Saturday, April 18, 2015

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Opinion: Where’s the Tolerance in San Francisco?
Opinion: Where’s the Tolerance in San Francisco?
4/17/2015 |Opinion| Archbishop Cordileone and all U.S. bishops are bound by Canon law and Church teaching to do what he is doing: ensuring that Catholic schools in his diocese are Catholic. And indeed, he is not alone in this effort. He is joined by similar significant efforts underway by bishops in the dioceses of Cincinnati, Cleveland, Santa Rosa, Honolulu and Oakland, among others.  He is just currently the biggest target in a bastion of the fully-empowered tyrannical Left who will not tolerate any deviance from their liberal orthodoxy.  

The sexual dogmas of the liberal orthodoxy are so confused and so consuming that any other understanding of the nature and purpose of human sexuality and marriage, even those views held by the vast majority of humanity throughout all ages, must be condemned and ultimately silenced. To state the clear and unequivocal Catholic teaching that the only proper and moral exercise of the marital act is exclusively in the context of a committed natural marriage in the service of both love and life is viewed by some as a type of hate crime.  

These “anti-bully” bullies are doing what bullies do. They are seeking to gain in their own social status and self-concept by belittling, shaming and humiliating someone outside their local social norm. As the authors admit, the social sexual norms in the Bay Area are completely supportive of sex outside of natural marriage. Those who control the culture are dead set on humiliating and eliminating anyone who would not fully support their power and the status quo.

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Majority of Congressional Members Educated at Catholic Universities are Pro-Abortion Rights
Majority of Congressional Members Educated at Catholic Universities are Pro-Abortion Rights
3/19/2013 |Special Report| A new report from The Cardinal Newman Society finds that a majority of members of Congress who were educated at Catholic colleges are pro-abortion.

Can Pope Francis renew Jesuit education?
3/15/2013 |Opinion| Habemus papam!  We have a Jesuit pope!  Pope Francis is a former educator with multiple degrees, and was a seminary rector.  He’s been outspoken against abortion, euthanasia and homosexual marriage.

Prayers in Thanksgiving for Pope Francis
3/13/2013 || In your charity, please pray for the renewal of Catholic education and for our new Holy Father, Pope Francis!

Catholic Educators to Attend Rome Conference on Sacred Liturgy
Catholic Educators to Attend Rome Conference on Sacred Liturgy
3/11/2013 |Announcement| Catholic educators attending a summer Rome conference on sacred liturgy will help bring liturgical renewal to America’s Catholic college campuses, The Cardinal Newman Society announced today.

New Center at Aquinas College (TN) to Focus on Ethics in Health Care
New Center at Aquinas College (TN) to Focus on Ethics in Health Care
3/6/2013 || The School of Nursing at Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee, recently announced the founding of the Center for the Study of Human Dignity and Ethics in Health Care.

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