Sunday, May 29, 2016

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Former Fordham Student for Reproductive Justice Activist Calls Archbishop Lori a Liar

They grow up so fast, don't they? College students at certain "Catholic" colleges go from opening up contraceptive clinics off campus to calling archbishops liars in the Daily Kos so quickly. It's an amazing thought that students who are taught to flout Catholic teaching on campus actually grow up to flout Catholic teaching on a larger scale. Case in point --the last time Campus Notes readers heard from radical pro-abortion rights writer Bridgette Dunlap she was with a club called Law Students for Reproductive Justice at Fordham University School of Law organizing a birth control clinic just off campus. But Dunlap recently graduated, according to her bio at RH Reality Check, and has also graduated to calling bishops liars at the popular (if unhinged) Daily Kos and RH Reality Check. In a recent piece that has been published by numerous liberal online sites, Dunlap accuses Archbishop William Lori of lying when he says the issue at hand isn't about contraception but about "whether religious people and institutions may be forced by the government to provide coverage for contraception or sterilization, even if that violates their religious beliefs." Dunlap writes that she's reticent about calling Abp. Lori a liar it because "there is a first-grader in plaid somewhere inside of me who hesitates to say this" but in the end she says plainly "this is a big lie." How does she know this is a lie? Well, there is gets a little unclear. She says that because the Catholic Church is against contraception for everyone, that proves that they're not interested in religious liberty, just keeping contraceptives out of people's hands. Or something. "The core of the bishops’ opposition to the contraceptive mandate is not that the exception is too narrow and will thus force Catholics to violate their beliefs," writes Dunlap. "Rather, the law is unjust in and of itself because no one should use birth control." So the logic goes that because the Catholic Church believes that the use of contraception for birth control purposes is sinful, therefore any attempt to defend it has nothing to do with religious liberty and is just the latest evidence of the Church attempting to impose its will on an unsuspecting populace? Dunlap also points out that some Catholic agencies  placed children with same-sex couples until the Bishops required them to stop. She says that proves "that Bishops want to impose their will on the general population and don’t respect the religious freedom of Catholics working on the ground." Except it doesn't prove that. Fordham's theology courses have long been questionable but now it would seem that courses in logic might be a bit iffy as well. It also illuminates the fact that Catholic colleges which promote organizations that flout Catholic teaching inspire students to not only tear down the Catholic identity of their college but to attempt to tear down the Catholic Church upon graduating.

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