Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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Gonzaga Alumni, Parents Organize to Promote Catholic Identity

A group of alumni and parents from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash., have created an organization called the 1887 Trust to strengthen Gonzaga’s Catholic identity, according to a press release.

The Cardinal Newman Society has reported on many decisions, honors, and events that took place at the Jesuit university in Washington that have weakened its Catholic identity. 

In an interview with The Cardinal Newman Society, Jim Infantine, the parent of two Gonzaga graduates and president of 1887 Trust, said it was not a single incident that inspired him to create the group. “It was a cumulative effect,” he said. “A drip-drip of continued decisions that weakened Catholic identity.”

Infantine said the group is borne from a deep affection for the University. And he hopes to engage many others who love Gonzaga and seek to encourage stronger commitment to the Catholic faith.

He said the 1887 Trust’s first email was sent out this morning to about 400 alumni who, in the past, have shown interest in strengthening the University’s Catholic identity.

The goals of the organization include an increase in the number of Catholic faculty, requiring theology professors to acquire the mandatum from the local bishop, and a core curriculum more in line with the Catholic Church.

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