Friday, May 27, 2016

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Ghost Hunters to Visit Madonna University, Deny Existence of Demons

Madonna University in Michigan will be hosting the Ghost Hunters of Southern Michigan (GHOSM) during the week after Halloween this year. According to the University calendar, “The presentation will include information, images, and recordings of investigations by GHOSM.”

GHOSM’s mission is “to search for and record evidence of genuine paranormal activity.” While this might seem a strange choice for a Catholic college, it’s especially scary as GHOSM’s website clearly states its views on Hell and demons.

“The members of GHOSM are deeply disturbed by what appears to be the latest ‘trend’ in ghost hunting and paranormal investigating; demons and evil spirits from hell. We would like to let the visitors to our website know that we do NOT believe in either and we feel that this new direction ghost hunting has taken is totally ridiculous.

“We at GHOSM work very hard to try and teach people that the supernatural is nothing to fear and that spirits are just people without bodies and not dangerous evil beings… If ghosts could harm people we would see people being chased by ghosts on a daily basis and no one would be safe from their wrath. You would not be able to walk down the street without seeing angry spirits attacking and killing people. The same is true with demons or evil spirits from hell. If they existed and were free to walk this earth why is it that they are not seen on a daily basis attacking, possessing and harming people?”

The teaching of the Church affirms the existence of Hell and its eternity, according to the Catholic Catechism.

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