Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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Football and Rosaries Go Together at Benedictine College

Members of the football team at Benedictine College led the Rosary in a procession with over 1,000 people during the College’s Consecration to Mary, according to correspondence from the College.

Brad Lorang, captain of the football team, led the Rosary in the front of the procession. He was connected to his teammates via radios. The team used microphones to lead the prayers throughout the crowd. Lorang described the logistics as “complicated” at first, but the procession was a very “powerful” experience.

“The amazing thing was how effortless it turned out to be,” related Lorang. “Our voices were nothing more than the channels for God's grace through Mary, and I think all of us realized this as our voices joined as one to lead the procession. It was pretty powerful!”

Lorang, an Academic All-American last year in NAIA competition, said, “Benedictine has been the perfect place… to combine faith, athletics, and academics.”

Many of the football players are involved in the spiritual opportunities available on campus, Lorang said. For example, players serve as lectors, ushers, and altar servers; and take part in FOCUS Varsity Catholic Bible studies and various prayer groups. Together, the team prays the Our Father and offers public intentions after practice twice a week, and has team prayer in the chapel before every game.

One chapel session before a football game last year, which was led by Theology professor and former Raven football player Dr. Andrew Swafford, is especially memorable for Lorang.

“When we realized that football did not define us, rather it was our way to glorify God and begin living out our Christian witness, the game became just that: a game. It was not our lives, it was a game. It was a very fun game. And it was our God-determined duty to play our hearts out with every bit of energy and determination we had, to do all we could to play our best and achieve victory, just as in every other aspect of life we were called to endure and persevere for the glory of God.”

Lorang said football has taught him the necessity of virtues like “sacrifice, poise, responsibility, determination, and camaraderie.” He will graduate this December with a degree in History and a minor in Theology. He hopes to attend graduate school for ancient history and to one day teach at the college level.

The Raven football team went 7-4 in play last year, and is 7-0 in this season.

Benedictine College is recommended in The Newman Guide for its strong Catholic identity. 

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