Sunday, May 29, 2016

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Priest Explains Why Young People Are Drawn to Eucharistic Adoration

Father Matthew Schneider, a Catholic priest with the Legion of Christ, writes on his blog about why Eucharistic Adoration—which The Cardinal Newman Society promotes at Catholic high schools and universities—is so powerful for young people.

Fr. Schneider laments that youth ministry programs often spend “thousands on pizza” or a “cool youth room,” but “so often deprive teens of” prayer events like Adoration. 

Fr. Shneider has witnessed how Adoration draws large numbers of college students, and, although teens might need more encouragement to attend, he believes Adoration should be a “bigger part of our youth ministry.”

Fr. Schneider explains some of the reasons why teens might be drawn to Adoration:

Most of our teens are post-moderns where experience is a better judge of truth than rational arguments, where experience is personal not so much felt in a formal rite, and where authenticity goes above else. With these traits, looking at Jesus in the Eucharist and speaking with him often speaks to them more than a formal Sunday mass where they know many parishioners are there for social or semi-religious reasons not because they want to learn about Jesus and relive the passion (what mass is really about).

Beyond all this, adoration can be one of the deepest forms of prayer. So often, we have trouble teaching young people to move their prayer beyond asking God for things t[o] a relationship and adoration naturally does this.

Over the past 6 years, The Cardinal Newman Society has sent a Vatican International “Eucharistic Miracles of the World” exhibit to schools and colleges across the United States. This semester, the exhibit traveled to The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., St. Joseph’s Academy in California, and other locations.

The Exhibit, which features large posters depicting miracles in the Holy Eucharist from across the world, bears a special significance for youth. The exhibit’s creator, an Italian boy named Carlo Acutis, began researching the miracles when he was 15, but died from leukemia that same year. You can read more about his cause for beatification here.

Catholic universities and high schools interested in being part of the exhibit’s next trip can contact the Newman Society at or visit this page.

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