Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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Catholic Colleges Still Supporting Susan G. Komen Foundation

A number of Catholic colleges and universities have continued supporting the Susan G. Komen foundation in various ways, despite its continued financial support of Planned Parenthood.

In January 2012, “Komen stopped funding Planned Parenthood, citing a congressional investigation by Rep. Cliff Stearns, R-Fla., and a newly created internal rule about not funding organizations under any federal, state or local investigation.” Planned Parenthood—the nation’s largest abortion provider—immediately launched a successful public-relations campaign that led to Komen reversing their decision and reinstating their grants within a week.

Nevertheless, Wheeling Jesuit University recently promoted that employees and students raised $200 for Susan G. Komen by donating money to wear jeans or pink to work. While the PINKOUT was officially sponsored by the university's food service, Parkhurst Dining, the university promoted their efforts, including a picture of employees and students dressed in pink.

They are hardly alone.

In 2012, just months after the widely publicized decision by Komen to resume funding for Planned Parenthood, Saint Louis University invited students to cheer on student athletes as they took part in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

Canisius College earlier this year hosted a Home Run Derby to raise money for Susan G. Komen. The derby took place between the two games of a double header. Each batter received three swings for $5.00.

At Georgetown University this year, a team of students and faculty from the Communication, Culture & Technology Master of Arts Program participated in the 2013 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, according to the university’s website.

Gonzaga University is currently posting volunteer opportunities on their website for Susan G. Komen of Eastern Washington. Currently, they’re looking for “spirited, outgoing men of all ages for our new all-male drill team, ‘The Pink Pacers.’”

Rockhurst University’s Center for Service Learning publicly thanks Komen, calling them “community partners” on their website. “Rockhurst University community greatly appreciates all you do for Kansas City and in partnership with students and faculty,” states the university’s website.  The university also includes Komen as a possibility for internships for students who are required to perform internships for the Nonprofit Leadership Studies program.

Earlier this year, Susan G. Komen had a booth at Saint Joseph’s University’s She United Women's Conference, a networking and educational event for women, “designed to engage, enlighten and empower attendees of every age and every stage of life!” according to the Jesuit university’s website.

While last year, Loyola Marymount University hosted the Think Pink 5K Walk/Run “to raise awareness about breast cancer and to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer foundation,” the proceeds from this year’s LMU’s Think Pink run went toward the American Cancer Society and not Komen.  Unfortunately, the American Cancer Society has also supported Planned Parenthood with grant funding and supports human embryo-destructive stem cell research.

All eight colleges named in this article are Jesuit-run institutions.

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