Sunday, September 21, 2014

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State Senator Endorsed by Planned Parenthood Speaks at Boston College  9/19/2014

Theologian Critiqued by U.S. Bishops Set to Give Fordham Lecture on Evolution and Creation  9/18/2014

Thirty Years after Cuomo’s Controversial Speech at Notre Dame  9/16/2014

Dr. Don Briel on Catholic Universities and Surrender of Moral Authority  9/15/2014

USF Posts Internship with Politician Opposed to Sex-Selective Abortion Bans  9/12/2014

Prof. Explains Controversial History of Catholic Theological Society of America  9/9/2014

Criticism Mounts over Notre Dame’s Student Health Plan Covering Abortifacients, Contraceptives  9/5/2014

Calif. Covers Only ‘Medically Necessary’ Abortions for State Employees, but Forces Catholics to Cover Elective Abortions  9/3/2014

Notre Dame to Host ‘Gender and Culture’ Summer Program for High Schoolers  9/3/2014

Fordham Professor Criticizes Bishops, Accepts Award from LCWR  8/19/2014

California Could Force Abortion Coverage at Catholic Universities, Violating Federal Law  8/12/2014

Marquette to Honor Pro-Abortion Rights Congressman at New Student Convocation  8/8/2014

Georgetown Professor Named Counsel to Vice President Joe Biden  8/8/2014

‘Women Deacons’ Advocate Slated to Speak at Catholic Colleges This Semester  7/31/2014

Sen. Bob Casey Gives Graduation Speech for Notre Dame’s Catholic Education Program  7/14/2014

Gonzaga Alumni Group Calls for New ‘Sexual Revolution’ Embracing Catholic Teaching  7/8/2014

Loyola Chicago Honors Alumni with Ties to Groups that Oppose Catholic Teaching  7/7/2014

DePaul Student Group Marches in Chicago Pride Parade with Same-Sex Marriage Advocates  7/3/2014

Boston College Students March in Pride Parade with Same-Sex Marriage Advocates  6/17/2014

Canadian Bishops Lament Catholic Teachers Group’s Intent to Join ‘LGBTQ Activism’ Parade  6/16/2014

Notre Dame Could Be ‘Only Catholic Litigant’ Held to HHS Mandate, Warns Alumnus  6/16/2014

Leader of Latin American Bishops: Liberation Theology ‘Archaic, If Not Already Dead’  6/9/2014

Alumni to Notre Dame: Arrange for Departure of Trustee Who Supports HHS Mandate  6/9/2014

Trinity President Ironically Criticizes Commencement Season Controversies  6/3/2014

Fr. Thomas Reese Undermines Efforts to Strengthen Catholic Identity in Schools  5/29/2014

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