Monday, December 22, 2014

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Religious Freedom

‘Huge Victory,’ ‘Opportunity’ for Religious Colleges in Labor Board’s Ruling  12/21/2014

D.C. Mayor, Attorney General: New Abortion Mandate Likely Unconstitutional  12/18/2014

Diocese to Defend Its Religious Freedom in Teacher Dismissal Case  12/15/2014

D.C. Council Steamrolls Religious Freedom for Catholic Schools, Universities  12/11/2014

Oral Arguments Heard in Case against HHS Mandate  12/9/2014

Saint Michael’s College Accepts Unconstitutional Oversight of Federal Labor Board  12/3/2014

‘Fight Not Done’ over HHS Mandate, Says Thomas Aquinas College President  11/28/2014

Professor Points to Recent Disparity between Freedoms for Clergy, Professors  11/20/2014

Bishops Call on Congress to Protect Conscience Rights in Light of Cali. Abortion Mandate  11/20/2014

Court Rules against TAC, CUA Challenge to HHS Mandate  11/17/2014

Pakistani Government Returns School to Archdiocese after 30 Years  11/13/2014

Hobby Lobby ‘Not a Victory for Religious Freedom,’ Speaker Tells Students at Santa Clara  11/10/2014

Oral Arguments Scheduled in Case against HHS Mandate  11/7/2014

True Academic Freedom Should Seek Truth, Not Conformity, Argues Biology Prof.   11/7/2014

Ave Maria School of Law Granted Preliminary Injunction from HHS Mandate  10/31/2014

New Mexico Court Rules ‘Students Can’t Be Barred’ Because of Faith  10/31/2014

Religious Freedom at Catholic Institutions May Be Threatened after D.C. Bills Pass First Vote  10/29/2014

Ave Maria Wins Relief from HHS Mandate, President Towey Says Battle ‘Far from Over’  10/28/2014

Catholic Educators Appeal to Obama Administration for Relief from HHS Mandate  10/27/2014

Some Catholic Colleges Have Provided Same-Sex Benefits for Several Years  10/17/2014

Bishop Reminds Notre Dame: Catholic Teaching on Marriage Is More than a View  10/16/2014

Newman Society, Catholic Leaders Fight Repeal of Religious Protections in Nation’s Capital  10/10/2014

Wyoming Catholic President Weighs Religious Freedom Concerns in Light of High Court ‘Indecision’ on Marriage  10/9/2014

HHS Mandate Accommodation Still Presents Substantial Burden, U.S. Bishops Say  10/9/2014

Settlement on HHS Mandate Breaks New Ground for Religious Freedom  10/7/2014

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