Thursday, May 26, 2016

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Boston College Class Syllabus Includes Going on a Date

A professor at Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Mass., is asking students to go on a date as a class assignment because, she says, they do not know how, according to The Boston Globe.

The hook-up culture has replaced dating, according to the Jesuit University professor Kerry Cronin, who reportedly says that dating has become a “lost social script.”

Indeed, The Cardinal Newman Society published a report outlining the reality of the hook-up and binge drinking culture on college—even Catholic—campuses and the psychological, physical, and spiritual costs of suc hbehavior, and another report on the various ways to reduce this culture on college campuses, such as instituting single-sex housing. 

Cronin is encouraging the idea of dating by offering students extra credit for going on a date following her requirements—the invitation has to be made in person, the student has to pay for the date, the date has to be 45-90 minutes long, and it cannot include alcohol, kissing, and sex.

The Boston Globe reports:

“The idea behind the hookup culture is that these are our ‘crazy’ and ‘independent’ years, and dating is too serious or committed,” says Meaghan Kelliher, a sophomore who took Cronin’s class and went on a “Cronin date.” She says the assignment showed her that dating could be “exploratory” rather than a serious commitment.

Cronin explains the assignment to her students as “wanting us to do something courageous,” says freshman Frank DiMartino, who took the class. “It’s easy to hook up with someone you’ve just met in a dark room after having a few drinks,” DiMartino says. “But asking someone out on a date in broad daylight, and when you actually have to know their name, can be really scary.”

Students no longer have that script. For them, says Cronin, dating is so rare it feels strange and even creepy. Instead, students use friendships and groups to satisfy social and emotional needs and see hookups as purely physical. But as a result, Cronin says, students don’t have a relationship that allows them to address the confusions or expectations that can arise out of hookups.

In stark contrast to the mentality that favors “hook-ups” and eschews committed relationships in college, Newman Guide-recommended Ave Maria University in Florida boasted a record number of students who are engaged to be married in its graduating class of 2014, as was reported.

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