Friday, May 27, 2016

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The Catholic University of America Rejects Gay Student Organization

In the same week that the University of Notre Dame approved of a gay student organization, The Catholic University of America denied official recognition to a gay student organization on campus, reportedly citing a concern that it could become an “advocacy group.”

CUAllies, on their Facebook page, compared the denial to being “denied Communion.”

They wrote:

Yesterday, Catholic University handed down its decision to once again deny official recognition to CUAllies. They cited a “possibiltiy of becoming an advoacy group” as the reason.

This denial is very much like having been denied communion–a particpation in one’s faith community.

We have appreciated the endless support, comments, and profound love that you have shown us over this nine month journey. We have come to learn that no matter what… we have folks in our corner.

CUAllies will continue to function as an unofficial group on campus. And a dialogue regarding the LGBT community will continue with administrators. They have acknowledged voids and have communicated a willingness to address these voids.

In a letter published by The National Catholic Reporter, CUAllies leader Ryan Fecteau said the group had shown a “willingness to fully embrace Catholic identity.” He said he was especially surprised given Notre Dame’s recent decision to approve a similar organization.

There is some history here in that The Catholic University of America reportedlypreviously recognized a gay and lesbian club starting in 1988  but political opinions led to increased tension between the administration and the group and the organization was disbanded in 2002. In recent years, CUA has continued to deny recognition to students organized as CUAllies, because of concerns about upholding Catholic teaching.

As an unofficial student group, CUAllies is currently not seen as legitimate and is unable to set up a table during club fairs, to advertise itself, and to rent rooms on campus for its events.

Earlier this year, the Student Association General Assembly (SAGA) voted overwhelmingly in support of making CUAllies an official student organization. But a spokesperson for CUA, Victor Nakas, told The Cardinal Newman Society at the time that the student government’s vote had no binding role in the administration’s decision to grant or deny recognition to a student group.

As readers of Campus Notes see often, LGBT organizations often violate Catholic teaching despite obligations to uphold it. The Cardinal Newman Society has documented the damage that activist and social groups can do, such as dragshows being held on Catholic campuses or advocating gay “marriage.”

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