Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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Georgetown Student Group’s ‘Sex Positive Week’ Includes Erotic Dancing Instruction

Ending on Ash Wednesday, a Georgetown student group with funding from the University student association (GUSA) is sponsoring a weeklong event called “Sex Positive Week” that includes a pole dancing class and a documentary on how those involved in pornography are feminists too, according to the group’s Facebook page.

“Bring Your Semester to A Climax with Sex Positive Week, ”states the United Feminists’ Facebook page which encourages students to take part in the week of activities. “Beginning this Hump Day, February 26th, until next Hump Day, March 5th, we will be celebrating Sex-Positive Week!”

United Feminists is a recognized student group on campus which, according to the university’s website, “leads educational programs and hosts social events to raise awareness about women’s and gender issues.”

The week was scheduled to begin with a social media campaign with twitter hashtags including “#HoyaSexa and #SexPositive.” They requested that “all graphic visuals [be] rated between PG-13 and R.”  

On March 1, the group invited students to take part in a “Pole Fitness Class!!!” at a nearby fitness establishment with “three programs to get you on your way to being Flirtyfied” including Pole Intro, Pole Level One, and an eight-week Pole Intro class.

On March 4, the campus was to host a documentary about “feminists” who work as prostitutes, dominatrixes, exotic dancers, and in the pornography industry.

The group justifies the event by saying:

How can these women be feminists, you ask? That's exactly what the seven women featured in this video are asked. Actress, Nina Hartley defends her career choice by stressing that it is a choice, one not coerced or forced as other feminists might imply. Erotic filmmaker, Candida Royalle expresses her brand of feminism by creating her own erotic films, "from a woman's point of view." And dominatrix Mistress Delilah uses her earnings to pursue a Ph.D. The result was Our Bodies, Our Minds, a provocative documentary that allows these unusual feminists to discuss their perspectives on pornography, free expression, and prostitution, without resorting to cheap exploitation.

The website also states that the event will take place on campus and Sociology professor Kathleen Guidroz, who in 2013 taught “The Sociology of Sexuality,” will lead a discussion following the film.

On March 5, there will also be an open mic-night called the“G-SPOTlight” which is “dedicated to the dialogue of sexuality and self expression.”

The GUSA Fund states on the University’s website that it provides funding “for student groups or individuals.” That money reportedly comes from the Student Activities Fee.

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