Thursday, May 26, 2016

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‘Nuns on the Bus’ to Discuss ‘Women’s Leadership After Vatican II’ at Georgetown

Georgetown University’s Catholic Studies Program has invited the “Nuns on the Bus” to the Jesuit University later this week, according to the university’s website.

Sister Ilia Delio, O.S.F., director of Catholic studies and a visiting professor at Georgetown University in Washington, invited four sisters to Georgetown to “discuss the role of nuns…in the areas of social justice, education, leadership, and health care.”

“The public perception of the typical nun is outdated,” said Sister Delio, according to the university. “You find a lot of women religious working with people who are marginalized.”

The event scheduled for February 21, entitled “Nuns on the Bus: Women’s Leadership After Vatican II,” will feature a panel discussion with Sister Simone Campbell, SSS; Sister Mary Johnson, SND; Sister Camilla Burns, SND; and Sister Helen Amos, RSM.

In response to the Vatican’s investigation into the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, Sr. Simone responded defiantly in a National Public Radio interview, claiming the Vatican “doesn’t know how to deal with strong women” and dismissed the Congregation’s doctrinal concerns:

They're big issues, but they aren't at the heart of faith.That's the problem. And what we do as women religious is, we minister to people everywhere who are suffering, who are being discriminated against, and we don't ask to see a baptismal certificate. We serve everyone we find, in keeping with the Gospel of Jesus. That's what we're doing.

The bishops have a different mandate and a different message. And they are trying to protect the institution and to worry mostly—apparently—about an orthodoxy that I can't quite understand. But our different missions still - serves one faith.

At the 2012 Democrat National Convention, Sr. Simone infamously responded to a question about whether abortion should be legal by declaring, “That’s beyond my pay grade. I don’t know.”

According to the National Catholic Register, Sr. Ilia Delio’s 2013 presentation to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious included some of these lines:

“We are on the cusp of an evolutionary breakthrough—one that requires our conscious participation as co-creative agents of love, midwives of the new creation.”

…“Ending her presentation, Sister Ilia reminded the attendees, ‘God is within and up ahead—not above. God is the power of the future. To rest on God is to rest on the future.’

‘Nothing is more awesome than to give birth to God,’ she said.”

Georgetown’s Women's Center is also sponsoring the event.

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