Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Religious Freedom

Some Catholic Colleges Have Provided Same-Sex Benefits for Several Years  10/17/2014

Bishop Reminds Notre Dame: Catholic Teaching on Marriage Is More than a View  10/16/2014

Newman Society, Catholic Leaders Fight Repeal of Religious Protections in Nation’s Capital  10/10/2014

Wyoming Catholic President Weighs Religious Freedom Concerns in Light of High Court ‘Indecision’ on Marriage  10/9/2014

HHS Mandate Accommodation Still Presents Substantial Burden, U.S. Bishops Say  10/9/2014

Settlement on HHS Mandate Breaks New Ground for Religious Freedom  10/7/2014

Fr. Miscamble: Notre Dame Board Appointment ‘Mistake That Must Be Rectified’  10/7/2014

Catholic Colleges, Institutions Being Pressured to Accept Secularist Narrative, Argues Prof.  10/7/2014

Notre Dame Asks SCOTUS to Void Lower Court Decision in Case against HHS Mandate  10/6/2014

California Bishops Respond to Abortion Mandate, File Official Complaint  10/2/2014

Loyola Marymount U. Complies with California Abortion Mandate  9/30/2014

Surprise: GAO Insurance Report Contains More Evidence of California’s Hypocrisy on Abortion  9/29/2014

Franciscan Univ. to Bestow Award on Little Sisters of the Poor  9/16/2014

Loyola Marymount Employees File Complaint against California Abortion Mandate  9/12/2014

Obama Admin Targets More than 400 Catholic Organizations for HHS Mandate  9/11/2014

California Bishops ‘Distressed’ by Abortion Mandate, Planning Response  9/8/2014

Ontario Catholic Schools Defend Right to Teach Faith to Students  9/8/2014

Colleges Recommended in Newman Guide Comment on HHS Mandate Accommodation  9/8/2014

Criticism Mounts over Notre Dame’s Student Health Plan Covering Abortifacients, Contraceptives  9/5/2014

Calif. Covers Only ‘Medically Necessary’ Abortions for State Employees, but Forces Catholics to Cover Elective Abortions  9/3/2014

Lawsuit Seeks Free Speech for Pro-Life Students at University of South Alabama  9/3/2014

Newman Society Releases Statement on New HHS Mandate Accommodation  8/28/2014

Catholic Psychologist Considers ‘Transgenderism’ on College Campuses  8/27/2014

Newman Society, Legal Groups Warn California Violating Federal Law with Mandatory Abortion Coverage   8/22/2014

Obama Admin Releases New Rules for HHS Mandate Accommodation Process  8/22/2014

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