Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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New Book Features Pope Benedict XVI's Talks on Education and Culture

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI spoke repeatedly about the nature and purpose of education during his pontificate.  Following the Holy Father's resignation last month, the Church was left with a voluminous amount of speeches and writings on the topics of culture and education.

In 2008, Pope Benedict gave what some consider to be his most comprehensive address on Catholic education when delivering a speech to Catholic educators at The Catholic University of America (CUA) in Washington, D.C.

CUA recently announced that it will publish a collection of Pope Benedict's addresses on Catholic education this summer in a book titled A Reason Open to God: On Universities, Education, & Culture.  Here's more description of the book from Amazon:

A Reason Open to GodWith clarity and wisdom, Pope Benedict XVI sets out his vision for Catholic higher education in this first and only collection of his major addresses on the topic. What is the mission and identity of a Catholic university? What are the responsibilities of administrators, teachers, and students in Catholic institutes of higher learning? Where does the central theme of "love of God and others" fit into academia? 

The pope's most important statements on the nature of the university and its cultural and educative tasks are brought together in this volume. Featured are the various speeches he has given to university audiences since his pontificate began. Also included are select addresses on education and culture, themes that go to the heart of the mission of the university, and that possess a value for society as a whole.

Throughout these addresses, the pope presents 2,000 years of lived tradition with a striking freshness. His response to the contemporary challenges in Catholic higher education will have an enduring historical impact. 

The addresses are grouped in parts as follows: The Problem and the Urgent Task Ahead; The Relationship of Faith and Reason; The Symphony of Freedom and Truth; Education and Love; Pedagogy and Learning; The Church: Education in Faith and Community; Culture and the University; Science, Technology, and Theology; and Caritas and Mission. John Garvey, president of the Catholic University of America, provides a foreword in which he reflects on the themes of the pope's speeches. J. Steven Brown, professor of mechanical engineering at The Catholic University of America, edited the volume.

To order the book from CUA Press, click here.

The Catholic University of America is recommended at TheNewmanGuide.com for its strong Catholic identity.

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