Sunday, December 21, 2014

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Fordham Univ. Seeks ‘Room for Compromise’ With Condom Advocates  12/19/2014

Xavier Univ. Workshop Aimed to ‘Challenge Gender Roles’  12/19/2014

Marquette Prof. McAdams Points to Blog in Support of Catholic Identity as Cause of Suspension  12/18/2014

Catholic Higher Ed. Threatened by ‘LGBT Advocacy’ Argues Professor  12/18/2014

Professor Who Exposes Catholic Identity Scandals Is Suspended by Marquette Univ.  12/17/2014

Hillary Clinton at Georgetown a ‘Been There, Done That’ Kind of Event  12/16/2014

Students Downplay Role of Faith, Spiritual Life at Catholic College  12/16/2014

Notre Dame Offers Course Preparing Students for Anti-Christian Conference  12/15/2014

Professors Urge Notre Dame to Fix Broken Core Curriculum  12/12/2014

Internships with Pro-Abortion Groups Listed, Then Removed from Catholic College Website  12/12/2014

Objection to Same-Sex Marriage Called ‘Harassment’ in Marquette Univ. Training  12/11/2014

Creighton President Falsely Claims to Follow Christ in Same-Sex Benefits  12/10/2014

Notre Dame Professor Accuses Pope of ‘Crass Chauvinism,’ Alumnus Refutes  12/10/2014

Georgetown Pays President More than Any Catholic College, but Catholic Identity Abuse Continues  12/10/2014

Alumni Summarize Catholic Identity Concerns at Notre Dame from Last 18 Months  12/9/2014

Politics Department at Jesuit U. Funds Event for Students with Planned Parenthood  12/5/2014

Fairfield Hosts President of U.S. Fund for UNICEF  12/5/2014

Notre Dame Hosts ‘Gender and Childhood’ Conference  12/4/2014

Saint Michael’s College Accepts Unconstitutional Oversight of Federal Labor Board  12/3/2014

Professors from Jesuit Univ. Support Colleague’s Same-Sex Marriage  12/1/2014

Pressure Builds for ‘Gender-Neutral’ Spaces on Campus at St. Joseph’s University  11/26/2014

Report by Pro Same-Sex Marriage Group Touted at Gonzaga  11/26/2014

College of the Holy Cross Dean Cites Jesuit Mission in Support of ‘Digital Transgender Archive’  11/25/2014

Fordham Alumni Discuss ‘New Theological Perspectives’ on ‘Sexual and Gender Diversity’  11/25/2014

Controversy over Same-Sex Marriage Discussion at Marquette Gets National Attention  11/25/2014

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