Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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Ave Maria Students Give Personal Testimonies on Mission Trip to Calcutta

Ave Maria University students recently accompanied President Jim Towey on a six-day mission trip to Calcutta, India, "following in the very steps of Mother Teresa," the University reported.

Working with Blessed Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity, the group aided the sick and dying and helped local orphans. Ave Maria published daily updates from different students participating in the mission trip.

Ave Maria sophomore Emily Morton described a day of touring the neighborhood where the Missionaries began their work and a visit with two close confidants of Mother Teresa.

Our day ended with a private interview of two of Mother Teresa's closest friends, the Kumars. They shared some spectacular stories with us about Mother Teresa’s life and told us about her personality. These things that we learned about are not common knowledge and gave us so much insight into her. We will all cherish them for the rest of our lives.

Junior Joe Kerr spent a day working at a home for children. He wrote:

After we ate and rested for a few hours back at the place where we are staying, we went out for our afternoon shifts. I went to Daya Dan, which is one of the two houses for children. I started by giving water to a few of the children and, as to be expected, some cooperated easier than others. Eventually it came time to feed them and I was feeding a young girl with cerebral palsy. She was so beautiful. The thought of her not having a home to live and grow up in really upset me.

I'm so happy she was at Daya Dan because she did more for me than I could ever do for her. I was feeding her for close to an hour and she only ate half her plate of food. This required a lot of patience on my part, but it wasn't as hard as one might think. During the times when she didn't want to eat, I was satisfied just admiring this beautiful gift from God, happy to know that she had a safe home at Daya Dan.

Leah Johanni, an Ave Maria graduate student, described her experience working with orphans.

Today, though was cleaning day so we took all the children onto the roof to be outside for a bit while the cleaning was going on. It is so wonderful to be able to bring a smile to the kids' faces. One little boy is blind and he was in a little walker with wheels and I kept spinning him around and moving him back and forth and he started laughing so incredibly hard! At the same time I was holding a little girl who has cerebral palsy and can barely even hold her head up but she has the cutest smile and the most beautiful eyes. She actually started reaching out to touch the little boy as I moved him back and forth! It was such a beautiful moment of the morning to see these two little ones interacting!

Read more student testimonies about the mission trip here and here.

The mission trip marked President Towey's 15th visit to Calcutta.

Ave Maria University is recommended at TheNewmanGuide.com for its strong Catholic identity.

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