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High Schools Formation and Faith

High Schools Formation and Faith
Napa Earthquake Leaves Two Catholic Schools Damaged
Kolbe Academy/Trinity Prep School and Kolbe Home School and Online Academy have sustained significant damage in the earthquake that struck just outside of Napa, Calif., early Sunday morning. The two institutions remain closed while cleanup efforts proceed.

Schools Making Catholic Identity a Priority with ‘Eternal Perspective’
Faithful Catholic primary and secondary schools are applying themselves with success in four areas—witness to the Gospel, the domestic Church’s role, Catholic worldview, and eternal perspective—according to a National Catholic Register article.

New Principal: Catholic Education is Mission of Church
Central Catholic High School in Bloomington, Ill., which received special recognition for “Excellence in Catholic Identity” in the 2012 Catholic High School Honor Roll, is welcoming a new principal for the 2014-15 school year.

Catholic School Forced to Grant Exemption from Liturgies, Retreats
After a series of exchanges between a Catholic-school parent and the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District in Ontario, the Ontario Superior Court ruled in April that Notre Dame School in Brampton must exempt a student from taking part in compulsory liturgies and retreats.

New Springfield Bishop: Catholic Schools Are Crucial in Transmitting Faith
In an interview with MassLive, the new bishop of the Diocese of Springfield, Mass., Bishop Mitchell Rozanski, shared his thoughts on a number of diocesan issues, including Catholic education.

Alumna Brings Christendom Grad School Education to Bear in Evangelization, Teaching
Simone Rizkallah, an alumna of Christendom College’s graduate school, recently shared in an interview on the College's website how her Catholic education has impacted her work as a teacher and evangelizer.

Catholic Education Is Key to Renewing Family Life in Society
Fr. C. John McCloskey places great emphasis on the importance of Catholic education in his recommended remedies to reverse the Culture of Death and promote family life.

Bishops' Common Core Statement Could Be 'Turning Point,' Says Newman Society President
“This is an opportunity for Catholic schools to rediscover and embrace their core mission,” Cardinal Newman Society President Patrick J. Reilly told Breitbart News. 

Catholic Schools ‘Switching’ to Charter Schools, Study Finds
Charter schools must strip themselves of any Catholic identity during the school day.  Because of that, some have attempted to offer religious after-school programs.

Catholic Schools Lead Marian Procession in Nation’s Capital
“It’s important for building up the two schools, but also our own devotion to Mary and as a public proposal of devotion to Mary to the city,” Barry Stohlman, one of the founders of the event, told the Register.

Catholic High School Puts the ‘Saint’ in ‘Pope John Paul the Great’
A Catholic high school led by the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia was the first high school in the country to be named “Pope John Paul the Great” and now is possibly the first to be called “Saint John Paul the Great.”

U.S. Bishops Acknowledge Common Core Concerns, Affirm Importance of Catholic Mission in Schools
“Catholic schools must consider standards that support the mission and purpose of the school as a Catholic institution,” states the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Secretariat of Catholic Education in a recent document.

Green Bay Diocese Announces Plans for Catholic Classical Curriculum School
“The goal is to develop complete thinkers who learn to draw on faith and reason together for the purpose of building up the church and society,” Bishop David Ricken of Green Bay reportedly said.

Cardinal Newman Society Weighs-In on National Common Core Debate
“We need to start with the basis of our Catholic faith and then build our curriculum around that... The mission of the Common Core is dramatically different than the mission of Catholic education,” said Bob Laird.

Three New Catholic Schools Set to Open Modeled on Chesterton Academy
Chesterton Academy describes itself as working to nurture both the minds and the souls of its students through an integrated education.

Catholic High School Opposes Quebec Mandate Prohibiting Catholic Perspective in Class
Loyola principal Paul Donovan reportedly said that under the rules a Catholic teacher is not allowed to answer a student’s question "about a Catholic perspective during the course."

Study, Play, Hike, and Pray at Thomas More College High School Summer Program
"What lessons does the past offer us today? Using original texts and first-hand experience, The Thomas More College Great Books Program marks a full immersion into Catholic History."

10 Critically Important Adaptations Catholic Schools Should Make to Common Core, Says Education Expert
Catholic schools should “not alter [their] literature selections based on the standards” nor add more “informational texts” to their reading list, Guernsey argues.

Catholic School Atmosphere Reflects ‘Holy Family,’ Says Catholic Academic
“Evangelization does not stop with religious instruction or liturgy, but affects what is taught and the way it is taught, no matter the subject.” 

Catholic School in Colorado Joins Classical Education Trend
St. Anthony Catholic School in Sterling, Colo., nearly had to close at the beginning of this academic year after 95 years of existence, but it was saved through the generosity of benefactors.

Benedictine College Announces Pro-Life Training Program
After sending eight buses across half the continental United States to lead the March for Life, Benedictine College announced a new program to train teenagers to become leaders in the pro-life movement.

Essay Contest on John Paul II Draws Thousands of Entries, UST-Houston Reports
For the tenth year in a row, the University of St. Thomas and the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston held an essay contest for Catholic school students.

Religious Orders Remain Committed to Catholic Education
Catholic schools have struggled with the decline of religious men and women in the classroom since Vatican II, but growing religious orders are “teaching the Truth in Christ” to Catholic school students across the country.

Minnesota School Finds Success in Catholic Identity, Classical Roots
Saint Agnes School hasn’t been exempt from challenges in its 125-year history, but the journey has made the Catholic school that much stronger.

Faith Formation ‘Number One Priority,’ Says Philadelphia Catholic Schools Leader
The secretary of education for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia is marking Catholic Schools Week with a clear reminder about the purpose of Catholic schools and their value to American society.

New York Times Displays Bias Against Catholic Schools, Catholic Teaching
The New York Times ran an incredibly one-sided article on Wednesday titled “Gay Marriages Confront Catholic School Rules,” about the recent firings and resignations that have occurred at some Catholic schools.

Catholic Schools Must Be ‘True Alternatives to Government Schools,’ Says Monsignor
Msgr. Pope reminds that Catholic schools were originally founded to pass on the Faith, because salvation is the “most precious gift of all.”

Archbishop Lucas: ‘Heart’ of Catholic Education is ‘Mission to Proclaim the Gospel’
In honor of the upcoming Catholic Schools Week, Archbishop George Lucas, chairman of the USCCB Committee on Education, issued a statement recognizing the contribution of America’s Catholic schools.

Video: Catholic Homeschooling Innovates with ‘Hybrid,’ Classical Programs
Television host Colleen Carroll Campbell reports on the growth of Catholic homeschooling and a “hybrid” homeschool program that brings Catholic students together in a "unique educational community."

Common Core Could Be Costly for Catholic Schools, Report Finds
Education professor Denise Donohue of Ave Maria University finds that “one quickly sees that the expense associated with implementation of the new evaluation instruments is in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars.” 

Diocese of Toledo Supports Teacher’s Resignation over Same-Sex Marriage
The Diocese of Toledo, Ohio, is publicly supporting a Catholic school’s decision to force the resignation of a choir director who recently announced his engagement to his same-sex partner.

Newman Society Responds to Catholic School Controversies Over Same-Sex Marriage
"The Catholic Church is becoming more countercultural, not because the Church’s teaching is changing, but because the culture is changing, and many Catholics are changing with it,” said Newman Society President Patrick Reilly.

Common Core Analysis Begins with Catholic School Mission, Says Veteran Educator
Veteran Catholic school administrator Dr. Jamie Arthur asks, “Are academic outcomes (SAT, PSAT, ACT, college acceptance) how we measure the success of Catholic education?”  

Common Core May Conflict with Subsidiarity, Say Heritage Foundation Experts
"The principle of subsidiarity empowers parents, in consultation with local teachers, schools and churches, to decide which sort of education is best for their children..."

Walsh University to Celebrate Catholic Schools Week with Photo Contest
Walsh announced in a press release that it will be sponsoring a photo contest for students in honor of Catholic Schools Week, which takes place from January 26 to February 1, 2014.

Common Core May Endanger Religious Freedom of Catholic Schools
In the report, two legal experts on religious freedom issues explain that Catholic schools must “maintain their religious mission in all their programs... if they want to avoid” government threats to their Catholic identity. 

Pope Francis: 'Education… Is Key, Key, Key' to Reaching Youth
Pope Francis reportedly said educators must "convey understanding, convey ways of doing things, convey values.  Faith is conveyed through these..." 

Common Core’s ‘National Standard’ Threatens Autonomy, Religious Freedom, Says Education Policy Expert
Faith-based schools are threatened by the national scope of the Common Core State Standards, which “will negatively affect the autonomy of these schools, chipping away at the religious freedom enjoyed by faith-based schools.” 

Bishop Christensen of Superior, Wis., Cautious About Common Core
He points out that because the Common Core State Standards “have not been field-tested nor been around long enough to realize their impact, Catholic Schools should not fear them but monitor them.”

Common Core at Odds with Classical Catholic Education, Says Educator
Dr. Andrew Seeley, executive director of the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education, finds that the Common Core State Standards are inconsistent with Catholic schools’ roots in classical education.

Seattle Catholic High School Removes Vice Principal for Same-Sex Marriage
A Catholic high school in the Archdiocese of Seattle has ordered the resignation of a vice principal who married his same-sex partner, according to

‘Catholic Is Our Core’ Launched to Address Concerns about Common Core in Catholic Schools
The Cardinal Newman Society has launched the new “Catholic Is Our Core” project and issued a statement in support of greater parental involvement in the debate about the Common Core and advising caution before Catholic schools adopt untested, secular standards.

Latin Is Fun, Cool at Nebraska Catholic High School
The Latin class is a part of the Catholic high school’s revitalization process to “widen [its] culture base, [its] academic and intellectual bona fides.”

Catholic Schools Must ‘Strengthen’ Identity and Support Evangelization, Says Vatican Cardinal
A new document entitled “Educating in intercultural dialogue in the Catholic school. Living together for a civili[z]ation of love” was announced today by the Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education.

Catholic Common Core Removes Books Celebrating Same-Sex Parents from First-Grade Unit Plan
Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative and the National Catholic Educational Association have vigorously defended the Common Core State Standards as friendly to Catholic identity in Catholic schools.

New York Catholic High Schools, Health Groups Exempted from HHS Mandate
“By their courageous court battle, these Catholic educators and health providers are paving the way toward renewed protection for religious freedom in the United States."

New Documentary Sets Sights on Common Core
The Common Core State Standards Initiative is the focus of a new documentary due out early next year according to its trailer.

Tip for Teachers: Bring to Life the Cardinal Virtues!
Stories and legends from history can be used to teach the cardinal virtues and inspire a life well lived for students, according to a Latin teacher writing for Crisis Magazine.

Public Schools with Uniforms, Religion, and Tuition
“Catholic education ceases to exist” if Catholic schools adopt Common Core, so says a theology professor at St. Joseph’s seminary in New York.

Common Core ‘Treats Students like Widgets’
Common Core will fundamentally change Catholic schools if they implement the standards, according to an article by Paul Moses on Commonweal’s blog.

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