Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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Nightclub Manager Named Notre Dame’s Liaison to Homosexual Students

The former general manager of Notre Dame’s on-campus bar and nightclub will now serve as assistant director for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning) student concerns, according to the student newspaper The Observer.

Maureen Doyle had since 2011 served as General Manager of Facilities and Programming at Notre Dame Legends. According to an online biography, she previously served two years as the program coordinator for late night and weekend programming within Notre Dame’s Student Activities Office. She reportedly obtained a Masters of Education degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Student Affairs from Northern Arizona University, where she worked in the residence halls.

Earlier this year, Doyle delivered a lecture called, “I'm Sexy and I Know It: A Look at the Portrayal of Gender in Popular Music,” which is described on the Student Affairs Walk In Conference program as being concerned with the worrying trend that young women develop their sense of self-worth based on what others want them to be.

According to The Observer, Doyle started in her new role on September 2nd, just in time for the kickoff picnic of Notre Dame’s first official gay student organization called PrismND.

In her capacity, Doyle will reportedly serve as an advisor for the student group as well as on the advisory council on LGBTQ issues to Vice President for Student Affairs Erin Hoffmann Harding. Doyle will also work with the Gender Relations Center’s FIRE Starters, who, according to their website, are “peer educators who assist GRC staff with designing and implementing programs which help their peers investigate identity, relationships and equality.”

“My challenge that I’ll put forward to the group is I’d love to see them think long-term and what kind of a legacy they want to leave behind within this first year, what kind of traditions they want to start,” Doyle reportedly said of PrismND. “They’re setting up the success of the group for the next 20, 30,40, 50, however many decades.”

Doyle called the formation of PrismND “a great move for the University.”

In a National Catholic Register piece last year, Fr. Bill Miscamble of Notre Dame was quoted as worrying that such an an organization seemed “likely to develop into an advocacy group promoting the gay lifestyle.” He predicted the university’s sudden turnaround on this issue would damage the Catholic mission of the university.

In December of last year, the President of the university named after Our Lady, Fr. John Jenkins, introduced its pastoral plan entitled “Beloved Friends and Allies: A Pastoral Plan for the Support and Holistic Development of GLBTQ and Heterosexual Students at the University of Notre Dame.”

At the time, Fr. Jenkins told the The Observer that the plan grew out of the University’s mission as a Catholic institution and is “directed by that fundamental mission in a profound way.”

The pastoral plan calls for a new student organization for GLBTQ students and their allies, as well as a new advisory committee and the establishment of a staff position focused on GLBTQ issues.

The plan describes the student organization as consistent with Catholic teaching, but as has been seen in dozens of Catholic colleges across the country, the verbiage often exceeds the reality in these kinds of efforts. At many Catholic colleges, these groups have turned into homosexual advocacy organizations.

Last year, The Cardinal Newman Society reported that The Catholic University of America denied official recognition to a gay student organization on campus, citing a concern that it could become an “advocacy group.” 

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