Sunday, July 05, 2015

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Religious Freedom

Catholic School Teacher Fired for Same-Sex Marriage Files Federal Lawsuit  7/2/2015

Newman Society Issues Marriage Statement on Steps of U.S. Supreme Court  7/1/2015

House Targets D.C. Funding to Prevent Violation of Religious Freedom  6/18/2015

NLRB Continues Dangerous Path with Ruling against Duquesne University  6/11/2015

NLRB Finds Saint Xavier University Professors Not Held to Religious Standards  6/4/2015

Philly Catholics Celebrate Classical Education as Hope for Families, Religious Freedom  6/4/2015

Catholic Educators, Pro-Marriage Groups Urge Congress to Protect Tax Exemption  6/3/2015

Notre Dame Loses Round in Court, Maybe Due to Compliance with HHS Mandate  5/21/2015

Georgetown, Obama Use Poverty Summit to Distract from Religious Freedom, Abortion  5/15/2015

Knights of Columbus Leader Laments Obama’s False Promise at Notre Dame  5/5/2015

House Votes for Religious Freedom in D.C., But Republicans Fail to Halt Laws  5/1/2015

Newman Society Pres: Catholic Education Becoming 'Battleground' for Religious Freedom  4/30/2015

Congress to Vote on Law that ‘Takes Away Our Right in Catholic Schools’ to Teach Faith  4/29/2015

U.S. Supreme Court Grants Aquinas College New Hearing on HHS Mandate  4/27/2015

Opinion: Where’s the Tolerance in San Francisco?  4/17/2015

Wyoming College’s Decision to Forego Federal Aid Protects Catholic Identity  4/17/2015

Pope Benedict’s Vision Key to Survival of Catholic Colleges, Says Author  4/8/2015

Vatican official says Cath. colleges have higher calling, Archbishops call for religious protections, and More  4/6/2015

Indiana Protects Religious Freedom, but Does Notre Dame Want the Protection?   3/30/2015

‘Right Thing to Do’: Sens. Cruz, Lankford Make Last-Ditch Effort to Protect D.C. Religious Schools  3/20/2015

Christian College Stands for Religious Freedom, Catholic College Retaliates by Cancelling Sports Matches  3/11/2015

Congress Needs to Overturn Unconstitutional D.C. Laws, Say Heritage Foundation Scholars  3/10/2015

Supreme Court Tells Lower Court to Reconsider Notre Dame HHS Mandate Case  3/9/2015

NLRB Rules against Seattle U., Claims Lack of Catholic Identity in Faculty Responsibilities  3/4/2015

HHS Delaying Decision on Unconstitutional Abortion Mandate in California  3/4/2015

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