Sunday, May 29, 2016

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Front Lines of 'Spiritual Battle' Include Schools and Dorms, Says Kathryn Lopez

Kathryn Lopez, syndicated columnist and editor-at-large for National Review Online, was interviewed recently by Randy Hain for the website Kathryn serves as a board member of The Cardinal Newman Society and wrote an essay on the challenges of dorm life for the Society's publication My Future, My Faith.

In the interview, Kathryn discusses the importance for Catholics to give witness to their faith in public.  Here's a snippet from

Kathryn, you are considered an authentic and candid Catholic voice in journalism.   Do you feel like a warrior on the front lines of the culture war?

“I certainly pray to be for real. Authenticity is the call of anyone claiming to be Christian. When we don’t seek always and unceasingly to live an integrated Catholic life of prayer and discipleship, we contribute to confusion and hurt and scandal and we help evil flourish. We’ve simply got to be honest, in what we do and say.”

“The warriors — in what is very much a spiritual battle for our minds and our souls as an individual and cultural matter — are every mother and father, every aunt and uncle, everyone who sacrifices and suffers to make sure that those who are most especially vulnerable in their lives, who they have a responsibility for and to, see that there is something better than what is much too often presented as the way to live. The front lines are schools and homes and bars and dorms and streets and hospitals.”

“In any writing and speaking I do, I hope to highlight some of the good out there, to let people know they are not alone in seeking the new counterculture: lives of joyful witness to the fullest freedom that is found in radical surrender to Christ.”

Read the rest of the interview segment here.

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