Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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Video Shows Seton Home Study Grads Excelling at Catholic Colleges in Newman Guide

The Catholic homeschool program known as Seton Home Study School recently released a video showcasing the program and highlighting the success of Seton graduates at colleges and universities recommended in the Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College. The video is accompanied on the program’s website by a Cardinal Newman Society special report published earlier this year, sharing the joys and success stories of several Seton families. (The video can be found at the end of this article).

The new video includes testimonies from Seton parents and students as well as university presidents attesting to the program’s success. University of Dallas president Thomas Keefe points out that approximately 15 percent of his incoming freshmen each year are homeschooled, and that of these, Seton students are usually the best prepared. And Benedictine College president Stephen Minnis also attests that Seton students are involved and joyful and often found as leaders on his campus.

The video also includes footage of Evan and Kerin Casey, two former Seton students who now both attend colleges recommended in The Newman Guide (Christendom College and Benedictine College, respectively). It also features Justin Godde, who participated in a competition at Christendom.    

As the article relates, families choose to adopt the Seton homeschool program for all kinds of reasons. Some are military families. Some have children with health conditions. Some simply desire to preserve the closeness of their families in a heightened way. But all seek a convenient, high-quality, and thoroughly Catholic program for educating their kids at home. 

The video points out several advantages to homeschooling, including flexibility of schoolwork, individualized attention, quality family time, and the ability to customize the integration of the faith into the school day.

In decades past, homeschooling resources (especially Catholic ones) were difficult to come by. This was the situation that gave rise to Seton Home Study School. Founders Dr. Mary Kay Clark and Anne Carroll had each established high schools that were committed to strong Catholic identity and academic excellence, but they continually received calls from parents around the country, looking for ways in which they could educate their kids similarly without moving (Clark’s school was in Columbus, Ohio, and Carroll’s was in Manassas, Va.). When Clark moved to Virginia, it became possible for them to team up and respond to this need. Thus, Seton Home Study School was born.

Now, Seton Home Study School operates out of Front Royal, Va.,the same town that is home to Christendom College and Human Life International. The staff at Seton’s headquarters prays the Angelus every day for the intention of Seton-enrolled families, and it continues to develop and distribute educational materials that are infused with Catholic culture, especially stories about Catholic family life. Together, these materials form a thorough and holistic curriculum used by approximately 10,000 students, according to Seton’s website.The success of the students in the video is evidence that the method works, making Seton Home Study School an excellent option for an authentically Catholic primary and secondary education.

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