Monday, September 01, 2014

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Becoming a Member

A Tutorial for Participating in the Catholic High School Honor Roll

Becoming a MemberStep 1:

Proceed to or click the “signup” button on the home page of the Catholic High School Honor Roll.

If new to the Honor Roll, scroll down to fill out a short sign-up form. When finished, SUBMIT.

Step 2:

After a review by Honor Roll administrative staff, you will be sent a return email with log on information, a temporary password and instructions for completing the remaining surveys.

Step 3:

screenshotReturn to and now sign in as an existing member. This will direct you to your school’s account home page where you will see a check or not complete . For the former, that means that all of the information is complete and accepted. For the latter, please visit the page and complete the remaining information.

Step 4:

Complete Membership survey. This is the first part of the application process for the awards program. Most of the questions are demographic in nature, but some require a free response. For schools who have previously participating in the Honor Roll awards program, you will recognize much of the information on this membership survey since it was taken from one of the previous Honor Roll surveys. Either an editor or administrator can complete this survey, but only an administrator can send it. You may return to the survey as many times as necessary to complete it. Be sure to save your work (at the bottom of the survey.)

Step 5:

The remaining surveys for the 2014 Outstanding Catholic School Award program will become available in mid-February 2014.




Catholic Is Our Core

Contact the Honor Roll:

The Cardinal Newman Society
ATTN: Catholic High School Honor Roll
9720 Capital Court, Ste. 201
Manassas, VA 20110

(703) 367-0333 x 205
(703) 396-8668 (fax)

For general questions pertaining to the Catholic High School Honor Roll contact: info [at] catholichonorroll [dot] org.

For specific questions pertaining to the enrollment process of the Honor Roll or questions on the application forms, contact: honorroll [at] catholichonorroll [dot] org.
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