Sunday, May 29, 2016

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Maryland Catholic School Upholds Catholic Identity, Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Announcement

A graduate of a Catholic high school in Towson, Md., who recently had her same-sex wedding announcement rejected from an online school publication is claiming discrimination in a petition, but the school is standing faithfully by its Catholic identity, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Sarah Rupert-Sullivan reportedly graduated from Notre Dame Prep in 2003 and was legally married to another woman last August. She claims that last year she sent in the wedding announcement to be published in the school’s “Class Chatter,” but it was never published.

“I was informed that Notre Dame Preparatory School intentionally omitted the happy news of my wedding from our Alumnae Class Chatter, because I married a partner who does not fit with their antiquated ideas of what marriage should look like,” reads her petition which currently has more than 1,500 signatures. “Unfortunately for NDP, they are content to remain an island of intolerance.”

But Notre Dame Prep spokeswoman Cami Colarossi reportedly told the newspaper that the school must uphold its Catholic identity: "We do not print in official school publications information which conflicts... in any way with the totality of the Church's teachings.”

"On one hand, we love and value every member of our community, like the Gospel says," Colarossi continued. "But on the other hand, we have to uphold Catholic doctrine as an official ministry of the Catholic Church. That is also what the Pope says. He's not changing Catholic doctrine."

The Sun reports that Rupert-Sullivan does not identify as Catholic and said her parents sent her there, because it appeared to be "a forward-thinking school."

Rupert-Sullivan pointed out to the newspaper what she believes are inconsistencies in the editorial policy. "The weddings that are listed are not Catholic-only," she said. "I got a message from a woman on Facebook that was married, divorced and did not have her first marriage annulled. So technically her second marriage is also a sin, and therefore her child was born illegitimately. NDP happily published both of those things."

She reportedly said that she doesn’t actually believe NDP will change its policy. "My other goal was to make sure no other student, whether it be current or past, feels like they are the only ones left out. At this point, I can only push on. I can't just quietly settle down."

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