Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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Jesuit Theologian Investigated by Vatican Reportedly Agrees to Endorse Church Teaching

A Jesuit theologian—whose writing has been used in some Catholic college courses—has reportedly acquiesced to a Vatican order to write an article endorsing Church teaching following investigation into his writings by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), according to Religion News Service.

The investigation by the CDF led by Cardinal Gerhard Müeller into the writings of Father Michael Amaladoss, S.J., who has written several books including The Asian Jesus, reportedly started a year ago.

Last month, the independent Union Theological Seminary in New York cancelled a lecture by Fr. Amaladoss, saying “The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith of the Vatican has forbidden Dr. Amaladoss from speaking and publishing until a process of examining his thought has been successfully completed.”

After some dialogue between the CDF and Fr. Alamadoss, Cardinal Müeller’s office reportedly demanded that the Jesuit write an article to clear up any confusion.

Fr. Edward Mudavassery, who oversees more than 4,000 Jesuits in India, told Religion News Service that Fr. Amaladoss reportedly met with Cardinal Müeller in what he called “an open and honest meeting” and he “agreed to rework… those issues in the light of the dialogue.”

Fr. Mudavassery said he did not know of any restrictions placed on Fr. Amaladoss, who has reportedly cancelled other speaking and writing commitments.

Fr. Amaladoss lectured at a Georgetown University-supported symposium as recently as 2010, and his writing has been used in classes at some Catholic colleges.

In 2001, the National Catholic Reporter wrote a piece about Fr. Amaladoss’ controversial invitation to speak at the Catholic Theological Society of America. The article stated:

Amaladoss upheld the uniqueness of Jesus Christ, but rejected the notion that other religions must be seen as simply leading up to the fulfillment of Catholicism. This idea does not match the Asian experience, he said. Rather, Amaladoss argued that the divine-human dialogue has led to the emergence of many religions. It is the task of believers, he said, to work for reconciliation finally leaving it to God to gather up all things…

"Noting that many Asians, including Ghandi, have been deeply influenced by Jesus yet reject the Church and its creeds, Amaladoss said evangelization does not necessarily require teaching Church dogma . . ."

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