Friday, March 27, 2015

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CNS Press Release

CNS Press Release
Cardinal Newman Society Statement Opposing Honors and Platforms for Proponents of Legal Redefinition of Marriage
On March 5, 2015, 379 corporations and business groups submitted an amicus brief, urging the U.S. Supreme Court to declare “marriage rights” for same-sex persons. Such a ruling conflicts directly with Catholic teaching and the position of the U.S. Catholic bishops.

‘Huge Victory,’ ‘Opportunity’ for Religious Colleges in Labor Board’s Ruling
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) last week abandoned its longstanding, unconstitutional practice of measuring how religious a college appears to be before exempting it from federal oversight, but opted instead for a new test that considers whether individual employees perform religious functions.

Catholic Educators Appeal to Obama Administration for Relief from HHS Mandate
Today a coalition including The Cardinal Newman Society, leaders of Catholic schools and colleges, and the expert attorneys of the Alliance Defending Freedom told the Obama administration that its latest rule still “directly violates the religious liberty of organizations and individuals.”

Catholic Education Honor Roll Announced
Today, The Cardinal Newman Society released the list of schools recognized by the Catholic Education Honor Roll as 2014 Schools of Excellence. Since 2004 the Honor Roll has celebrated quality Catholic education throughout the United States.

Newman Society Releases Statement on New HHS Mandate Accommodation
The following official statement was released this week by The Cardinal Newman Society in response to the changes to the HHS mandate accommodation announced on Friday, August 22.

‘Catholic Is Our Core’ Launched to Address Concerns about Common Core in Catholic Schools
The Cardinal Newman Society has launched the new “Catholic Is Our Core” project and issued a statement in support of greater parental involvement in the debate about the Common Core and advising caution before Catholic schools adopt untested, secular standards.

New Resources to Help Catholic Families Find Faithful Colleges
The Cardinal Newman Society today published the newest editions of The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College and My Future, My Faith magazine.

Newman Society, Catholic Employers Represented in Lawsuit to Halt HHS Mandate
A class action suit was filed Tuesday against the Obama administration’s HHS insurance mandate on behalf of Catholic employers, including The Cardinal Newman Society.

Colleges Need Better Measures of Catholic Identity, Study Finds
Church attendance by students is a clear indicator of the strength of a Catholic college's religious identity, but subjective measures of personal devotion are not.

Catholic College Student Life Leaders Inspired by Year of Faith
More than 40 senior student life representatives from faithful Catholic colleges and universities across the U.S. are meeting for the first annual Student Life Leadership Conference.

Catholic Colleges Join Bishops, Southern Baptist Convention in Support of Religious Freedom
“The Cardinal Newman Society stands shoulder-to-shoulder with our bishops and leaders of non-Catholic Christian denominations in once again opposing this direct attack on our first freedom.”

Newman Society Statement on Final HHS Mandate Rule
The Cardinal Newman Society, its members and faithful Catholic educators must continue to fight this unconscionable mandate by every possible means.

High School Teacher Program Promotes Unity of Faith, Science
Catholic high school teachers in science and theology gathered in La. to develop appreciation of their respective disciplines.

Bishop McFadden, Catholic Education Leader, Dies Suddenly
Bishop McFadden served as Chairman for the Education Committee of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  He was a strong proponent of Catholic identity in Catholic education at all levels.

Catholic Colleges Tell Obama Administration: HHS Mandate Continues to Violate Religious Freedom
"Despite assurances from the Administration to the contrary, this mandate would still insist that every employee at Catholic universities and colleges be enrolled in an insurance regiment that includes abortion causing drugs," said Monsignor Stuart Swetland.

Catholic Educators to Attend Rome Conference on Sacred Liturgy
Catholic educators attending a summer Rome conference on sacred liturgy will help bring liturgical renewal to America’s Catholic college campuses, The Cardinal Newman Society announced today.

Cardinal Newman Society Celebrates 20th Anniversary With New Website, Online News Source About Catholic Education
The Cardinal Newman Society is celebrating 2013—its 20th anniversary—with a new website, the newly launched online news source Catholic Education Daily, and an offer for a free online membership to anyone interested in standing for faithful Catholic education.

Pope Benedict Was Champion of Catholic Education Renewal
The Cardinal Newman Society is saddened that Pope Benedict XVI’s declining health will cause him to resign from the papacy on February 28, 2013.  Throughout his pontificate, the Holy Father has led by example, and does so again with this heroic act of humility and love for his Petrine ministry and our Holy Mother Church.

Cardinal Newman Society Thanks USCCB for Standing Against the HHS Mandate
The Cardinal Newman Society today thanked the USCCB for continuing to stand against the Health and Human Services sterilization/contraception/abortion mandate.  

Statement of The Cardinal Newman Society on Proposed HHS Rule
The Obama administration today proposed a rule responding to serious concerns that its policy mandating insurance coverage of sterilization and contraception (including drugs that cause abortion) violates religious freedom.

Veteran Journalist Named Editor of Education News Source for Catholic Families
Award-winning Catholic journalist and author Tim Drake has been named Senior Editor and Director of News Operations for The Cardinal Newman Society.

Study: Most Catholic Colleges No Longer Require Catholic Theology
Catholic colleges that have maintained a strong religious identity also have the strongest core curricula, according to a new study from The Cardinal Newman Society (CNS).

‘Year of Faith’ Celebrated at Faithful Catholic Colleges
Many Catholic colleges and universities are taking part in the “Year of Faith” proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI, with spiritual and academic activities aimed at strengthening faith on campus, according to a new report published by The Cardinal Newman Society (CNS).

Catholic Families Get Help with Exciting New Edition of The Newman Guide
The Cardinal Newman Society today released the 2012-2013 edition of The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College with significant new features, as well as a new companion magazine for Catholic high school students and their parents titled My Future, My Faith.

Colleges Rally Around Lawsuit Challenging Obamacare Mandate
The Cardinal Newman Society has signed and helped organize Catholic college signers for a court brief in support of lawsuits filed against the Obama administration by Belmont Abbey College and Wheaton College.

Congressman Andrews Urged to Apologize for Insult to Christians, Other Religious Americans
Today, September 25, 2012, leaders of more than 20 religious and other organizations, many of them engaged in the defense of religious freedom, sent a letter urging Congressman Robert Andrews (N.J.-1st) to apologize for making insensitive and insulting remarks at a Congressional hearing on First Amendment concerns two weeks ago.

Nation’s Top 50 Catholic High Schools Announced
Today, September 20, 2012, the winners of the 2012-2013 Catholic High School Honor Roll competition were announced by The Cardinal Newman Society. Since 2004, the Honor Roll has recognized excellence in Catholic identity, academics and civic education at Catholic high schools across the United States.

Cardinal Burke Says Theologians’ Mandatum Should Be Required by Colleges, Disclosed to Students
Catholic families have a right to know which theology professors have the mandatum, and Catholic colleges and universities should require it as a condition for employment, affirmed the Vatican’s chief judge Cardinal Raymond Burke in a new report.

Veteran Church Leader, Distinguished Catholic Journalist Join Cardinal Newman Society Staff

Faithful Catholic Colleges Urge HHS to Rescind ‘Direct Violation’ of Religious Liberty

Cardinal Newman Society Statement on White House Announcement 3/16/2012

Statement of The Cardinal Newman Society on President Barack Obama’s Revised Contraceptive Mandate (Feb. 10, 2012)

HHS Rejects Compro­­mise, Embraces Abortion Lobby

Cardinal Newman Society Sends Letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

Many Catholic Colleges Not Complying with Ex corde Ecclesiae, Survey Shows

‘More Than a Monologue’ Conferences Marked by Dissent, Sacrilege, Support for Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

CUA Single-Sex Dorms Ruled Not Discriminatory

Newman Society President: Fight Threats to Religious Liberty by Renewing Catholic Identity

Ave Maria U Receives Recognition as ‘Catholic’ by Bishop

Newman Society Grateful for Bishops’ New Religious Liberty Committee

Catholic Colleges Unite to Defend Religious Liberty, Oppose Illegal Contraceptive Mandate

Lay Catholic Leader Named ‘Chairman Emeritus’ by Cardinal Newman Society Board

CNS Urges Hundreds of Thousands to Oppose Obama Admin’s Mandate Assaulting Religious Freedom

Conference at Fordham University May Cast Doubt, Challenge Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality

HHS: No “Delay” in Contraceptives, Sterilization for College Students

HHS Guidelines Violate Liberty of Catholic Colleges

New Cost Data from U.S. Education Dept Highlights Importance of College Choice for Catholic Families

Dr. Warren Carroll, Founder of Christendom College, Died Sunday

Expert Attorney: No Sex Discrimination in Single-Sex Dorms at Catholic University

Cardinal Newman Society & Mount St Mary’s University Partner to Promote Renewal of Catholic Campuses

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