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Notre Dame

Notre Dame
Notre Dame Alumni: Fr. Jenkins Comments on HHS Mandate ‘Startling’
Fr. Jenkins said, according to The Irish Rover, “We feel this is an infringement on religious freedom, but we have a variety of factors to consider, like legitimate government authority.”

Notre Dame Petitions Court for Rehearing in HHS Mandate Case
The petition filed by the University argues that Notre Dame seeks to provide health coverage to its employees “in a manner consistent with its Catholic beliefs.” 

Notre Dame Students Petition University to Make Clear Stand for True Definition of Marriage
The petition was created by members of the newly formed Students for Child-Oriented Policy, made up of undergraduate and graduate students at the University named after Our Lady.

Notre Dame Honors Congressman Chris Smith with Evangelium Vitae Medal
“In their work and in their persons, Congressman Chris and Marie Smith are extraordinary witnesses to the inalienable dignity and matchless worth of every member of the human family, born and unborn.”

Notre Dame’s Fr. Miscamble to Deliver Ohio Dominican U. Commencement
“Fr. Miscamble is a courageous and compelling proponent of Catholic higher education and the need for all Catholic universities to work to restore and strengthen their Catholic identities,” said ODU President Peter Cimbolic, Ph.D.

Nuns’ Coalition Voices Support for HHS Mandate, Criticizes Those in Opposition
The letter states that the group is “dismayed that the Little Sisters of the Poor-Colorado, the University of Notre Dame and other Catholic organizations are challenging the Affordable Care Act.”

Notre Dame to Host Event on ‘Civic Engagement’ Featuring Pro-Abortion Rights Mayor
The Catholic Mayor of San Antonio who once said of abortion, “We disagree on this, the pope and I,” will be coming to the campus of the University of Notre Dame next month.

Notre Dame Professor, Monsignor Swetland on ‘Heart and Soul of a Catholic University’
“The secular world thinks that ‘Catholic University’ is an oxymoron.  I say, in fact, a University isn’t truly a University unless it’s fully Catholic...”

Notre Dame Announces Strategic Plan Making Catholic Character a Priority
“We place at the forefront of this new strategic plan the University’s Catholic character and the need for it to touch every aspect of our life and work,” the plan states.

Pope Francis’ Words to Note Dame May Be ‘Rallying Cry’ for Catholic Universities, Says Writer
Nicholas G. Hahn III wrote that many Catholic universities have fallen into secularism, but “now they have a pope telling them they can't have one foot in each world.”

‘Countercultural’ Message on Love, Relationships at Notre Dame Student Conference
“One of our main goals is to combat the secular pop culture and ‘so-college’ images of femininity,” said Notre Dame senior Madeline Gillen.

Federal Appellate Court Denies Injunctive Relief, Questions Remedy Desired by Notre Dame
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit in a 2-1 decision on Friday upheld a lower court’s ruling and rejected the relief desired by the Catholic university.

Notre Dame’s Performing Arts Center Shows NC-17 Rated Movie
The University of Notre Dame’s Debartolo Performing Arts Center recently showed a NC-17 rated movie about a 15 year old girl’s lesbian relationship with an older woman.

University of Notre Dame Professors Discuss Authentic Love, Human Person
Peter Casarella and Patrick Deneen, respectively professors of theology and political science at Notre Dame, reportedly spoke alongside David Schindler, the dean emeritus of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family.

Obama Administration Court Defends HHS Mandate, Cites Compliance at Notre Dame
The Obama administration has responded to the University of Notre Dame’s request for injunctive relief from the HHS mandate, according to Life News.

Alumni Want Notre Dame to ‘Disavow’ Cooperation with HHS Mandate
The Sycamore Trust is calling on the University to explain or disavow the actions of its Human Resources Department which voluntarily participated in providing contraceptives and abortifacient benefits to employees.

Notre Dame Professors, Others Cheer Pope Francis' Call to Catholic Identity
Pope Francis’ words to the University of Notre Dame might have come as a surprise last week, but his message is both encouraging and challenging to the University.

U.S. Bishops Urge Prayer for Catholic Education, Following Pope’s Address to Notre Dame
The bishops are calling on Catholics to pray and abstain from meat, with the prayer intention that “we can continue to educate students in the fullness of our Catholic faith.”

Problematic Law Professor Kaveny Leaves Notre Dame for Boston College
Last year, Kaveny strongly defended the Obama administration’s HHS contraceptive mandate by claiming that the Obama administration is not attacking religious liberty, and any attempt by the bishops to say otherwise is a “canard.”

Pope Tells Notre Dame to 'Defend, Preserve, Advance’ Catholic Identity
Pope Francis today urged the University of Notre Dame to be an “uncompromising witness… to the Church’s moral teaching” and to resist “efforts, from whatever quarter, to dilute that indispensable witness."

Notre Dame Alumni Decry University’s Compliance with Contraceptive Mandate
The Sycamore Trust criticizes the University’s compliance with the federal HHS mandate as “scandalous disregard of its religious beliefs” in a statement issued Sunday.

Notre Dame Professor Wants Pope Francis to Allow Some Abortions
“Pope Francis has raised expectations of a turn away from the dogmatic intransigence that has long cast a pall over the religious life of many Roman Catholics,” writes Gary Gutting in his column, “Should Pope Francis Rethink Abortion?”

College Students Credited as Driving Force in March for Life
Catholic colleges recommended in The Newman Guide are featured for their participation in and efforts surrounding the March for Life in a recent article by The Catholic News Agency.

Nameless Notre Dame Students to Intervene in Lawsuit on HHS Mandate
The motion brought by the students—known as Jane Doe 1, 2, and 3—argues that Notre Dame should be forced to provide insurance coverage of abortifacients, contraceptives and sterilization procedures in its student health plan.

Building up the Kingdom at Notre Dame: The Irish Rover
“Notre Dame is really a beautiful institution, and beautiful things are always vulnerable, and fragile, especially where real power is involved..." Michael Bradley, the paper's editor-in-chief, told The Cardinal Newman Society.

Americans United Tries to Intervene in Notre Dame Lawsuit Opposing HHS Mandate
Americans United claims to be intervening on behalf of three nameless Notre Dame students who want their health-care plan to include contraceptives.

Notre Dame Denied Relief, Will Comply with HHS Mandate
The University of Notre Dame has been denied its bid for a temporary stay on the HHS mandate requiring employee coverage for contraceptives, abortifacients and sterilization procedures.

Alumni of Catholic Colleges Encouraged to Organize, Promote Catholic Identity
The President of The Sycamore Trust would like to see organizations rising up all across the country to protect and promote faithfulness at individual Catholic colleges and universities.

Federal Judge Rejects Notre Dame Suit Against HHS Mandate, Citing Delayed Filing
A federal judge has denied Notre Dame’s request for relief from the Obama administration’s HHS mandate, according to court documents, in part because of the University’s delayed filing.

Faithful Faculty Are Key to Restoring Catholic Identity at Notre Dame, Says Sycamore Trust
The key to a college’s Catholic identity is “what goes on in the classroom, who’s teaching and what they’re teaching,” writes the chairman of the Sycamore Trust.

Notre Dame President: ‘Creation of the GLBTQ Group Is a Big Step Forward’ Towards Priority of Diversity
The Rev. John Jenkins explained that he created an Oversight Committee on Diversity and Inclusion to create a welcoming atmosphere on campus that “go[es] across all areas” of campus for students, faculty, and staff.  

Jenkins: ‘A Tough Decision’ for Notre Dame as They Re-file Lawsuit Against HHS Mandate
The University of Notre Dame will re-file its lawsuit against the HHS contraceptive mandate today, according to The National Catholic Reporter (NCR).

University of Notre Dame Tackles Transgendered Campus Life Including Need for ‘Bathroom Activism’
A faculty panel at the University of Notre Dame that included a self-proclaimed bisexual and another who called gender reassignment surgery “medically necessary” recently gathered to discuss bisexual and transgender issues.

Coming Out Day ‘Morally Problematic and Pastorally Catastrophic’
The University of Notre Dame celebrated National Coming Out Day and even hung posters in dormitories encouraging participation.

Catholic Identity on Campus: A Matter of Life or Death?
Daniel McInerny, English language editor for Aleteia, has written a compelling commentary about the essential role that Catholic identity and culture play in a Catholic university’s vitality. 

Dissident Notre Dame Theologian: Crackdown on Contraception has “Chilling Effect”
Cathleen Kaveny, a law and theology professor from the University of Notre Dame, said that “most progressive Catholics” believe they will “eventually win the day” on contraception. 

Marian Renewal Conference Set for the University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame’s conference, “Mary On the Eve of the Second Vatican Council,” is being held from Oct. 6-8 and is free and open to the public.

Notre Dame Selects Controversial Professors for New Online Courses
A class on early Christianity is being taught by a professor who claims that early Christians invented martyrdom stories in order to fund Churches.

Notre Dame Student Editor Laments ‘Cafeteria Catholicism’ on Campus
It was Bob Burkett's dream to attend the University named after Our Lady, but sadly he was “appalled” by the behavior of students at the school. 

Notre Dame Pro-Life Club Enjoys Growth Since Obama Scandal
About 50 students gathered yesterday in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on the campus of the University for the semester’s first Right to Life Mass.

Nightclub Manager Named Notre Dame’s Liaison to Homosexual Students
According to The Observer, Maureen Doyle started her new role in time for the kickoff picnic of Notre Dame’s first official gay student organization called PrismND. 

Notre Dame Martyrdom Lectures to Precede Football Games
A series of talks titled “Saturdays with the Saints” will take place on the mornings of football home game days throughout the Fall semester.

Notre Dame to Admit Undocumented Immigrants as Students
The decision "will strengthen our incoming class and give deserving young people the chance for a Notre Dame education," according to Don Bishop, associate VP for undergraduate enrollment.

Wide Disparity in Catholic College Presidents’ Salaries, From $1 Million to Zero
Eleven of the top 100 highest paid chief executives at private colleges and universities across the country are from Catholic colleges, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Faculty Salaries at Georgetown, Other Catholic Universities Among Highest in U.S.
The survey seems to confirm an open letter by former Georgetown professor Patrick Deneen, who resigned citing the University’s priority of prestige over its Catholic identity.

Princeton Review Names Three Catholic Colleges to LGBT Unfriendly List
Many other Christian colleges were also named on the list,making it evident that anything less than promotion of the LGBT lifestyle is seen as “unfriendly.”

'Fighting Irish' Won't Give Up on Notre Dame
Bill Dempsey is a Notre Dame alumnus (’52) and chairs the Sycamore Trust, an association of Notre Dame alumni who are dedicated to renewing the University’s Catholic identity.

Battling for the Heart and Soul of Notre Dame: An Interview with Father Bill Miscamble, CSC
"I hope... readers will understand that there is a real struggle going on for the future of Notre Dame, a struggle for what kind of place this will be.  Notre Dame needs to be held accountable."

Student Worries, But Sees Hope for Notre Dame
A senior at the University of Notre Dame laments the “erosion of its Catholic mission and identity” but still sees some hope for the University.

Legacy in Doubt for Father Hesburgh, Former Notre Dame President
Franciscan University professor Anne Hendershott points to a number of problematic issues such as his work as chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation, which has funded population control efforts.

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