Monday, May 30, 2016

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Georgetown to Sponsor Student-Run 'Sexual Health' Education on Campus

The Hoya reports that Georgetown University's Health Education Services has sponsored an initiative that would "create a student-run group to improve availability of sexual health education on campus."  The report said that student groups attending the informational meeting about the initiative included GU Pride (which held the Genderfunk Drag Ball last week) and H*yas for Choice, the unofficial pro-abortion rights student group. From the Hoya article:
According to Carol Day, director of Health Education Services, the group would allow students to create programming that addresses sexual health issues. "We recognize that it's been lacking for a while. We've been a little under-sourced in that area so we feel like we really want to try and have students be trained and be able to help with programming," she said... "We will probably have focus groups to assess what students know about sexual health and what they would like to know," she said. "We are interested in having a diverse group of students who participate." Members of GU Pride, Georgetown University Men Creating Change and H*yas for Choice attended the Thursday night informational meeting on the initiative held by Tessa Telly, the social norms coordinator for Health Education Services. The meeting centered on what kind of information the group would be allowed to provide and in what context. According to Day, the program would address facts, myths and misconceptions. "Training for peer educators will include basic information and how to work within a Catholic and Jesuit university to facilitate a dialogue about these matters," she said... Todd Olson, vice president of student affairs, said that although there are some opportunities for sexual health education on campus, he is very supportive of the new initiative. "Their work and the work of students in organizations like Take Back the Night and GU Men Creating Change are examples of the strong commitment at Georgetown to addressing students' health, safety and well-being in holistic ways," he said.
Read the rest of the report at The Hoya. The Georgetown Voice blog reported last semester that the group "Plan A Hoyas for Reproductive Justice," which was created in 2009 to "demand the on-campus sale of condoms, access to rape kits at Georgetown University Hospital, and a number of other changes to the University's sexual health policies," was in dialogue with University administrators.

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