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ACLU Supports HHS Mandate against Wyoming Catholic Groups
The American Civil Liberties Union is seeking to insert itself on the side of the government and against the Catholic organizations in Wyoming, including Wyoming Catholic College, that are resisting the HHS mandate.

Pro-Abortion Rights Howard Dean to Keynote Event at Benedictine University in Illinois
Benedictine University in Illinois will host former presidential candidate and past Vermont governor Howard Dean as its keynote speaker at an event discussing politics and Obamacare.

Notre Dame Petitions Court for Rehearing in HHS Mandate Case
The petition filed by the University argues that Notre Dame seeks to provide health coverage to its employees “in a manner consistent with its Catholic beliefs.” 

Newman Society President Lectures at Georgetown on Threats to Catholic Education
“There seems to be a growing intolerance for those who teach and live the Catholic faith—intolerance from nonbelievers but also, and perhaps especially, from dissenting Catholics," said Patrick Reilly.

Wyoming Catholic College Gets Temporary Stay after Complaint against HHS Mandate
WCC President Kevin Roberts stated, “this College will not and cannot accept an unjust law that violates our first freedom, for practicing that freedom is the very reason that Wyoming Catholic College exists.”

Supreme Court Denies Early Review of Some Lawsuits against HHS Mandate
The cases will continue in the Court of Appeals in the Washington D.C. Circuit and the option of either the plaintiffs or defendants appealing the federal court’s decision is still available.

Diocese of Cheyenne, Wyoming Catholic College Request Injunction from HHS Mandate
This motion is in addition to the lawsuit filed by the institutions earlier this year.

Georgia Catholic Non-Profits Not Subject to HHS Mandate, Judge Says
In his decision, U.S. District Judge William Duffey reportedly ruled that the Obama administration is not permitted to enforce the mandate as it would violate the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993.

Catholic Univ. of America Professors Release ‘Catechism for Business’
“The social teaching of the Church is based on reason and the natural law, and therefore can be helpful to everyone, not just Catholics,” said Andrew Abela in a recent interview.

Ave Maria President Offers Commentary on Supreme Court HHS Mandate Case
“Their debate will provide insights into what might ultimately happen with our lawsuit (that has been stayed pending the high court’s ruling),” said Ave Maria University President Jim Towey.

Fairfield U. to Host Sr. Campbell for Lecture, Cites Role as ‘Advocate for Change’ in Church
Fairfield University is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies program on campus by hosting a lecture by "Nuns on the Bus" activist Sr. Simone Campbell.

Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Hobby Lobby Case
The Supreme Court today is scheduled to hear oral arguments in the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood cases against the Obama Administration’s HHS mandate, with implications for Catholic colleges and religious freedom.

Mercyhurst to Honor Sr. Simone Campbell, Cites Pro-Obamacare 'Nuns' Letter'
In a press release announcing the award, Mercyhurst University specifically cites Sr. Campbell's authorship of the “'nuns' letter' that helped pass the Affordable Care Act.”

Federal Appellate Court Denies Injunctive Relief, Questions Remedy Desired by Notre Dame
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit in a 2-1 decision on Friday upheld a lower court’s ruling and rejected the relief desired by the Catholic university.

Professor Argues for ‘More than Grudging Tolerance’ of Morality
Professor Sisk of the University of St. Thomas School of Law recently challenged the prevailing view in academic circles of contraception as a “positive social good” and made a plea for tolerance for those who disagree.

Obama Administration Court Defends HHS Mandate, Cites Compliance at Notre Dame
The Obama administration has responded to the University of Notre Dame’s request for injunctive relief from the HHS mandate, according to Life News.

Alumni Want Notre Dame to ‘Disavow’ Cooperation with HHS Mandate
The Sycamore Trust is calling on the University to explain or disavow the actions of its Human Resources Department which voluntarily participated in providing contraceptives and abortifacient benefits to employees.

Problematic Law Professor Kaveny Leaves Notre Dame for Boston College
Last year, Kaveny strongly defended the Obama administration’s HHS contraceptive mandate by claiming that the Obama administration is not attacking religious liberty, and any attempt by the bishops to say otherwise is a “canard.”

Notre Dame Alumni Decry University’s Compliance with Contraceptive Mandate
The Sycamore Trust criticizes the University’s compliance with the federal HHS mandate as “scandalous disregard of its religious beliefs” in a statement issued Sunday.

Thomas Aquinas College's Injunction from HHS Mandate Appealed by Government
"We remain confident in our case and we are disappointed that the government has stated its intention to appeal Judge Jackson’s ruling and thereby continue to contest our religious freedom rights."

Supreme Court Temporarily Halts HHS Mandate for Many Catholic Organizations
The Court on Friday barred the Obama administration from enforcing the HHS contraceptive mandate against Christian Brothers Services—which includes The Cardinal Newman Society among its many Catholic clients.

Nameless Notre Dame Students to Intervene in Lawsuit on HHS Mandate
The motion brought by the students—known as Jane Doe 1, 2, and 3—argues that Notre Dame should be forced to provide insurance coverage of abortifacients, contraceptives and sterilization procedures in its student health plan.

Florida Catholic School Granted Exemption from HHS Mandate
A federal district judge in Michigan earlier this week granted injunctive relief from the HHS mandate to a Catholic school in Florida and four other nonprofit organizations founded by Catholic philanthropist Tom Monaghan.

Obama Administration’s Position on HHS Mandate “Unproductive,” Says USA Today
The Obama administration should grant a more expansive religious exemption to the HHS mandate, so says the editorial board of USA Today.

Gov. Malloy, Abortion Rights Proponent, Honored at Fairfield Univ.
Malloy once issued a press release celebrating the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion.  "I've been a lifelong advocate and strong supporter of a woman's right to choose," he said. 

Supreme Court to Hear HHS Mandate Cases in March
While the Supreme Court’s hearing will have obvious ramifications for the religious liberty of Catholic educators, the cases being heard by the Court were filed by two for-profit companies.

Americans United Tries to Intervene in Notre Dame Lawsuit Opposing HHS Mandate
Americans United claims to be intervening on behalf of three nameless Notre Dame students who want their health-care plan to include contraceptives.

Common Core May Endanger Religious Freedom of Catholic Schools
In the report, two legal experts on religious freedom issues explain that Catholic schools must “maintain their religious mission in all their programs... if they want to avoid” government threats to their Catholic identity. 

Villanova Univ. Honors NETWORK, Despite Conflicts with Vatican, U.S. Bishops
Villanova University recently honored the social justice group NETWORK, which has been the subject of a Vatican doctrinal review.

Obama Administration Responds to Justice Sotomayor, Catholic Health Plan on HHS Mandate
The Obama Administration responded this morning to Justice Sotomayor's order temporarily blocking enforcement of the HHS mandate for the Christian Brothers Services and its client the Little Sisters of the Poor, according to NBC News.

Michigan Catholic Schools, Organizations Get Temporary Hold on HHS Mandate
The Michigan Catholic Conference provides health insurance to employees in seven dioceses and more than 825 Catholic organizations, including schools, charities and homes for the elderly.

Aquinas College, Nashville Dominicans Get Reprieve from HHS Mandate
The HHS mandate, which went into effect on January 1st, may not now be enforced against the College or its owners, the Nashville Dominicans, while the lawsuit and others work through the legal process.

Judge Orders Stay on HHS Mandate for Univ. of St. Francis
District Judge Jon Deguilio, an Obama appointee, granted temporary relief from the HHS contraceptive mandate to the University of St. Francis in Fort Wayne, Ind., while its lawsuit proceeds, according to The Indianapolis Star.

Archbishop Kurtz Asks President Obama for Temporary Relief from HHS Mandate
..."I urge you, therefore, to consider offering temporary relief from this mandate, as you have for so many other individuals and groups facing other requirements under the ACA.”

Notre Dame Denied Relief, Will Comply with HHS Mandate
The University of Notre Dame has been denied its bid for a temporary stay on the HHS mandate requiring employee coverage for contraceptives, abortifacients and sterilization procedures.

Catholic University, D.C.-Area Schools Win Stay on HHS Mandate
The U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, in a 2-1 ruling, granted a last-minute request by The Catholic University of America, the Archbishop of Washington and three Catholic schools. 

Federal Judge Rejects Notre Dame Suit Against HHS Mandate, Citing Delayed Filing
A federal judge has denied Notre Dame’s request for relief from the Obama administration’s HHS mandate, according to court documents, in part because of the University’s delayed filing.

Christendom College Alumna Does Not Want to Violate Her Religious Beliefs
An alumna of Christendom College asks if being an “American Catholic” is now an oxymoron in an article on Human Events.

Federal Court Contradicts High School Ruling Against HHS Mandate
Priests for Life is vowing not to comply with the HHS mandate, even after a judge in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia dismissed its lawsuit seeking exemption and protection of its religious freedom.

Christendom College Alumna Says HHS Mandate Exemption Line Is Long
“Americans of faith hope the Supreme Court grants what the White House won’t,” an alumna of Christendom College wrote in an article for The Washington Times.

Gonzaga Drops Direct Contraceptive Coverage, Still Complies with HHS Mandate
In November of last year, Gonzaga University President Thayne McCulloh announced that the Jesuit University would directly pay for “contraceptive services.”

Picture of Contradiction: Pope Francis Poses with Georgetown Scarf
The photo was taken on Saturday during a visit to Rome, not with University officials, but with leaders of a Georgetown center for religious freedom who seem at odds with the University’s capitulation to the HHS mandate.

Franciscan U. Conference to Address Threats to Religious Freedom
“Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI recognized that the threat to religious freedom is larger than any single issue—and has its roots in secularism and cultural relativism,” said Dr. Anne Hendershott.

New York Catholic High Schools, Health Groups Exempted from HHS Mandate
“By their courageous court battle, these Catholic educators and health providers are paving the way toward renewed protection for religious freedom in the United States."

Faithful Faculty Are Key to Restoring Catholic Identity at Notre Dame, Says Sycamore Trust
The key to a college’s Catholic identity is “what goes on in the classroom, who’s teaching and what they’re teaching,” writes the chairman of the Sycamore Trust.

Georgetown University Hosts Obamacare Events on Campus
The first keynote was by Pres. Barack Obama’s chief of staff Denis McDonough and the second keynote was former senator and abortion rights advocate Tom Daschle.

Marquette Law Professor Accuses Hobby Lobby of Forcing Its Christianity on Employees
Professor Paul Secunda, who teaches courses on employee benefits, recently wrote on Marquette’s blog that he does not believe the HHS mandate violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Fellowship of Catholic University Students Sues Sebelius Over HHS Mandate
The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) filed a lawsuit yesterday in the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado on behalf of the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) challenging the HHS mandate.

Jenkins: ‘A Tough Decision’ for Notre Dame as They Re-file Lawsuit Against HHS Mandate
The University of Notre Dame will re-file its lawsuit against the HHS contraceptive mandate today, according to The National Catholic Reporter (NCR).

Supreme Court Turns Down Liberty University’s HHS Mandate Appeal
Liberty’s lawsuit questioned the constitutionality of not only the mandate, but also Obamacare in its entirety. 

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