Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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Psychology Grad School Focused on Catholic Teaching Launches Online Program

The Institute for the Psychological Sciences (IPS) is now offering an online Master of Science in Psychology. The Institute is unique among graduate schools of psychology because it applies authentic Catholic teachings on the person, marriage, and the family to its courses of study. The new online program at IPS “addresses the totality of the human person” and works to understand “the human person emotionally, spiritually, and biologically,” according to its online course description.

IPS offers a Master's and a doctorate in clinical psychology as well as a Master of Science in psychology, which until recently had only been available on-site. The new online degree is set to begin classes on October 27. It is a 36-credit degree with 12 courses integrated into a 2-year program.

The online program is not a clinical degree, but it is designed for people in“helping professions,” explained Caitlin Bootsma, who is working with IPS to promote their new online program. These professions include “education, military, the clergy, social workers, and any number of other professions where professionals interact with people as part of their daily job.”

Philip Scrofani, director of the doctoral program at IPS, told The Cardinal Newman Society that students “consistently receive top internship placements” and “site supervisors repeatedly give students high marks for performance.”

Dr.Stephen Grundman, one of the online M.S. course developers, is excited for the program to open doors for psychology students. “People who want to study psychology and who are serious about their faith don’t want to have their filters on all the time,” he explained to the Newman Society. “They want a course that respects their faith and takes science seriously. This M.S.absolutely does that.”

The program guide promises to help students “become transformational leader[s],strengthened by Catholic-Christian teachings on human dignity and informed by foundations in modern psychology.” Now that the degree is being offered online, students will be able to access learning environments through their mobile phones and connect with professors and fellow students through interactive media tools.

The president of IPS, Father Charles Sikorsky, told the Newman Society:

Our new online M.S. in Psychology is one more way that IPS is carrying out its mission to heal our wounded culture. This program is designed to equip Catholic clergy and laity with the tools they need to make a difference to men, women, and family in their workplaces and pastoral settings. And, for the first time, we are able to offer a completely online program, so that men and women will be able to take this next step in their professional and spiritual journey from anywhere in the world.

“We don’t know of any other program in the country that has integrated the Catholic vision of the person, marriage, and the family with the best of the psychological sciences,” said Grundman. “We’re especially excited about getting the word out and helping people learn that there’s a lot of psychology you can really trust.”

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