Monday, May 30, 2016

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Boston College to Honor Pro-Abortion Rights Secretary of State John Kerry at Graduation

Boston College will honor pro-abortion rights and pro-same sex marriage U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, a Boston College Law School graduate and former senior US senator from Massachusetts, with an honorary Doctor of Laws degree at the College’s 138th annual commencement exercises on May 19, according to the Boston College Chronicle.  Kerry will also deliver the commencement address.

Prior to his appointment by President Obama, Kerry, a Catholic, was a Massachusetts senator for nearly three decades while compiling an abysmal record on issues of life. During his run for the presidency in 2004, Kerry reportedly said:

"I don't like abortion. I believe life does begin at conception. But I can't take my Catholic belief, my article of faith, and legislate it on a Protestant or a Jew or an atheist . . . who doesn't share it. We have separation of church and state in the United States of America."

In a debate versus President George W. Bush, Kerry took it a step further when asked about a number of bishops having said it would be a sin to support a pro-abortion rights candidate. He reportedly gave a response that placed his allegiance to Roe v. Wade over Catholic teaching.

I completely respect their views. I am a Catholic. And I grew up learning how to respect those views. But I disagree with them, as do many. I can't legislate or transfer to another American citizen my article of faith. What is an article of faith for me is not something that I can legislate on somebody who doesn't share that article of faith. I believe that choice is a woman's choice. It's between a woman, God and her doctor. That's why I support that. I will not allow somebody to come in and change Roe v. Wade.

Kerry, during that same campaign, also suggested using embryos from fertility clinics for stem cell research. “I think we can do ethically guided embryonic stem cell research. We have 100,000 to 200,000 embryos that are frozen in nitrogen today from fertility clinics,” he reportedly said.“These weren't taken from abortion or something like that, they're from a fertility clinic, and they're either going to be destroyed or left frozen. It is respecting life to reach for that cure. It is respecting life to do it in an ethical way.”

He also reportedly called a bill outlawing partial birth abortion “a dangerous effort to undermine a woman's right to choose.”

Kerry is also a public advocate of same-sex marriage, according to the Politico.

Last year, Archdiocese of Boston's Cardinal Sean O'Malley boycotted BC’s commencement ceremony after it was announced that the Jesuit university planned to honor pro-abortion rights Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny.

“Since the university has not withdrawn the invitation and because the Taoiseach (prime minister) has not seen fit to decline, I shall not attend the graduation,’’ O’Malley said in a statement at the time. “It is my ardent hope that Boston College will work to redress the confusion, disappointment and harm caused by not adhering to the Bishops’ directives," he added, referencing the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops instruction that Catholic institutions not honor those “who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles.”

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