Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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The Tyranny of Sentimentality and the Advance of the Gay Agenda on Catholic Campuses

The advancement of the gay agenda on Catholic campuses was toasted recently by none other than the New York Times.

The Institute on Religion and Democracy, a faith-based alliance of Christians who monitor, comment, and report on issues affecting the Church, published a fascinating piece on how radical homosexuals have won so much in so short a time, even on Catholic campuses, namely by distorting and twisting religion.

The gay movement at Catholic colleges has attained such success precisely because it has couched itself in such religious terms. At Georgetown, this was evident in a series of articles…in the student newspaper last fall, all essentially distorting the Church’s true teachings on homosexuality so as to demand the repeal of those teachings. Those who shape the issue on campus are able to co-opt religious language by adopting an approach to religion that I will term the “tyranny of sentimentality.”

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman held sentimentality to be the acid of religion (see his discussion of liberalism in Apologia Pro Vita Sua). It is evident that the students Spencer writes about have reduced religion to the sentimentality of which Newman speaks. The emotional affirmation of the individual, rather than any supernatural realities, truths, or normative claims, becomes the basis of one’s religion. Because this basis is inherently the subjective creation of the individual, the religion of sentimentality is tyrannical, as it becomes a means for the furtherance of one’s will, ruled, not by reason or conformity to the divine or natural law, but by one’s passions and whims. Plato recognized as much about the tyrannical soul.

The tyranny of sentimentality may be summed up in this statement by one student: “You stay Catholic because you have a love of the institution and you want to change it.”

You can read the entire piece at IRD’s site Juicy Ecumenism.

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