Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Pope Francis to Professors and Students: Theology Only Fruitful Done ‘On One’s Knees’
“Your Institutes are not machines for producing theologians and philosophers; they are communities in which one grows, and growth occurs in the family.”

Vatican Says Univ. of San Diego Drag Show Caused Scandal, New Show Planned Next Week
The Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education has said that a drag show that occurred last year on the campus of the University of San Diego caused “scandal,” according to a letter revealed by the group Alumni for a Catholic USD.

Controversy at Fisher More College
The news broke this week that Fisher More College lost permission to celebrate the Extraordinary Form on campus, and some commentators are suggesting that disputes about Church teaching at the College may be a back-story. 

Religious Education ‘Of the Utmost Importance’, Says Vatican Official in Ireland
A Vatican official stressed the importance of religious education for “holistic development” to Catholic school managers in Ireland, according to The Irish Times

Pope Francis’ Words to Note Dame May Be ‘Rallying Cry’ for Catholic Universities, Says Writer
Nicholas G. Hahn III wrote that many Catholic universities have fallen into secularism, but “now they have a pope telling them they can't have one foot in each world.”

Vatican Educator Says Education, New Evangelization are ‘Indissoluble Twosome’
Father Duval acknowledges that the contemporary culture does not know “what educating means, what are the contents of education, what are the types of relationships that form with the educators.”

United Nations Report Rips Catholic Schools, Vatican
A United Nations committee’s criticisms of the Catholic Church’s handling of sexual abuse by clergy outrageously included criticisms of Catholic schools that rise to the level of anti-Catholicism, argues Deacon Keith Fournier.

Pope Francis Recalled Fondly His Childhood School, Praised ‘Catholic Culture’
“School life was a ‘whole’... The most natural thing was to go to Mass in the morning, as well as having breakfast, studying, going to lessons, playing during recreation, hearing the ‘Good night’ of the Father Director.”

Notre Dame Professors, Others Cheer Pope Francis' Call to Catholic Identity
Pope Francis’ words to the University of Notre Dame might have come as a surprise last week, but his message is both encouraging and challenging to the University.

U.S. Bishops Urge Prayer for Catholic Education, Following Pope’s Address to Notre Dame
The bishops are calling on Catholics to pray and abstain from meat, with the prayer intention that “we can continue to educate students in the fullness of our Catholic faith.”

Pope Tells Notre Dame to 'Defend, Preserve, Advance’ Catholic Identity
Pope Francis today urged the University of Notre Dame to be an “uncompromising witness… to the Church’s moral teaching” and to resist “efforts, from whatever quarter, to dilute that indispensable witness."

Filipino Cardinal-Elect Attended Catholic University of America
When Archbishop Quevedo is elevated to the College of Cardinals by Pope Francis on February 22, he will become the 12th living cardinal who has attended The Catholic University of America.

Archbishop Lucas: ‘Heart’ of Catholic Education is ‘Mission to Proclaim the Gospel’
In honor of the upcoming Catholic Schools Week, Archbishop George Lucas, chairman of the USCCB Committee on Education, issued a statement recognizing the contribution of America’s Catholic schools.

Pope Francis: Avoid Scandal, ‘Shame of the Church’
In his homily yesterday, Pope Francis stressed the importance of forming a personal relationship with God in order to avoid causing scandals, which are the “shame of the Church,” according to the Catholic News Agency.

Pope Francis: 'Education… Is Key, Key, Key' to Reaching Youth
Pope Francis reportedly said educators must "convey understanding, convey ways of doing things, convey values.  Faith is conveyed through these..." 

Archbishop Kurtz Asks President Obama for Temporary Relief from HHS Mandate
..."I urge you, therefore, to consider offering temporary relief from this mandate, as you have for so many other individuals and groups facing other requirements under the ACA.”

Catholic Schools Must ‘Strengthen’ Identity and Support Evangelization, Says Vatican Cardinal
A new document entitled “Educating in intercultural dialogue in the Catholic school. Living together for a civili[z]ation of love” was announced today by the Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education.

Christendom President Joins Catholic Higher Ed. Meeting at Pontifical Commission
"The commission discussed the new evangelization in light of Pope Francis' pontificate as well as other topics including the challenges facing Catholic higher education in America."

Paying Attention to Pope Francis: Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’
Cardinal Newman Society board member Kathryn Jean Lopez wrote that “while the media has a lot to learn about the Catholic Church, people have a lot to learn about the Gospels,” in a commentary at National Review Online.

Pope Tells University Students: Go Beyond the Ordinary
Pope Francis exhorted the students to combat challenges with “inner strength and evangelical boldness.”...Pope Francis suggests that the students’ lives should look different than the norm; that they should be willing to “go beyond the ordinary."  

Pope Francis Makes First Major Statements on Catholic Education
Calling for schools and universities committed to catechesis and evangelization, Pope Francis makes his first significant statements as Pope regarding Catholic education in Evangelii Gaudium, his apostolic exhortation released Sunday.

Catholic Culture Highlights Cardinal Newman Society’s Work to Preserve Catholic Identity in Education
"The Cardinal Newman Society noticed several years ago that Catholic colleges and universities with no clear and consistent Catholic identity were more likely to be treated just like everybody else..." 

Rector of Holy Trinity Seminary Named Bishop of Fort Worth
This week Pope Francis named Msgr. Michael Olson as the new bishop of the Diocese of Fort Worth, according to Vatican Information Service.

Walsh University Celebrates Founding Religious Order
The university was founded by the Brothers of Christian Instruction in 1960 and named for the bishop of the Youngstown diocese at the time, Bishop Emmet Walsh.

Franciscan University Pilgrims to Attend Papal Canonizations in Rome
A pilgrimage led by Franciscan University president Fr. Sean Sheridan, TOR will make its way to Rome next April for the canonization of Blessed Popes John Paul II and John XXIII.

NAC Chair Recommends Episcopal Review of Common Core in Catholic Schools
The head of the U.S. bishops' National Advisory Council (NAC) strongly recommended that the general assembly conduct an episcopal review of the Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative (CCCII). Renee Miller, the NAC’s chair, also encouraged the bishops to engage more extensively with college presidents about instituting Pope John Paul II’s apostolic constitution, Ex corde Ecclesiae, on their campuses.

Gonzaga Alumni’s 1887 Trust: Fighting to Preserve Catholic Identity at the University
Gonzaga University doesn’t always have to be Catholic, said Dr. David DeWolf, professor of law at Gonzaga University’s law school, in an article published by the 1887 Trust.

Cardinal Dolan Praises University of Mary for Alliance of Faith and Reason
"[You have] a sterling faculty, dedicated and generous alum and students that are so fervent in the faith and learning in soul, mind and heart," Cardinal Dolan told the University of Mary.

Vatican Conference Promotes Connection between Faith and Athletics
Athletes ran along a 100 meter track set-up along the street in Rome leading to St. Peter’s Square while other athletes spoke to the crowd about the importance of sports in their lives.

Help the Effort to Restore Catholic Identity at Georgetown University
Show the Vatican that YOU support Blatty’s and his fellow alumni’s effort to restore Catholic identity at Georgetown by clicking the button included in the article.

40 Years Later, “Exorcist” Author Engaged in New Struggle Over Lost Faith and Redemption
"... at its heart it’s a story about a Jesuit priest who, after struggling with his faith, regains it through the exercise of his ministry."

Twelfth Benedictine College Alumnus Named Bishop
Father Andrew H. Cozzens, who graduated from Benedictine College, in Atchison, Kan., in 1991, was recently named bishop by Pope Francis, the College announced last week.

Continuing the Legacy: Blessed Newman’s Lasting Impression on the University
Today, October 9, is the feast day of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, whose philosophies guide the mission of The Cardinal Newman Society. 

Sixth President of Franciscan University to be Installed Tomorrow
Reilly stated, “Fr. Sheridan is the perfect choice to lead Franciscan University into the future, with commitment to both serious academics and strong Catholic identity. We look forward to working closely with him, as we have his predecessors.”

Blatty’s Canon Law Case to Reform Georgetown Goes to Vatican
Georgetown University alumnus William Peter Blatty’s petition for the implementation of Ex corde Ecclesiae

 at his alma mater has been submitted to the Vatican.

Cardinal Burke Warns of ‘Grave Scandal’ at Catholic Colleges
Cardinal Burke is warning that a “false sense of dialogue” has led to “grave scandal” on many Catholic college campuses.

Archdiocese of Washington Reports Improvements in Catholic Schools
“Catholic education – and our support of it – is not merely an option,” Cardinal Wuerl, the Archbishop of Washington, said. “It is an essential element of the New Evangelization.”

Capitulation to HHS Mandate ‘Untimely and Unhelpful,’ Says Cardinal Dolan
Cardinal Dolan chastised the Catholic Health Association for complying with the HHS mandate in a letter released after a meeting of the administrative board of the USCCB.

Shocking Testimony in Georgetown Canon Law Case
“I have met students in their second years at Georgetown who didn't even know that Georgetown was a Catholic school. They did not know that Jesuit meant Catholic.”

Benedict XVI Continues to Be Spiritually Present for His Students
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI did not publicly meet with his students this year, but he did celebrate Holy Mass for them, Catholic News Agency reported.

Allentown Diocese Protests Casey Lecture at Alvernia College
The Diocese of Allentown noted that U.S. Senator Bob Casey “is increasingly in disagreement with the Church on issues involving Church teaching."

New Vatican Secretary of State Emphasizes Education as ‘Fundamental Arena’ for Church
Archbishop Pietro Parolin extolled the importance of education as the Church’s response to poverty and corruption throughout the world. 

Faith and Reason a Defining Issue for Catholic Universities, Says Australian Bishop
After reminding listeners that the Catholic Church was responsible for the creation of the first universities, he pointed to a misconception that students at universities are there to just “learn to earn.”

College Defies Archbishop, Hosts Dissident Speaker
“Where has obedience got us?” That was the question posed by Fr. Helmut Schüller in a speech at Chestnut Hill College, according to The National Catholic Reporter which covered the event.

Philadelphia Archdiocese Opposes Dissident at Chestnut Hill College
The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has stated that a Catholic college’s plans to host a priest who has advocated for the ordination of women would “damage the unity” of the Church.

EWTN Radio Programs Feature Newman Society President
Patrick J. Reilly discussed the trials he experienced while standing up for Catholic identity as an undergraduate student at Fordham University and how this led to the founding of The Cardinal Newman Society.

Bishop McFadden, Catholic Education Leader, Dies Suddenly
Bishop McFadden served as Chairman for the Education Committee of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  He was a strong proponent of Catholic identity in Catholic education at all levels.

Bishops Issue Ten Year Report on Ex corde Ecclesiae
Ten years after the finalization of Ex corde Ecclesiae, the relationship between the U.S. bishops and Catholic colleges has led to increased cooperation over the last decade, according to a new report from the bishops.

Archbishop: Catholic Schools Should Be Different
Archbishop Allen Vigneron of Detroit thinks that graduates from Catholic schools should be different. They should have “a conviction about the truth… a sense of order… [and] a sense of one’s purpose or mission.”

Pope Benedict XVI Speaks on Importance of Values in Education
In an address to diplomats, the Pope this morning focused on the theme of education, saying that much of what ails society today can be traced back to a lack of values in our educational institutions, according to The Vatican News Service.

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