Saturday, May 28, 2016

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Cardinal Newman Society Celebrates 20th Anniversary With New Website, Online News Source About Catholic Education

The Cardinal Newman SocietyThe Cardinal Newman Society is celebrating 2013—its 20th anniversary—with a new website, the newly launched online news source Catholic Education Daily, and an offer for a free online membership to anyone interested in standing for faithful Catholic education.

“For two decades now we have seen the impact of our work to promote strong Catholic identity in education, and we’re continuing to build on that success,” said Adam Wilson, Cardinal Newman Society Director of Communications and manager of the website project.  “It is my hope that our new website will bring The Cardinal Newman Society’s work for faithful Catholic education into contact with many souls and support the New Evangelization.”

The new website, still located at, features an updated style and layout.  Many of the Society's programs have expanded in recent years, so website visitors now have access to more information about The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College, The Center for the Advancement of Catholic Higher Education, the Catholic High School Honor Roll, and much more.

The new online news source Catholic Education Daily replaces and significantly expands on the work of the popular Cardinal Newman Society blog Campus Notes, with attention to Catholic identity issues across all levels of American Catholic education.  Senior Editor and Director of News Operations Tim Drake manages and contributes to Catholic Education Daily.

Tim Drake“We are excited to continue providing that faithful, accurate Catholic education reporting on which so many Catholic families have come to rely,” Tim Drake said. “Catholic Education Daily gives parents, students, alumni and all interested Catholics instant access to the latest information from the world of Catholic education.”

Catholic Education Daily has many features to give Catholics greater access to new information on Catholic education.  The site’s clean and open layout enhances readability and the site navigation experience for visitors.  Catholic Education Daily is divided into the following departments: Catholic Identity Concerns, Faith in Education, From the Bishops & Vatican, and Religious Freedom.

Searching for details about a particular Catholic college or university is simple at Catholic Education Daily.  The enhanced search module and updated category systems give site visitors access to a rapidly-growing archive of Catholic college information spanning several years.  Additionally, site visitors with particular interests (such as news about Faculty, Student Life, or Pro-Life issues) now have the option to follow the RSS feeds for individual categories.

In October 2012, The Cardinal Newman Society tested its new website with the launch of the 2012-13 edition of The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College at  The websites of The Center for the Advancement of Catholic Higher Education and the Catholic High School Honor Roll will be transferred soon to the improved web platform.  All Cardinal Newman Society online information can be accessed via the domain

In honor of the 20th anniversary of The Cardinal Newman Society, free online membership is available to anyone interested in the Society’s work to promote and defend faithful Catholic education.

Catholic Education Daily is an online publication of The Cardinal Newman Society. Click here for email updates and free online membership with The Cardinal Newman Society.


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