Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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Crisis Magazine Relaunched by…Two Newman Guide Colleges

In its 30th year, Crisis Magazine has been re-launched with a new look under new leadership and a renewed focus on thoughtful scholarship that unapologetically articulates a Catholic perspective on the subjects of politics, business, culture, faith and family life.

It was announced yesterday that Crisis magazine was recently acquired by the Catholic publishing house Sophia Institute.  Sophia Institute serves as the publishing division of the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts (Merrimack, New Hampshire) and Holy Spirit College (Atlanta, Georgia).  Both colleges are recognized for their liberal arts education and fidelity to the Church.  Both are reccomended by The Newman Guide to Catholic Colleges.

Together, they’re committed to promoting a journal of lay Catholicism for the benefit of the Church and our society.

Dr. William Fahey, the president of Thomas More College, wrote a piece in Crisisoutlining his thoughts on the role of the online magazine:

Each day, Crisis will remind countless Catholics of their heritage, give them the confidence to defend the common good, a just society, the teachings the Church, the family, the dignity of work and the sanctity of life.  Our authors hope to help the new laity (and clerical readers) form both their intellect and their spirituality in a scholarly, but accessible, way.

Crisis will analyze, discuss, and propose—from a variety of prudential positions— sane solutions to social and economic problems. We hope not merely to arm our readers with the arguments necessary for navigating the ideological (and theological) minefields of the day, but to do so by proceeding into the temporal order with charity and humility.

Fahey said they also may seek to return Crisis to being a print publication.

Crisis‘ new editor John Zmirak wrote that while some of the challenges to Catholicism have changed over the last thirty years, one thing will be remain consistent.

Count on Crisis Magazine to be what it always was: A firm, insistent voice for the rights of the laity and the dignity of the priesthood; a partisan of justice and prudence in the face of misguided compassion and ideology; a staunch advocate of the compatibility of reason and faith, of honest enterprise and Christian living, of American patriotism and orthodox Faith.

Please check out the new Crisis Magazine here.

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