newman Society is inviting members and other Catholics to join in a Lenten Prayer Campaign by adopting a particular Catholic school or college to pray for in the days leading up to Easter.

Seattle University Hosts Eighth Annual Drag Show
The reportedly sold-out event was “the second-largest student-run event on campus.” It was sponsored by the Triangle Club, Multi-Cultural Programming Fund and Student Government of Seattle University.

Jesuit University of Scranton Honors Nelson Mandela
While there is much laudable in Mandela’s life, during his time as president of South Africa, Mandela also signed into law the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Bill, which legalized abortion on demand.

Pro-Abortion Television Host Lectures at University of San Francisco
Pro-abortion rights MSNBC host Chris Matthews delivered a lecture last night at the University of San Francisco on “public service, faith, and the current political landscape,” according to the Jesuit University’s website.

Jesuit Fairfield U. Hosts Discussion with Pro-Abortion Rights Senator, Congressman
Jesuit Fairfield University was one stop for U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal and Congressman Jim Himes earlier this month on a college tour discussing the rates of sexual assaults.

Catholic Alumni: Finalists for Loyola Marymount Dean Both Worked at Planned Parenthood
Renew LMU is calling on the University to re-start the selection process and "ensure the new Dean ... demonstrates a strong record of furthering Catholic mission and identity..."

Georgetown Law Center to Host Justice Kagan for Inaugural Dean’s Lecture
During her time working for the Clinton administration, Kagan, according to CNSNews, wrote a strategy memo in opposition to a bill that would outlaw partial birth abortion.

Loyola Marymount U. Adjuncts Withdraw Unionization Petition
Adjunct professors at Loyola Marymount University announced that they’ve chosen to withdraw their petition for a union election from the National Labor Relations Board, Inside Higher Ed reported.

Fairfield Professor Worked as Physician’s Assistant at Planned Parenthood
A professor at Fairfield University acted as a physician’s assistant at a Planned Parenthood clinic in the early 1990’s, according to a proposal for the creation of a Master’s degree program in public administration.

Fordham University Celebrates Former Pro-Abortion Congresswoman
Fordham University recently celebrated the life of the late pro-abortion rights politician Geraldine Ferraro by showing a documentary of her life directed by her daughter.

Drag Show Scheduled for Jesuit Le Moyne College
The group Creating Awareness and Reaching Equality writes about the event on its Facebook page, calling it “a fun event for everyone” where students can “learn about drag culture ettiquet (sp), enter prize raffles, and dance!”

Loyola Marymount U. to Host Event with Pro-Abortion Rights Professor
Lori Baralt is an assistant professor of Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies at California State University, Long Beach, and a faculty advisor to a pro-abortion rights student group.

Students Protest Loyola Chicago for Canceling Classes Which Taught Students to Protest
A number of students enrolled in the Jesuit University’s master’s program in social justice and community development delivered speeches and waved signs which read "Who Is Loyola Loyal To?" in protest.

No Same-Sex Marriages in Loyola Chicago Chapel, Campus Open to Receptions
In light of the Illinois law legalizing same-sex marriage which is scheduled to go into effect in June of this year, Loyola University Chicago announced that it has changed its policies to allow only Catholic weddings on campus.

Faculty Passes No Confidence Vote against St. Joseph’s Univ. Financial Executives
“This is a sad day for the university community and the faculty in particular,” said Faculty Senate president Robert Moore, Ph.D. “This is an action, as seen here in evidence, that is widely supported.”

Loyola Univ. New Orleans President Censures Professor’s Comments on Slavery
The president of Loyola University New Orleans and several faculty members have censured the views of a libertarian-minded professor who criticized civil rights legislation and wrote that slavery “wasn’t so bad.”

Resisting Unionization, Seattle U. Fears NLRB Oversight Could Infringe on Catholic Identity
A group of adjunct faculty members at Seattle University recently filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board with the intent of forming a union with Service Employees International Union Local 925.

Marquette Univ. Laying Off Many Employees to Minimize Spending, Tuition Increases
In all, more than 100 jobs at the Jesuit University in Milwaukee, Wis., are expected to be dropped in an attempt to minimize tuition increases and spending.

Santa Clara Univ. Trustees Support Dropping Abortion from Health Insurance
Citing Santa Clara University’s Jesuit and Catholic identity as well as the words of Pope Francis, the University’s board of trustees has rejected a faculty resolution urging it to restore coverage of abortion in the employee health plan.

Rainbow Prom at Santa Clara Univ. to Promote Same-Sex Marriage
The Santa Clara Community Action Program website describes it as “the hottest, freshest, most inclusive party of the year!”

Decline in Enrollment, Budget Shortfall Lead to Layoffs at Loyola U. New Orleans
Loyola University New Orleans was forced to lay off 18 employees Friday after freshman enrollment dropped 30 percent lower than expected last year.

NARAL Internship Advertised by Seattle University Feminist Club
Seattle University Society of Feminists, which was created by students in a Feminist Theory class in 2003, is now posting opportunities for the abortion-rights advocacy organization.

Marquette Hosts Former Milwaukee Mayor, Abortion Rights Supporter
The former mayor of Milwaukee, who once compared some pro-lifers to “cult” members, spoke at Marquette University last week to promote his new book, according to the Jesuit university’s website.

DeSales University Bringing Vatican Astronomer to Campus
The Salesian Center for Faith and Reason at DeSales University will host Br. Guy Consolmango, S.J., the Vatican's official astronomer, for a town hall discussion.

Univ. of San Francisco’s Stand Against Racism Featured in ESPN Documentary
ESPN will premiere a documentary about the true story of the 1951 University of San Francisco football team, which took a courageous and principled stand against racism.

Transgender Activists, Professor to Challenge Law Enforcement at Jesuit Seattle Univ.
A law professor from the Jesuit Seattle University, whom one magazine called “America’s first openly transgender law professor,” will host an on-campus discussion with transgender activists next month.

Loyola Marymount Univ. to Host Dissident Theologian on ‘Feminist Bioethics’
The theology professor to be hosted signed a public letter calling for major structural and doctrinal changes in the Church including the ordination of women and recognition of same-sex partnerships.

Ethics ‘Dialogue’ at Santa Clara Univ. Features Dalai Lama, CEO Who Stripped Hospitals of Catholic Ties
The heavily promoted event entitled “Business, Ethics, and Compassion: A Dialogue with the Dalai Lama” is already sold out.

Same-Sex Marriage Advocate to Deliver Gonzaga Lecture
Robyn Ochs, a self-declared bisexual and same-sex marriage advocate, will be speaking at Gonzaga University next month in a lecture entitled “Beyond Binaries: Identity and Sexuality.”

Georgetown’s Campus Police Removed Condom Table, Claims H*yas for Choice
“Instead of being recognized as a contribution to a campus that strives for diversity, we are treated like a nuisance that undermines the university’s image,” wrote two members of H*yas for Choice.

Gonzaga Univ. Considers Transgender Policy
Gonzaga University is considering an official policy on transgendered students that could include gender-neutral bathrooms and the option to live with students of the gender of their choice, according to the Gonzaga Bulletin.   

Bioethics Requires Respect for Human Dignity, Professor Argues
The National Catholic Register reviewed the book A Defense of Dignity by philosophy professor Chris Kaczor of Loyola Marymount University.

Abortion Activist to Lead Loyola Marymount Dialogue on Catholic Identity
The president of Loyola Marymount University has initiated “a series of campus-wide discussions” concerning the Jesuit institution’s Catholic identity, according to an email obtained by The Cardinal Newman Society.  

Jesuit Priest Hails Students’ Advocacy for Same-Sex Marriage
A Jesuit parish priest is now citing Pope Francis to protest the dismissal of an Eastside Catholic High School vice principal following his same-sex marriage, according to the priest’s Facebook site.

Homosexual ‘Rainbow Bash,’ Drag Show Planned at Seattle Univ.
A student group at the Jesuits’ Seattle University will be hosting an event called “The Rainbow Bash,” which is described as “a concert designed to raise awareness in support of the gay and trans communities.”

Gov. Malloy, Abortion Rights Proponent, Honored at Fairfield Univ.
Malloy once issued a press release celebrating the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion.  "I've been a lifelong advocate and strong supporter of a woman's right to choose," he said. 

Jesuit Bioethicist Condones ‘Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy’
“If an abortion is the unjust and irresponsible interruption of a pregnancy,” Father Juan Masiá, S.J., reportedly wrote in El Pais, “not every voluntary interruption of a pregnancy constitutes an abortion in the negative moral sense.”

Santa Clara Univ. Presents Laicized Priest Who Helped 'Ordain' Woman
Former Maryknoll priest Roy Bourgeois was expelled from the Maryknoll order by a decree from the Vatican in 2012. 

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