Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Drag Show on Catholic Campus Turned Diabolical, Group Says
The Cardinal Newman Society reported last week that the Vatican’s Congregation for Education stated that a previous drag show at the Catholic university caused “scandal”.

Notre Dame Students Petition University to Make Clear Stand for True Definition of Marriage
The petition was created by members of the newly formed Students for Child-Oriented Policy, made up of undergraduate and graduate students at the University named after Our Lady.

Activists Attack Parents Protesting ‘Sexual Diversity’ Curriculum in Germany
A new report from a group studying anti-Christian activity in Europe states that activists in Germany cursed and threw feces at parents who protested the new “sexual diversity” curriculum in schools.

Hawaii Catholic Schools Teacher Contract Prohibits Conduct Contrary to Church Teaching
The “Standard Teacher Employment Agreement” reportedly must be signed each year and includes abortion, in vitro-fertilization, unmarried cohabitation, homosexual activity, and same-sex unions as fire-able offenses.

Catholic Alumni: Finalists for Loyola Marymount Dean Both Worked at Planned Parenthood
Renew LMU is calling on the University to re-start the selection process and "ensure the new Dean ... demonstrates a strong record of furthering Catholic mission and identity..."

Author Who Lambasted Catholic Church in NY Times Hosted at Catholic College
John Patrick Shanley, who just last year lambasted the Catholic Church, excoriated Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and wrote against the Church’s teaching on ordination, recently visited Merrimack College.

No Same-Sex Marriages in Loyola Chicago Chapel, Campus Open to Receptions
In light of the Illinois law legalizing same-sex marriage which is scheduled to go into effect in June of this year, Loyola University Chicago announced that it has changed its policies to allow only Catholic weddings on campus.

Catholic Education Instrumental in Life of Service, Says Colorado Catholic Charities CEO
Mark Rohlena said that Christendom College offered him an “immersion in things Catholic ”while also providing some of the “best of the intellectual tradition and a foundation for so many things that would come after graduation.”

‘Countercultural’ Message on Love, Relationships at Notre Dame Student Conference
“One of our main goals is to combat the secular pop culture and ‘so-college’ images of femininity,” said Notre Dame senior Madeline Gillen.

Rainbow Prom at Santa Clara Univ. to Promote Same-Sex Marriage
The Santa Clara Community Action Program website describes it as “the hottest, freshest, most inclusive party of the year!”

Catholic Couple Offers Beautiful Witness of Faith, Love
“Our taste buds long for the richness of the Faith. ‘Cafeteria Catholicism’ will never satisfy. We no longer settle for the din of the cafeteria; we want only the truth, beauty and goodness of the banquet!” 

Fired for Out-of-Wedlock Pregnancy, Catholic School Teacher Plans Lawsuit
Butte Central Catholic High School was compelled to uphold its Catholic identity by dismissing Shaela Evenson, a literature and physical education instructor, for breaking her employment contract.

Maryland Catholic School Upholds Catholic Identity, Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Announcement
A graduate of a Catholic high school in Towson, Md., who recently had her same-sex wedding announcement rejected from an online school publication is claiming discrimination in a petition.

Jesuit Priest Hails Students’ Advocacy for Same-Sex Marriage
A Jesuit parish priest is now citing Pope Francis to protest the dismissal of an Eastside Catholic High School vice principal following his same-sex marriage, according to the priest’s Facebook site.

College Student Debt Delays Vocations, Families
The article cites a study done by Georgetown’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA), which found that one-third of all inquirers for religious life had an average student debt load of $28,000.  

Seattle Catholic High School Removes Vice Principal for Same-Sex Marriage
A Catholic high school in the Archdiocese of Seattle has ordered the resignation of a vice principal who married his same-sex partner, according to

Catholic Common Core Removes Books Celebrating Same-Sex Parents from First-Grade Unit Plan
Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative and the National Catholic Educational Association have vigorously defended the Common Core State Standards as friendly to Catholic identity in Catholic schools.

UPDATED: Philly Catholic School Upholds Church Teachings; Fires Teacher After Applying for Same-Sex Marriage License
The school's headmaster, Fr. James McCloskey, released a statement on the school’s website, saying that faculty at the school were required to follow church teachings.

Loyola University Chicago’s Student Newspaper Calls for Same-Sex Marriages to be Performed on Campus
Loyola University Chicago’s student newspaper is urging the institution to allow same-sex marriages to be performed on campus as a way of honoring the university’s “Jesuit values of inclusion and social justice.”

Cardinal O’Malley Decries Cohabitation Mentality for Undermining Marriage
The Newman Guide colleges make chastity a corner stone of campus life by fostering a supportive, authentically Catholic environment, and instituting student life policies.

Christendom President Helps Defend the Family at Pontifical Council Assembly
Christendom College president Dr. Timothy O'Donnell was in Rome last month to attend the Pontifical Council for the Family's 21st Plenary Assembly, the College announced.

Fairfield University Undermines Church’s Sexuality Teachings by Hosting “The Pelvis and the Pulpit” Panel Discussion
The panel claimed to answer the question, “Is the Church wrong about sex?” Unfortunately, their answer seemed to be yes.

Christendom College President Travels Abroad as Papal Consulter
Christendom College president Timothy O’Donnell will be participating in upcoming pontifical meetings in Rome and in Mexico.

Boston College Students Hear Defense of Marriage, Despite Protest
Ryan Anderson, co-author of the book, What Is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense, delivered an argument against same-sex marriage at a packed house at Boston College.

Theologian Küng Presses Dissident Agenda With Pope Francis
No matter the issue facing the Catholic Church, Swiss theologian Fr. Küng always has solutions that seem to include liberalizing rules about sexual ethics and/or women’s ordination. 

Oxymoron: Catholic Academics for Abortion
Faculty and staff members at Loyola Marymount University affixed their name to a full page in the student newspaper, urging the Jesuit university to continue providing coverage for abortion.

Transgender Advocate Teaches for Jesuit Seattle University
A law professor from the Jesuit Seattle University, whom one magazine called “America’s first openly transgender law professor,” delivered a lecture on transgender issues at DePaul University.

Providence College Reschedules Same-Sex Advocate in Debate With Ph.D. Student
A Providence College lecture by a same-sex marriage advocate, which was cancelled by the College provost, is back on as a debate with a defender of traditional marriage.

House Bill Would Protect Catholics from Discrimination on Marriage
“Our bill will protect freedom of conscience for those who believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman,” said Rep. Raul Labrador of Idaho.

Providence College Withdraws Speaking Invitation to Same-Sex Marriage Advocate
Providence’s provost cited the U.S. bishops’ document “Catholics in Political Life" in cancelling the scheduled lecture.

Bishops Support ‘Marriage and Religious Freedom Act’
The new federal bill would protect Catholic and other organizations that oppose same-sex marriage from discrimination by the federal government.

Huntsman, Same-Sex Marriage Advocate, to Speak at DeSales Univ.
Former presidential candidate and Utah governor Jon Huntsman will deliver the Fr. Thomas J. Furphy Lecture on “Challenges Facing America Today."

Univ. San Diego Alumnus, Activist Becomes Interim Mayor
Todd Gloria, an advocate for same-sex marriage, has been invited back to campus as a speaker and is praised on USD’s website.

Seattle University to Host, Celebrate Radical Activist Angela Davis
Angela Davis has past associations to the Black Panther Party and the Communist Party USA, and supports abortion rights and same-sex marriage.

Duquesne Flap Ignores Geraldo Rivera’s Support for Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage
In a radio interview today, Cardinal Newman Society President Patrick Reilly praised Duquesne University for withdrawing its invitation to FOX News journalist Geraldo Rivera to take part in a conference.

Students Will ‘Encounter Many Marriages,’ Says Thomas Aquinas College President
At a time in our country when the definition of marriage is being highly debated, Dr. McLean chose marriage as the theme of his remarks to incoming students, according to the College.

The Sacred Liturgy and the Culture of Life
"After all, so the reasoning went, if the 'Mass of the Ages' had changed, why not the Church’s teaching concerning the relation between human intimacy and procreation?"

Seattle University Employee Brings Dissident Activism to Campus
Sabina Neem is co-chair of Seattle's LGBT Commission and is also the assistant director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs at Seattle University, a Jesuit institution.

Register Features San Diego Alumni Leader, Religious Liberty Attorney
Trial lawyer Charles “Chuck” LiMandri  leads an organization to promote Catholic identity at the University of San Diego, and is a strong, unique voice in the battle for religious liberty.

Thomas Aquinas College Chaplain Asks, What is Marriage?
"The responsibility to think through, articulate, and defend Marriage falls squarely on the shoulders of each person here. If we Christians do not render this vital service for the common good, I can’t imagine who will have the tools or the motivation to do so."

Teens Discern Vocations at Steubenville Youth Conference
“The religious life of the beautiful sisters that you see before you—what you see in their beauty and joy, is a sign of eternity in their life given to Christ as brides... This beauty is what transforms the world.”

Good to Be Homosexual at Georgetown, Reports The New York Times
“Every month is a good month to be gay at Georgetown.” That’s what Thomas Lloyd, president of Georgetown’s campus Pride group, reportedly told The New York Times.

Justice Sotomayor Lectures at Fordham University
Just weeks after ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was welcomed onto the campus of Fordham University.

Abp. Vigneron Bans Dissident Schüller from Detroit Archdiocese
Archbishop Allen Vigneron of the Archdiocese of Detroit has banned Austrian priest Father Helmut Schüller from speaking at Catholic institutions, according to The Detroit Free Press.

Married Practicing Catholics Feel Most Loved in Sex, Study Finds
U.S. News & World Report has an article up featuring the findings of a survey reporting that "Devout, married Catholics have the best sex of any demographic group."

Boston College Prof Affirms Slippery Slope of Legal Same-Sex Marriage
Kent Greenfield considers whether fears that recognition of same-sex marriage could lead to legalized polygamous marriages, and even incestuous marriages, were accurate all along.

Jesuit Abandons Priesthood Protesting Teachings on Women's Ordination, Same-Sex Marriage
In an open letter to friends and supporters, the 80 year old priest said that it was Creighton University’s community that “freed, inspired, and encouraged” him to renounce his vocation.

Gonzaga Removes Job Listings for Groups Promoting Abortion, Suicide, Same-Sex Marriage
Gonzaga University appears to have removed job listings on its career center blog for Planned Parenthood and groups advocating assisted suicide and same-sex marriage, as revealed Monday by The Cardinal Newman Society.

Barry Univ. Theology Prof. in Same-Sex Marriage, Speaks at DignityUSA Convention
A Barry University theology professor who told students he was “married” to another man spoke at a dissident homosexual conference last week, as did a theology professor at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minn.

Georgetown Advocate of Same-Sex Marriage to Teach Marriage Course
Michael Kessler wrote in 2009, “we… cannot tolerate limiting access to legal protection or enjoyment of rights because a traditional minority... thinks that some group is acting against God's will.”

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