Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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Fordham University Celebrates Former Pro-Abortion Congresswoman

Fordham University recently celebrated the life of the late pro-abortion rights politician Geraldine Ferraro by showing a documentary of her life directed by her daughter. In addition, the University Law School will also reportedly open the Geraldine A. Ferraro Clinical Education Center in September in a building made possible by a donation from her husband.

In a press release, Fordham said that last month the Jesuit University “celebrated” Ferraro’s “role as a trailblazer” for women in politics. Ferraro, a former congresswoman, became the first female vice presidential candidate on a majority party ticket when she ran with presidential candidate Walter Mondale in 1984.

A Catholic, Ferraro was also militantly pro-abortion rights.

In fact, The New York Times even mentioned Ferraro in Cardinal O’Connor’s 2000 obituary:

In his first year as archbishop, Geraldine A. Ferraro, a Catholic who supported abortion rights, was nominated by the Democrats to run for vice president on a ticket headed by Walter F. Mondale. When she was a member of the House of Representatives from Queens, Ms. Ferraro, along with several other Catholic public officials, had signed a letter saying that there was ''a diversity of Catholic opinion'' about abortion. After the letter was released during the presidential campaign, Archbishop O'Connor assailed the candidate, saying, ''Geraldine Ferraro has misrepresented Catholic teaching on abortion.'' He went on to say that there was no diversity of Catholic opinion, only the opinion of the church that abortion was wrong under all circumstances.

According to National Right to Life News, Ferraro consistently voted against life and for requiring federal funding of abortion and even “against an amendment to prevent the denial of routine medical treatment, food or water to babies born with handicaps.”

NRL also reported that Ferraro, in a speech to the House in1979, elaborated on her support of federal funding of abortion, saying, “The cost of putting an unwanted child through the system far outweighs the costs of these [abortion procedures].”

The documentary titled “Geraldine Ferraro: Paving the Way,” directed by Ferraro’s daughter, Donna Zaccaro, was screened at the law school’s McNally Amphitheatre.

Ferraro’s husband, John Zaccaro, Sr., and his children donated money to the Jesuit University in memory of Ferraro, who graduated from Fordham Law in 1960. In response, Fordham Law will reportedly name the ninth floor of the building The Geraldine A. Ferraro Clinical Education Center later this year.

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