Monday, May 30, 2016

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CUA President Says the Culture On- and Off-Campus Needs Chastity

The Catholic University of America President John Garvey, writing for Catholic News Service, opines that there's no inconsistency between the goals of preventing sexual violence and promoting chastity. Garvey says that the University is revising its code of student conduct and that the culture on- and off-campus needs to hear more about the virtue of chastity.

He writes:

Chastity is an unfashionable virtue nowadays, but the idea is not hard to understand. Casual sex is harmful even if there is no coercion. It plays at love for sport. It makes promises that the players don't intend to keep. It insults the dignity of the other person by treating him or her as a sex toy rather than a child of God. It divorces sex from the creation of new life and the unity of a family.

"At Catholic U., as at other universities, there should be exact and uncompromising justice for the crime of sexual abuse," wrote Garvey. "At the same time, we want to steer our students toward something better than merely avoiding violence. We want them to embrace virtue and avoid vice."

He continues:

There is no logical inconsistency between the goals of preventing sexual violence and promoting chastity. The two are actually quite harmonious. The awkwardness in explaining this arises because our culture doesn't want to hear the message it needs. It wants to prevent violence while preserving promiscuity. It is forbidden to consider that for some subset of the population, the latter can lead to the former.

Casual sex is a disordered activity. If you engage in it, it creates terrible habits in you and degrades your partner. For some, it will also create a sense of entitlement to sex without commitment. And this sense of entitlement is quite dangerous. To discuss such topics as date rape without providing this context is to play a game of pretend.

 The Catholic University of America is recommended at for its strong Catholic identity.

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