Friday, May 27, 2016

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Catholic Schools Must Be ‘True Alternatives to Government Schools,’ Says Monsignor

“Higher priority needs to be given to Catholic alternatives for education,” according to Monsignor Charles Pope, writing for his blog on the Archdiocese of Washington’s website.

Msgr. Pope reminds that Catholic schools were originally founded to pass on the Faith, because salvation is the “most precious gift of all.”  He argues that the government sees Catholic schools as a threat, because it is not able to influence the minds of children who don’t attend public schools.

More than ever before, Msgr. Pope stated, there is a need for Catholic schools to be a “true alternative” to the indoctrination found in public schools. 

He writes:

… the vast majority of Catholic children now go to government run secular schools where they are daily indoctrinated with trendy and often sinful teachings to include the immoral agenda of the homosexual lobby, condom obsessed sexual “teachings” and alls orts of deconstructionist and syncretistic notions that discredit faith, the Scriptures, and the meaning of the human person, and the existence of God.

…The demise of Catholic Schools is complex.  It is not merely that Catholic parents no longer rate the handing on of the faith as important as in the past, but also that many, parents and priests alike, had come to doubt that Catholic schools were any longer doing that effectively.  The handing on of the Catholic faith to the young has become difficult in a broken culture of broken families.  Further, some argue that Catholic Educational leaders became too enamored of public school ideologies and techniques.

Yes, I deeply regret the loss of Catholic schools but admit that too many of them had become weak on faith and were mere clones of the government schools.  This is not true everywhere, but sadly it was too often the case.  We can only pray that the ones that do remain open will focus on being true alternatives to government schools where the Catholic Faith is effectively handed on.  In the meantime it can only be hoped that Americans in general and Catholics in particular become more sober about the increasingly negative trends in public (government) education.  Higher priority needs to be given to Catholic alternatives.

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