Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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Alumni Help University of Dallas Students Attend Popular Rome Semester

The semester in Rome program run by the University of Dallas is "widely respected as one of the best in higher education," according to our recommendation of UD at TheNewmanGuide.com.

The Guide says:

"Nearly 80 percent of the students, most in their sophomore year, participate in the Rome Program... Students live and study in a villa with a vineyard outside of Rome, complete with a 108-student residence hall and athletic facilities. The Pope’s summer residence, Castel Gandolfo, is visible from the campus. Students are immersed in the culture and intellectual tradition as they study Western Civilization I, Art and Architecture of Rome, Western Theological Tradition, Philosophy of Man, and Literary Tradition III.

University of Dallas is now touting the fact that students have several opportunities for financial assistance to make the Rome program a reality.  The University says that alumni have been the "driving force for founding and maintaining four of the six different scholarships," which speaks to the popularity of the program in the University community.

According to the University, roughly 30 students take advantage of the available scholarships every year. Here's what some students are saying:

"These scholarships have given me the opportunity to be here in the Eternal City during the election of Pope Francis. For example, I was able to attend Maundy Thursday Mass in St Peter's Basilica, an experience which I would otherwise have missed," said Dubert, a recipient of the Rome Experience Scholarship and the National Alumni Board Scholarship. ...

Kersting, a Charles T. Uhl Scholarship recipient, took advantage of the opportunity to practice speaking German.

"I was able to travel to German-speaking countries, which is important to me because I'm working towards a German concentration. Vienna was a winter dream and seeing the Alps in Salzburg was breathtaking," he said.

Nguyen, who received a Charles T. Uhl Scholarship as well, was grateful for the friendships she and her classmates have forged by sharing the semester's events, particularly the papal election process.

"Rome is a life-changing experience; it's about growing as a person in religion, education and life," said Nguyen.

The Cardinal Newman Society recommends University of Dallas for its strong Catholic identity at TheNewmanGuide.com.

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