Tuesday, February 09, 2016

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Georgetown Professors Push Abortion and Contraception as Response to Zika  2/5/2016

La Salle Univ. Students Vote on Gender-Neutral Housing, Administration Avoids Debate  2/3/2016

Loyola Marymount Deletes Regard for Catholic Mission From Facilities Use Policy After LGBT Conference on Campus  2/3/2016

‘Gender-Inclusive Housing’ Pilot Program Launched at Univ. of San Francisco  2/2/2016

Georgetown Students Drive Pro-Life Efforts Without University Support  2/1/2016

Catholic College Invites Abortion Advocate to Speak in its Chapel for MLK Day Celebration  1/29/2016

Concerned Faculty, Staff Cite Hostility Towards Catholic Values at Marquette  1/29/2016

Loyola Chicago Faculty Union Debates Escalate, Students Question University’s Social Justice Commitment  1/29/2016

First Catholic College Successful Against NLRB Oversight of Faculty  1/28/2016

Catholic Colleges Should Claim Title IX Exemptions, Says Newman Society President  1/27/2016

SPECIAL REPORT: 20 Catholic Colleges Sponsor Chapters of Pro-Abortion Amnesty International   1/21/2016

Loyola Marymount Professor Predicts University Will Lose its Catholic Identity 'Within a Generation'  1/18/2016

Gloria Steinem Awarded ‘Peace Prize’ for Book Dedicated to Abortionist, Praised by Catholic College Professor  1/14/2016

Faithful Catholicism Dependent on Catholic Colleges, Says New York Times Columnist  1/12/2016

NLRB Rules Faculty at yet Another Catholic College Have No Role in Religious Mission  1/7/2016

Univ. of San Diego: Student Demands ‘Inconsistent With Our Catholic Identity’  1/7/2016

Catholic Identity at Colleges Cannot Be Ranked by Secular Benchmarks  12/18/2015

Marquette Changes Restroom Signs for Transgender Students and Guests, Blasted by Alumni Group  12/10/2015

Conference Teaches Students to Defend ‘Conservative Ideas’ on Catholic Campuses  12/9/2015

Notre Dame Open to Officially Recognizing Alumni Group Supporting Same-Sex Marriage  12/4/2015

Students Can Change Gender on University Records Under Proposed Policy at Catholic DePaul  12/1/2015

Pro-Abortion ‘Guerrilla Girls’ Invited by Catholic College to Discuss Feminism  12/1/2015

Catholic Colleges in Trojan Condom Report Challenged to Defend Church Teaching  11/30/2015

Professor: Notre Dame Manufacturing in China Violates Catholic Social Teaching  11/30/2015

Fordham Changes Restroom Signs as Part of ‘Gender Inclusive’ Campaign  11/23/2015

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