Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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New York Times Displays Bias Against Catholic Schools, Catholic Teaching

The New York Times ran an incredibly one-sided article on Wednesday titled “Gay Marriages Confront Catholic School Rules,” about the recent firings and resignations that have occurred at some Catholic schools.  These include Eastside Catholic High School in the Archdiocese of Seattle, Wash.,and Sandusky Central Catholic School in the Diocese of Toledo, Ohio.

The Times attempts to contrast the schools’ defense of Catholic teachings with the words of Pope Francis:

… for some young Catholics, the firings are mystifying, particularly given the new tone set by Pope Francis. At Eastside Catholic, some students have taken to crafting banners with the quotation “Who am I to judge?,” words uttered by the pope when asked about gay priests; others have been trying to reach the pope via Twitter, hoping he will somehow intercede.

While the Times quotes a number of Catholics who believe that Church teaching on sexuality should change or disagree with removing a teacher for marrying someone of the same sex, the Times failed to find one person—other than quoting from a memo from Archbishop Sartain—who supports the Catholic position on marriage.

On the dismissal of a vice principal at Eastside Catholic, the Times runs three pictures—all of whom support the vice principal despite his same-sex marriage—and quotes five students and parents including:

“He made it safe for people to raise issues and questions that, in the past, they were shut down for,” said Nancy Walton-House, whose son attended Eastside. “There’s a lot of hope, and maybe some naïveté, about how fast things can happen.”

Eastside’s senior-class president, Bradley Strode, a17-year-old wrestler and lacrosse player, is seeking a meeting with the archbishop of Seattle, arguing that even if the church’s doctrine does not change, its employment practices should.

“It was just shocking that the Catholic Church would turn its back on a teacher for something that didn’t affect his work performance,” he said. “Gay marriage was something I never really thought about before, but everyone can agree that employment discrimination is wrong.”

The only nod the Times gives to those who support the Church’s teaching is to claim, “Some students have quietly expressed support for the decision to remove Mr. Zmuda, but the prevailing sentiment at the school has been upset, reflecting, in part, the shifting attitudes toward same-sex marriage among young people.”

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