Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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Contraception Advocate to Speak at Boston College

Boston College will be hosting one of the world’s leading environmentalists who has publicly advocated contraception and voluntary sterilization as a means of curbing population growth.

Bill McKibben, whom BC refers to as “one of America’s best known environmentalists,” will speak at the Jesuit college on October 24th.

In a recent editorial in The Mercury News, McKibben touted contraceptives and “funding women’s reproductive health” as the answer to many environmental problems.

 “If all the world's parents, particularly women, had access to the basic contraceptives they already want—condoms, pills, IUDs—we'd see a huge increase in human well being,and in our efforts to stabilize climate change and conserve resources,” he wrote. “We have a responsibility to our children and grandchildren to meet the challenge of sustainability, and funding women's reproductive health would provide the biggest dual bang for our buck, taking a big chunk out of our global warming debt while providing essential health services for women in need.”

He added, “Providing modern contraception to the women and men who want it is unobtrusive, unbiased, nonjudgmental and deeply effective.”

Currently, the U.S. bishops are fighting against the Obama administration’s HHS mandate which would force Catholic institutions to provide coverage for contraception. Many Catholic colleges have sued to prevent from being forced to comply with the mandate. Boston College has not.

In his book Maybe One:A Case for Smaller Families, McKibben discussed his vasectomy and urged others to consider stopping at one child. Slate Magazine called the book McKibben’s “vasectomy memoir.”

McKibben unfavorably compared supermarkets and farmers markers by inexplicably comparing shopping at a supermarket to the Stations of the Cross.

“You all have been to the supermarket, you know how it works,” he said in his 2011 Dartmouth University acceptance speech. “You walk in, you fall into a light fluorescent trance, you visit the [S]tations of the [C]ross around the outside of the supermarket, that is it.”

McKibben is also an advocate of same-sex marriage. In discussing a comparison between protests over fracking and the 1969 homosexual protests at Stonewall which kindled the modern-day homosexual-rights movement, McKibben wrote in the UK Guardian:

Stonewall took place in 1969, and as of last week the [S]upreme [C]ourt was still trying to decide if gay people should be allowed to marry each other. If the climate movement takes that long, we'll be rallying in scuba masks. (I'm not kidding. The section of the Washington Mall where we rallied against the pipeline this winter already has a big construction project underway: a flood barrier to keep the rising Potomac [R]iver out of downtown DC.)

It was certainly joyful to see marriage equality being considered by our top judicial body. In some ways, however, the most depressing spectacle of the week was watching Democratic leaders decide that, in 2013, it was finally safe to proclaim gay people actual human beings.

The October lecture is being sponsored by the Lowell Humanities Series at Boston College.

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