Thursday, May 05, 2016

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Georgetown and the Case of the Missing Condoms

Envelopes full of condoms placed on dormitory doors by the student group H*yas for Choice have gone missing or been vandalized, according to the student newspaper.

Recently, Catholic Education Daily reported that a number of students created a condom delivery service and established areas on campus where students could pick up condoms.  As part of that program, some students involved with H*yas for Choice keep envelopes stuffed with condoms on their dormitory doors. The administration stated they would not interfere as they reportedly consider dorm room doors “free speech zones.”

Other Catholic colleges have taken notice. A student opinion piece in The Fordham Ram called on Fordham to “take a lesson from the nation’s oldest Catholic university to elevate the overall quality of students’ college experiences.”

But, it would appear that some on the Georgetown campus aren’t fans of the condom distribution service. H*yas for Choice president Laura Narefsky told The Hoya newspaper, “H*yas for Choice has never had openly malicious dealings with any of the anti-choice groups on campus. This is a much more widespread, new phenomenon.”

According to the student newspaper, the acts of vandalism have garnered the attention of the Georgetown University Student Association and at least one part of the school’s administration. “The Office of Residential Living recently addressed reports from concerned students that personal items, specifically envelopes containing condoms, were removed from their room doors without permission,” director of residential education Ed Gilhool wrote in an email to The Hoya. “Vandalism of any sort, especially of another student’s door, detracts from a sense of safety and inclusion and will not be tolerated.”

H*yas for Choice board member Vincent DeLaurentis, who reported that his door had been vandalized more than once, even tried threatening the alleged vandals with a sign that stated, “Every time you rip this down, I’ll make a donation to Planned Parenthood.”

That sign was reportedly also torn down.

While condom envelopes have been torn down in the past, Narefsky said the volume and nature of the vandalism has increased this semester.

One H*yas for Choice member said he stopped putting an envelope filled with free condoms on his door after finding it removed.  “I was just annoyed by it getting taken down and redecorating it,” the student was quoted as saying.

This is not the first time condoms have been the center of controversy on the Jesuit campus.

Last year, The Cardinal Newman Society reported that a group of 20-30 students vandalized the steps of the campus’ Dalhgren Chapel with both open and closed packs on condoms, liquor bottles, cups, and condoms wrapped around bananas.

And former Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke became a pseudo-celebrity after declaring that there wasn’t enough access to free contraception on the Catholic campus.

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