Monday, April 27, 2015

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Newman Society’s Guernsey Reveals What Really Happened with Marin Nuns in San Francisco  4/24/2015

Notre Dame’s Father Jenkins Joins with Divisive Journalist for Conference on Polarization  4/23/2015

Scandalous Commencement Honors Announced at Eight Catholic Colleges  4/22/2015

San Diego University’s Drag Show Snubs Vatican, Challenges New Bishop  4/17/2015

New Details on Jesuit Theologian Banned From Teaching Catholic Theology  4/15/2015

Chicago Student Leader Urges Fellow Students to Help Reform Wayward Catholic Colleges  4/1/2015

Indiana Protects Religious Freedom, but Does Notre Dame Want the Protection?   3/30/2015

Boston College Convinces Campus Store to Reshelve 50 Shades of Grey despite Student Complaints  3/18/2015

Jesuit U. Hosts Event for Group Protesting Efforts to Strengthen San Francisco Catholic Schools  3/17/2015

Holder Touts Work for ‘Marriage Equality’ in Georgetown Student Paper Interview  3/16/2015

Notre Dame’s Compromised Legacy on Life Issues Depends on Faculty, Alumni Say  3/16/2015

Theologian Who Claimed Church Teaching Changes to Deliver Prominent Gonzaga Lecture  3/13/2015

Notre Dame to Host Former Irish President as Visiting Scholar despite Dissent   3/13/2015

Notre Dame Professor Wants Church to Rewrite Teaching on Sexuality and Marriage  3/13/2015

Newman Society Pledges to ‘Expose’ Colleges that Honor Marriage Opponents  3/12/2015

Christian College Stands for Religious Freedom, Catholic College Retaliates by Cancelling Sports Matches  3/11/2015

Creighton Theology Prof. Wants Church to Be Morally Neutral toward Homosexuality  3/10/2015

Notre Dame Hosts Politicians Opposed to Catholic Teaching at Fr. Hesburgh Tribute  3/9/2015

Georgetown Prof Tells Students ‘You Have a Right’ to Contraception at Event with Planned Parenthood  3/6/2015

Archbishop Criticizes Xavier Univ. (La.) for Choice of Commencement Honorees  3/5/2015

Fordham Students Encouraging Use of ‘Gender Fluid’ Language  3/3/2015

Catholic School Won’t March in St. Patrick’s Parade, Cites Concerns with Homosexual Advocacy  3/3/2015

Fordham Students Announce ‘Sexual Health Network’ for Contraceptive Distribution  3/2/2015

Marquette’s Treatment of Banned Professor Shows ‘Hypocrisy of Academic Freedom’  2/27/2015

Almost Quarter of Students Smoke Pot, but Jesuit Univ. Fails to Address Catholic Teaching  2/26/2015

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