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About Cardinal Newman Society

About Cardinal Newman Society
Honoring Kenneth Whitehead, Tireless Advocate of Church and Catholic Education
Kenneth Whitehead, longtime Catholic education advocate, Church affairs expert and former United States Assistant Secretary of Education, passed away on Thursday, April 16, according to his family.

“Ken Whitehead was intelligent, accomplished and influential in the government and in the Catholic Church, as both an academic and a keen observer of Church affairs and Catholic education,” said Patrick Reilly, president of The Cardinal Newman Society, for which Whitehead served as an advisor on Catholic higher education issues. “But what I will especially remember in my heart are his abundant faith in Christ and love for his family. We are all blessed by his life. May God grant him eternal peace and joy!”

Whitehead has an extensive history of defending Catholic education and promoting the Catholic faith. He was the executive vice president of Catholics United for the Faith from 1972-1980. Whitehead went on to serve in the President Ronald Reagan administration as an education official. He served on the boards of directors for several organizations, including the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars and The Review of Metaphysics.

‘Huge Victory,’ ‘Opportunity’ for Religious Colleges in Labor Board’s Ruling
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) last week abandoned its longstanding, unconstitutional practice of measuring how religious a college appears to be before exempting it from federal oversight, but opted instead for a new test that considers whether individual employees perform religious functions.

Film Chronicling Blessed John Henry Newman Announced, Available Soon
A new DVD on Blessed John Henry Newman, Lead Kindly Light, was announced today, his Feast Day. Blessed Newman is the patron and namesake of The Cardinal Newman Society.

Newman Society Message on the Passing of Fr. Benedict Groeschel
On this Feast of Saint Francis—a most important feast for a priest who devoted himself wholeheartedly to the Franciscan spirituality, a radical commitment to living as Jesus did—please pray with us that Father celebrates with the great Saint himself.

Gates-Funded Lobby Pushes Common Core in Catholic Schools, Targets Newman Society
Sara Pruzin, a state operations associate for the Council for a Strong America (CSA) and former communications intern for U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, unwittingly contacted a Cardinal Newman Society leader to rally Catholic support for the Common Core.

Catholic Education Honor Roll Announced
Today, The Cardinal Newman Society released the list of schools recognized by the Catholic Education Honor Roll as 2014 Schools of Excellence. Since 2004 the Honor Roll has celebrated quality Catholic education throughout the United States.

Common Core ‘Raises an Alarm’
The Common Core “rightfully raises an alarm” when all its factors are considered, argued Dan Guernsey, director of The Cardinal Newman Society’s K-12 program, in a recent segment on Register Radio.

California Could Force Abortion Coverage at Catholic Universities, Violating Federal Law
California’s health care agency is conducting “an in-depth analysis of the issues surrounding coverage for abortion services,” in reaction to last year’s decisions by two Catholic universities to end payments for employee health insurance coverage of elective abortion.

10 Facts Every Catholic Should Know About the Common Core
As a part of The Cardinal Newman Society’s work to help Catholic families, educators and Church leaders better understand the Common Core State Standards, the Newman Society has released “10 Facts Every Catholic Should Know About the Common Core.”

Happy Independence Week for Catholic Educators, Religious Freedom
In addition to the Supreme Court's landmark ruling Monday subsequent federal rulings may hold far-reaching, positive consequences for Catholic schools, colleges and other religious nonprofit organizations.

Not Only for Liturgists
The Cardinal Newman Society publishes this review of Sacred Liturgy: The Source and Summit of the Life and Mission of the Church as part of its project to promote sacred liturgy in Catholic education.

U.S. Bishops’ Common Core Document Focuses on Catholic Identity, Says Expert
“The benefit of the Common Core controversy is that it has surfaced some of the threats of secularization in our schools,” writes Dr. Dan Guernsey.

Catholic College Leaders Gather to Discuss Student Life, Catholic Teaching
Leaders from 10 faithful Catholic colleges gathered at the Franciscan University of Steubenville last week to share and consider ways of better integrating Catholic teaching into programs and services for students.

Media Research Center Files Unique Lawsuit Challenging HHS Mandate
In the suit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, MRC is the first organization to affirm its "self-certification" as an exempt organization based upon its Judeo-Christian beliefs.

Newman Guide Aids Univ. of Dallas Family in College Search
Julia Shinkle reportedly “wasn't sure how she felt about this small school in another part of the country until she visited UD with her father in June 2013 and fell in love.”

New Online Guide Helps Parents Understand Key Issues, Concerns on Common Core
“Based on the fundamental Catholic principle of subsidiarity, the Newman Society recognized the need for parents to have a role in the education of their children,” said Bob Laird.

Newman Society President Lectures at Georgetown on Threats to Catholic Education
“There seems to be a growing intolerance for those who teach and live the Catholic faith—intolerance from nonbelievers but also, and perhaps especially, from dissenting Catholics," said Patrick Reilly.

First Amendment Freedoms Threatened by IRS Proposal, Say Newman Society, Religious Groups
The proposal would “create very serious constitutional burdens on the First Amendment rights of freedom of religion and speech” of Catholic schools, colleges and other religious nonprofits.

U.S. News: Newman Society Grounds Common Core Debate in Catholic Identity
The Cardinal Newman Society is highlighted in an article at U.S. News & World Report about Catholic schools and whether they should adopt the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Justice Sotomayor Grants Temporary Relief to Catholic Employers, ‘Church Plan’ From HHS Mandate
Justice Sotomayor has blocked the Obama administration from enforcing the HHS mandate against Catholic employers that provide morally appropriate health insurance through the Christian Brothers Employee Benefits Trust.

Catholic Culture Highlights Cardinal Newman Society’s Work to Preserve Catholic Identity in Education
"The Cardinal Newman Society noticed several years ago that Catholic colleges and universities with no clear and consistent Catholic identity were more likely to be treated just like everybody else..." 

The Need for “Mission-Fit” Professors at Catholic Colleges
Professor Anthony Esolen of Providence College argues in a Crisis Magazine article that Catholic colleges and universities must do more to hire faithful Catholic faculty members.

Continuing the Legacy: Blessed Newman’s Lasting Impression on the University
Today, October 9, is the feast day of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, whose philosophies guide the mission of The Cardinal Newman Society. 

New Resources to Help Catholic Families Find Faithful Colleges
The Cardinal Newman Society today published the newest editions of The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College and My Future, My Faith magazine.

Loyola Marymount Univ. President, Abortion Activists Lash Out at Newman Society
LMU president and a pro-abortion website lashed out yesterday in response to The Cardinal Newman Society’s reports about LMU professors demanding insurance coverage for abortion.

Newman Society, Catholic Employers Represented in Lawsuit to Halt HHS Mandate
A class action suit was filed Tuesday against the Obama administration’s HHS insurance mandate on behalf of Catholic employers, including The Cardinal Newman Society.

Newman Society Interview on National Pro-Life Radio
Cardinal Newman Society President Patrick J. Reilly recently discussed the work of the Society with pro-life leader Steve Peroutka in an episode of “Face the Truth, Coast to Coast.” 

Cardinal Burke Writes Book on Eucharist as 'Sacrament of Charity'
Cardinal Raymond Burke has released a new book entitled Divine Love Made Flesh, in which he reflects on Blessed Pope John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s encyclicals on the Holy Eucharist.

Front Lines of 'Spiritual Battle' Include Schools and Dorms, Says Kathryn Lopez
In an interview at, Kathryn discusses the importance for Catholics to give witness to their faith in public.

Newman Society, Family Research Council Co-Sponsor Talk 'Porn in the Dorm'
Dr. Patrick Fagan, Senior Fellow and Director of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute at FRC, will deliver the talk discussing the troubling wide-spread use of pornography among college students.

Practical Ways a Catholic College Can Beautify a Campus Chapel, By David Clayton
"When deciding what to do I tried to have in mind: first try to harmonise everything with the liturgy...  [W]henever the Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours are prayed in any community, then it benefits all present - even those who never attend."

Why College Students Should Study Sacred Music, By Dr. George Harne
St. John Bosco said that “A school without music is like a body without a soul.”  This certainly applies to colleges and universities.  Music can animate a collegiate community and unite it more effectively than almost anything else.

How to Have a Beautiful Sung Liturgy on a Catholic Campus, By Dr. Kurt Poterack
One of the advantages of a choir at a college or university is that you have many bright, talented and energetic young adults to choose from – or at least to persuade to join the choir.

The Mass Is Source and Summit of a Catholic Campus, By Dr. Peter Kwasniewski
"A college community aspiring to be authentically Catholic must nourish and form its students by the Eucharist celebrated in the most worthy manner, according to the best of our heritage."

Jesuit College Profs, Political Activists Defend Catholic Campaign for Human Development
Theologians and others associated with Jesuit universities have joined with the partisan group Faith in Public Life to defend Catholic grants to grassroots organizing groups, despite concerns that some recipients have undermined Catholic teaching.

Catholic University Immerses New Faculty in Catholic Intellectual Tradition
According to the University, while many of the faculty that participated in the conference were not Catholic, they were "interested in how they may contribute to the University's Catholic identity."

Georgetown University Responds to Canon Law Petition
Georgetown University's director of communications responded to the canon law petition submitted last week calling for the University to comply with canon law or be stripped of its right to be called a 'Catholic' institution.

Special Offer: Free Hit Album, ‘Angels and Saints at Ephesus’
The Cardinal Newman Society is partnering with DeMontfort Music to offer five free copies of the hit album Angels and Saints at Ephesus as part of a student contest.

Canon Law Case Against Georgetown Submitted to Cardinal Wuerl
A canon law petition asking Cardinal Donald Wuerl to rescue Georgetown University's Catholic identity or declare that it can no longer refer to itself as Catholic was delivered to the Archdiocese of Washington today.

EWTN Radio Programs Feature Newman Society President
Patrick J. Reilly discussed the trials he experienced while standing up for Catholic identity as an undergraduate student at Fordham University and how this led to the founding of The Cardinal Newman Society.

Register Radio Highlights Newman Society's Catholic Commencement Report
Dan Burke hosted Cardinal Newman Society president Patrick J. Reilly on Register Radio this morning for a discussion of the Society's work and the good, the bad and the ugly in Catholic university commencements in 2013.

Mount St. Mary’s Athletes Make the Team at Newman Society
Two Mount St. Mary's award-winning athletes will begin working for The Cardinal Newman Society this summer.

Newman Society Praises Gonzaga Decision on Knights of Columbus
"The denial of club benefits to the Knights of Columbus had the dangerous potential of setting a bad precedent for other Catholic institutions.  Instead, your reversal has set a wonderful example, especially for Jesuit universities."

Newman Society Urges Immediate Member Action on HHS Mandate
The Cardinal Newman Society is urging its members and others to submit comments and protest this dangerous violation of religious freedom.

Catholic Educators to Attend Rome Conference on Sacred Liturgy
Catholic educators attending a summer Rome conference on sacred liturgy will help bring liturgical renewal to America’s Catholic college campuses, The Cardinal Newman Society announced today.

Cardinal Newman Society Celebrates 20th Anniversary With New Website, Online News Source About Catholic Education
The Cardinal Newman Society is celebrating 2013—its 20th anniversary—with a new website, the newly launched online news source Catholic Education Daily, and an offer for a free online membership to anyone interested in standing for faithful Catholic education.

Pope Benedict Was Champion of Catholic Education Renewal
The Cardinal Newman Society is saddened that Pope Benedict XVI’s declining health will cause him to resign from the papacy on February 28, 2013.  Throughout his pontificate, the Holy Father has led by example, and does so again with this heroic act of humility and love for his Petrine ministry and our Holy Mother Church.

CNS Encourages Participation in Bishops’ Pro-Life Video Contest
The Cardinal Newman Society is encouraging Catholic high schools to promote the U.S. bishops’ youth video contest commemorating Roe v. Wade.

Veteran Journalist Named Editor of Education News Source for Catholic Families
Award-winning Catholic journalist and author Tim Drake has been named Senior Editor and Director of News Operations for The Cardinal Newman Society.

Cardinal Newman Society Board Member at Vatican
The Cardinal Newman Society board member Kathryn Lopez was at the Vatican and had an opportunity to meet the Pope this week as part of the International Congress on Ecclesia in America.

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