Sunday, May 29, 2016

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Good to Be Homosexual at Georgetown, Reports The New York Times

Georgetown“Every month is a good month to be gay at Georgetown.” That’s what Thomas Lloyd, president of Georgetown’s campus Pride group, reportedly told The New York Times for today’s article on the Jesuit University in Washington, D.C., and its growing homosexual “culture” on campus.

Citing Georgetown’s Gender Liberation Week, Gay Pride Month, “coming out” parties, “kiss in” demonstrations, Genderfunk drag ball and “Lavender Graduation” ceremony attended by the University president, the Times labels Georgetown a “gay-friendly campus.”

The piece, which seems largely laudatory of Georgetown’s departure from its Catholic identity, does mention The Cardinal Newman Society as well as the canon lawsuit brought against Georgetown by author William Peter Blatty—with a poke about his age, of all things.

…William Peter Blatty, the octogenarian author of “The Exorcist,” and Manuel A. Miranda, a fellow alumnus, circulated a petition and 198-page memorandum condemning Georgetown for promoting a culture of “moral relativism” and an ideology of “radical autonomy.” More than 2,000 alumni have signed the petition, which was sent in May to Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl, archbishop of Washington. The petition calls on the archbishop to better regulate the university or strip it of its Catholic identity, an unlikely but technically possible outcome.

“The petition’s primary aim is very much akin to pressuring someone that you love very much into going into rehab,” Mr. Blatty wrote me in an e-mail. He has deep roots at Georgetown. He attended on full scholarship, set his blockbuster horror story on campus and named his new watchdog group, the Father King Society to Make Georgetown Honest, Catholic and Better, after the late Thomas M. King, a beloved theology professor.

Other groups, too, have made it their business to monitor Catholic colleges. The Fellowship of Catholic Scholars was critical of Notre Dame for inviting President Obama, who supports abortion rights, to give a commencement address. The Cardinal Newman Society, founded in 1993 by a Fordham University alumnus, has attacked Boston College for turning a blind eye when students distribute condoms and DePaul University for allowing a production of “The Vagina Monologues.” The Cardinal Newman Society has also taken aim at Georgetown for Genderfunk. This year, a male student went as a high-heeled Mary and danced to Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” while Jesus (a woman) looked on.

Only two paragraphs below that last line, the Times cites Rachel Pugh, a Georgetown spokeswoman, countering that Georgetown’s Catholic identity “has never been stronger.” The Times contradicts her later in the story, reporting that “many students have an entirely secular experience at Georgetown.”

Todd Olson, Georgetown’s dean of students, is quoted as saying Georgetown must cater to the needs of different students. “What is important and what is behind that is that each person has individual needs,” Dr. Olson said. “It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.”

Nate Tisa, Georgetown’s first openly gay student body president, is quoted saying, “We need to bring the Catholic identity into the21st century.”

After citing polling data showing that a majority of young Catholics support same-sex marriage, the Times suggests that it’s not just Georgetown that is changing. The article points to a gay student at The Catholic University of America who agitated for the University to recognize a gay-alliance group. But contrary to the article’s premise and much different than Georgetown’s actions, CUA declined to recognize the club, warning that it could become an “advocacy group.”

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