Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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Villanova Hosts Politician on Same-Sex Marriage, Marijuana

Villanova University last week invited a Pennsylvania state senator they called “the liberal lion of Pennsylvania” to discuss his championing of same-sex marriage and legalizing marijuana.

The University’s website said Senator Daylin Leach would discuss with students “the writing process that he and his staff use to champion causes such as marriage equality, medical marijuana, ecological sustainability, voting rights, anti-poverty programs in his fight for social justice, a goal central to Leach’s progressive politics.”

The University calls Leach “a funny, inspiring speaker” whose “concern for the poor and support for the public social safety net comes from personal experience.”

Left unmentioned by Villanova was the fact that Leach recently proposeda bill that would forbid Catholic schools from enforcing the Church's teachings on homosexuality in Catholics schools. After a Pennsylvania teacher was fired in December from a Catholic school after applying for a same-sex marriage license, Leach proposed amending the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act to prohibit Catholic schools from terminating publicly gay teachers even when the teachers had signed a contract to model the Church's teachings for their students.

Patrick Reilly, president of The Cardinal Newman Society, said in December, “Senator Leach’s bill is yet another ridiculous attempt to violate the religious freedom of Catholic educators by forbidding schools to uphold Catholic teachings."

Last year, Leach also defended taxpayer money being used to fund abortion. “Abortion is a legal, constitutionally-protected right and it is care that women want and very often need in order to protect their life and their health,” he said in a video on his website.“When we say government money cannot and will not be used to pay for abortion services, we’re really saying we’re going to make abortion services unaffordable for women, very often leaving them in a desperate situation with no options. The broader policy of denying women access to these services is something we can’t have on our consciences.”

Leach has introduced his own same-sex marriage bill three times. “For much of my tenure here in the General Assembly, I’ve worked tirelessly to grant same-sex couples the same rights and privileges that, currently, only a segment of the population enjoys,” Leach said.“I am thrilled to see the growing support for this movement, and I am confident that we will succeed in our mission and we will end up on the right side of history on this issue.”

This event was co-sponsored by the Concentration in Writing and Rhetoric, the Cultural Studies Program and Falvey Memorial Library.

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